Friday, March 24, 2017

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Now, you all know I love me some protein powder... all kinds of protein powders actually, so I was very pleased to be chosen to take part in a New Year's Challenge sponsored by PlantFusion. You may recall that I reviewed/gave away some PlantFusion protein powder a few months ago... and really came to love the taste and nutritional profile of these all-vegan powders.

So, when I was offered a chance to try their new LEAN powder, I eagerly accepted.

PlantFusion LEAN is a protein powder that has been formulated to curb hunger, boost energy, and manage blood sugar to support us through our workouts and busy days.  It is gluten-free, and that is always my first consideration.

I was asked to use the product for 8 weeks and invited to take part in a private Facebook support group. I was not asked for a review or any specific social media shares.  I chose my own challenge goals and found they are quite compatable with, and along the lines of, those of the other members.

PlantFusion is an American company, and it did take a bit of extra time for the Canadian participants to get their product shipments.  The larger group had already completed 2 weeks of the challenge by the time my first package arrived.

PlantFusion LEAN
2 tubs of LEAN, one Vanilla Bean and the other, Chocolate Brownie, a shaker bottle, and a cute green tee... softest fabric you can imagine!

When they realized the delay, they sent the second shipment almost immediately, and it arrived today!

PlantFusion LEAN
2 tubs of LEAN, Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Brownie, and a fabulous metal water bottle that is insulated... for hot or cold drinks.  Don't you love love love the color?

For the first 2 weeks of my challenge, I used the LEAN as prescribed by PlantFusion.  I made a shake with the powder and about 10 ounces of tap water.  I drank one shake before my morning workouts and the other as an afternoon snack a couple of hours before I ate my dinner.  I love the taste of both flavors... and I was really pleased that PlantFusion Vanilla Bean is as tasty as the other other PlantFusion Vanilla Bean powders.  It really is the BEST vanilla flavor of any powders I have tried.

I also found the LEAN to be very filling and it certainly did keep me satisfied for a few hours after drinking it.

PlantFusion LEAN
Chocolate Brownie LEAN

PlantFusion LEAN
Vanilla Bean LEAN

By week 3 I was honestly getting kind of tired of having a shake for my afternoon snack every day so started making my cookie dough mixtures with the LEAN... and ate it greedily!  I also mixed it with Greek yogurt for a change of pace.

One serving of LEAN is larger than most of the other powders I use so I made sure to weigh it on my scale each time to ensure I got the whole 42g.

PlantFusion LEAN

I have not had much experience actually baking with a vegan powder but I did use the Chocolate Brownie LEAN in a mug cake... this was my breakfast today... a cake with a bit of yogurt and some berries on top... YUM!

PlantFusion LEAN

I am sure this will easily see me through my mid-morning run.  Off I go!

If you are looking for a protein powder to support  your weight loss or muscle building efforts, I would certainly recommend you try this PlantFusion LEAN.