About Me

I have been a runner for about 25 years.  I first started when I was still smoking cigarettes, and I weighed almost 40 pounds more than I do now.  I began by taking our energetic English Spring Spaniel, Penny, to the local school yard where we would alternate running and walking around the soccer field. I loved it and hated it at the same time.

Eventually I quit smoking, lost that weight, and Penny went to doggie-Heaven.  A couple of years later,  I was blessed with a wonderful gift of an English Springer Spaniel puppy I called Scout's Honor, for my birthday in 1999, from my husband (aka The Captain).  When she was old enough, Scout became my running buddy.  We ran many miles together, wherever we travelled, and she ran happily with me and The Captain for more than 7 years till she passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly, in the Spring of 2007.  I know that The Captain's love, and running, kept me from dying too, of a broken heart.

I used to keep all my running logs and compare my mileage from year to year.  I don't do that anymore, but I do enter my runs on Daily Mile.

Over the years my interest in running has varied from intense to somewhat indifferent; my regular distances have gone from 3 or 4 miles to 10 or 12 and back.  Yet, I have never given it up altogether, and for some reason, the older I get, the more important it is for me to think of myself as a runner... therefore I have to keep running.

The Captain and I purchased our Hunter 336 sailboat in 2001.  We lived on it on it for the better part of each year, till the Spring of 2012 when we decided to give up liveaboard life and move ashore. Eventually we gave it up entirely.  The galley kitchen gave rise to lots of food preparation challenges, and managing the resources was like a grand puzzle.

We sailed the inner waters of the Pacific Coast of BC, Canada, and throughout the Gulf Islandsf and San Juan Islands in Washington State.  It is a simple lifestyle that forced us to manage our limited resources wisely and it suited us very well for many happy years.  We are active explorers who prefer to be outdoors... running, hiking, golfing, beachcombing, playing tennis, and enjoying our changing landscape.

I have been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers for many, many years and since we became landlubbers, I opted to start working for the company as a meeting room receptionist.  I am enjoying being on the other side of the scale and hope to enhance and brighten my members meeting experience. More recently I took on the additional role with the company of 24/7 Expert Chat Coach.

I love to keep my head in the sunshine and my bare feet in the sand.   Stay tuned;  I will take you exploring with us, and running too, wherever we happen to be.