Friday, January 31, 2014

February Focus… Falling in Love with Me!

I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2014, but decided that I would choose a different area of  my life to focus on each month… things that need attention…  things that I want to become new and good habits, or things I need to learn more about, or give more time.
For the month of February, my project is ME!

IMG00042-20131120-1620 00000

I have no excuses for my lack of self care lately…  although I sure was starting to come up with a few… good ones, too!  But really, I have just neglected so many areas of my personal care and health and I have finally hit the bottom.  It has been a downward spiral over the past several months.

Now, I have never been what I would call glamorous, or elegant… but I sure took great care of myself and took the time to tend to all the little details  that made me feel good… hair, teeth, skin, nails, lips, polished shoes, stylish outfit… you know what I mean.  I like to look well put-together, even if it is in a denim jacket and jeans.  Even when I was sailing for days on end, I made sure to take care of my skin and my hair, and have fun with my clothes.

But sadly, that girl seems to have left the building... or sailed away!  And I need to find her again.

Lately I pretty much ignore my hair because it needs a cut  and  I haven’t found a new hair stylist to go to while my tried-and-true one is on maternity leave (yes we give a whole year for maternity leave in Canada) so usually I haven't been bothering with makeup or even paying much attention to what I am wearing when I leave the apartment to go for a walk or to run errands.  I am always hoping that I don’t run into anyone I know.
Occasionally I do paint my nails but then let the polish get chipped and look ratty for days before I do them again.  You don’t  even want to see  my feet! I barely recognize this messy, unkempt person I see in the mirror, and I really can’t say I like her very much.
I put off getting some dental work done while I was waiting for test results to find out if I had a suppressed immune system.  I have since had the good news that things are fine on that front, but here I am, badly in need of dental hygiene and a check up.  My dentist is in our marina town, 20 miles away and I haven't taken the time to get there.

I could go on and on… but I won’t bore you.  I will say though, that I am taking inventory and making a list of things to do for myself in February.  The pity part is over. I am on a comeback!  It is hard to put forth a positive, confident front when you just don’t feel it.

February’s focus will be on self-care… the physical and the emotional. I am going to fall back in love with ME!

I have decided that each week I will make up a list of things I want to accomplish just for ME and keep track of how I am doing with them.  And I am going to make one specific challenge each week as well.  I was a bit shy about sharing all of this, but I really think it might be the only way I actually accomplish any of it.

At the top of the to-do list… the hair style. I have been looking over these pictures of me taken since 2008 and I am just not sure where I want to go with this. I had short hair all those years on the boat because it was easy to take care of... I could even blow it and style it in the wind on days we had no power,  and then I let it grow to shoulder length and since then have had it blunt cut and layered… but I know now it is just not ME, anymore,  and I need a change. But not sure…. hmmmm.


So here is my list for the first week of the month:

1. Make an appointment with a hair stylist 
  • print some pics to take along to new stylist

2. Outline and start a bedtime hygiene routine
  • list specific steps

3. Do a self-manicure
4. Call the dentist and make an appointment for a check-up and for hygiene
5. Re-establish lime water habit first thing in the morning
6. Clean out makeup box and replace any items that are old

Challenge for the week:

Take care of hair, makeup and clothing before leaving the apartment for any reason!  

What kind of goals have you set for the month of February?  

Do you even feel like you are just coasting and not really putting in much effort taking care of yourself?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Tommie Copper Active Fit Long Sleeve Mock Neck Shirt Review and Giveaway. Oh Yeah!

I waited the better part of the day on Sunday for The Captain to be ready to go out for a run with me.  He said he really wanted to go, but he had other things that needed to be done first…  like watch poor Rafa suffer pain/injury and eventually lose the final match at the Australian Open to Stan… nice for Stan but very sad for Rafa, and me, a long-time ardent and noisy fan.

So, because I just couldn’t bring myself to watch that debacle tennis match, I kept busy with other things… reading blog posts… getting somewhat up to speed on Google +… making a new Spicy Curried Carrot Soup and then having lunch… and afterward, waiting for a national curling final to be over as well.  Yes, our household does tend to run according to sports on tv sometimes!  It's all good.

But run we finally did.  And it was cool outside so I wore my new Tommie Copper Active Fit Long Sleeved Mock Neck Shirt as a base layer.   As did The Captain.  We are both so crazy about these shirts.

If you read my blog at all, you will know how much I love this company and the garments they produce. I have relied on their compression shirts and shorts and tights and calf sleeves to get me through some trying times… such as several days face down after eye surgery, and recovering from long runs, and other episodes of muscle soreness and cramping. Finally.. eventually, I learned to wear my Tommie Copper garments to prevent muscle problems, and also to keep warm and cozy in cool weather as an under-layer, and sometimes just lounging and watching tv or reading.

So… to this gorgeous Active Fit Long Sleeve Mock Neck Shirt…

ME:  The first day it arrived and I took it out of the package I fell immediately and absolutely in love with the styling… the ergonomic stitching, and the girly fit.  It is the softest, most comfortable fabric...  silky and luxurious. As I pulled it over my head I was a bit concerned that the neck might be too tight… but it is just right. I don’t like high necklines that are too constricting, and this is perfect.  Once I had it on, I never wanted to take it off. I wore it for days before I finally got a chance to run in it.  And now that I have, a couple of times, I love it even more.

Jan 14 TC shirt 001

Jan 14 TC shirt 004

HIM:  Aside from the soft, comfortable feel of the fabric, I like that it keeps my back warm when I am outside in the cool weather. More than anything I like my back and shoulders to be warm and this shirt is a great under-layer.  The neck is fitted but not tight...  not too snug.  And I like the long length too. It stays tucked in my jeans or my running shorts very nicely.  I intend to wear it for golf practice next week, too.

TC shirt 001

TC shirt 002

ME: Yes, the length – I hadn’t even thought of that. And the sleeves are long too.    I am fairly tall and often find sleeves are not quite long enough. These are very generous.

HIM:  And another thing I really like, is that even though it is wet with sweat after I come in from running, it doesn’t smell bad like some other moisture-wicking shirts I have do. 

We both agree that this is just one of those cozy garments that you can wear all the time… in or out and we love the warmth that the patented copper-infused fabric generates in our bodies.

Wouldn’t you love to try an Active Fit Long Sleeved Mock Neck Tommie Copper shirt for yourself?

Well, now you can.

Tommie Copper has very generously offered to give one of these fabulous Active Fit Long Sleeved Mock Neck Shirts to one of my readers… your choice of a man’s shirt or a woman’s shirt. Check them out at the Tommie Copper site and decide which one you would like.

You can read about the great features and see the colors of the Women’s shirts here

And do have a look, too, to see the great colors of the Men’s shirts here.

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the U.S.A.

UPDATE:  This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified.  Thanks for entering.

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Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form. 

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And good luck to you… I am so excited to be able to share this great new find with you.

Tommie Copper provided the shirts for us to test drive, but the opinions and enthusiasm are 100% ours!  You all know we are huge fans and have been for a few years now.  If you search my posts you will find lots of Tommie Copper love and appreciation.

What do you wear as a base layer when it's cool outside?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Food as Fuel… an Update

This year I have not made any resolutions, as such, but have decided to choose a theme for each month… an area of particular interest to me, or an area in which I think I need to put in some extra effort. 

For January my focus as been on Food as Fuel… fuel for my body, which, to me means good nutrition to compliment the workouts I am doing and give my body what it needs for optimum health and performance. I believe that the food we eat either contributes to our health or detracts from it. And I believe what I eat should also taste good, and be visually appealing, too. 

Do you agree?  Or do you eat just to get it over with?

I used to have a friend who ate the same thing EVERY night for dinner because it tasted okay to him and it was easy... Baked potato with butter, BBQ'd beef steak, and green peas. Even if we went out for dinner, he always ordered the same meal.  He ate cause he was hungry and for no other reason, so it didn't matter to him what he ate.

But back to me.

I thought I would follow a Whole 30 Paleo Plan for the month, keeping it within the guidelines of the new Weight Watchers Simple Start program, and watching my macro nutrient percentages too.  Big goal it was… and I have not followed through 100%.  I did stay with it all for the first couple of weeks… but  then I enjoyed a couple of chosen indulgences which were not on the Whole 30 approved list.  I confess, it was red wine.

But overall, I am happy with the way it has gone. I am not looking to lose any weight, so you may wonder why the Weight Watchers program.  Simple Start is comprised of whole, real, nutrient-dense food… fruits, veggies, lean proteins… and, if you eat them, whole grains, and fat free dairy products, along with some ‘treats’.  I think it is the best program I have seen from Weight Watchers, by far… no weighing, measuring, tracking, counting… just good wholesome food, and as much as you need to be satisfied.  I work out, and I run, and I am active, so I get hungry… and the program supports that, and I eat as needed.  Wonderful. Sensible. Healthy.  HURRAY!

But I do love to read about nutrition and am always curious as to how what we eat affects our bodies and our health so I have these books out of the library right now.

Jan 24 Books 001

There are so many different points of view as to what one should eat… and although I certainly don’t follow them all or even agree with them all, (how could you when so many of them contradict each other) I do like to see what is out there. 

Do you like to read about nutrition?  What is your personal food philosophy?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Core Power Fit Kit Giveaway

I was really excited when Core Power selected me to be a brand ambassador for their current campaign because I always love to be able to share good finds with friends who read my blog posts.  This post is sponsored by Core Power... the opinions and enthusiasm are all mine.

Core Power is the Official Protein Drink of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

5 Olympic Bottles
Core Power is a great tasting high-protein muscle recovery drink for every type of fitness enthusiast. Created with your active lifestyle in mind, real milk protein serves as the base for this delicious protein shake.  It contains natural whey and casein proteins found in milk - never removed from their original liquid state. The brand features simple ingredients and great taste, without a chalky texture. You can also check out the website for recipes.

And, although Core Power is made from milk, it is lactose-free, and has no artificial sweeteners.  It is also gluten-free and soy-free and contains no powders.

Core Power is available in 2 different formulations… one contains a whopping 26g of protein and is available in Vanilla, Banana, and Chocolate… the other is a somewhat lighter version with 20g of protein and available in Chocolate and Strawberry Banana.

I was given some samples to try… the Chocolate 20g and the Vanilla 26g.  The Captain loved them both!

To help you reach your own fitness goals, Core Power is offering to give one of you a Fit-Kit like  the one they sent to me.  I was really impressed with the quality of the goods in this package.

Jan 20 Core Power 001

Jan 20 inside Core Power Kit 001
This picture was taken as I took the goods from the gear bag. 

The Core Power Fit-Kit includes:
  • multi-compartment gear bag
  • yoga/exercise mat with mesh carry bag
  • insulated water bottle
  • bacteria-resistant towel that is long enough to fit comfortably around your neck
  • stability ball with pump, instructions and a DVD
The mat comes in its own mesh carry case which fits into a sling on  the top of the gear bag.  So clever and really quite unique.

Are you interested?   Do you want it?  You know you do!

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and U.S.A., and will run till midnight on the evening of  Monday, January 27th. I will contact the winner by email on Tuesday, January 28th.

Update - this giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified.  Thanks for participating and don't for get to watch for CORE POWER at the Sochi 2104 Winter Olympic Games.

Use the Rafflecopter form below for all of the entries.

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I am so stoked for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games to get underway.  We have some Canadian athletes who are sure to win medals and I cannot wait to watch and cheer them on!

Are you excited about the Olympics, too?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Short Saturday Run

I am so happy!  I have just come in from a run, albeit a short one… and have had my water, done some stretching and even eaten a snack… and so far (knocking on wood for luck here) I have no swelling or bruising on the ball of my left foot.  By the time I get this post written, I will know for sure if I am in the clear.

Jan 18 tc shirt after run 004

The last time I ran was on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, and I have only gone for a few walks since then too. I wanted to make sure that whatever was wrong with my foot had a good chance to heal… I have even been wearing comfy, thick socks around home on our hardwood floors.  And boy are they EVER hard, and laid over concrete so no give there, whatsoever.

I have been dying to get out and take this new Tommie Copper shirt for a run.  I was complaining in December that my neck was cold and that I really needed a high neck shirt to wear this time of year… when lo and behold, this gorgeous Tommie Copper shirt arrived in my mailbox. 

The run… only 3.35 km and it took 25:40 but it felt great to be out and was so much fun to run through the off-leash dog park along the Strait today to get my doggie fix, too.  I always feel so much better after I have been able to be outside in the fresh air for a while.

How about you?  Did you run today?  Or get outside for a while?

Oh, and by the way… the foot?  Still fine. YAY!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Would You Rather… a Runners Survey

I have read this fun survey on a couple of the blogs I follow recently, and decided to answer these questions, too.  Here goes.

Would you rather run in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm?

Definitely the thunderstorm.  Where I live these is little of both but I have run in a snowstorm in the past and found it quite visually disorienting.

Would you rather breathe through your nose or breathe through your mouth?

I would RATHER breathe through my nose but I know I am a mouth breather when I run.

Would you rather do 100 squats or 100 crunches?

Squats, definitely.  100 crunches is tough on my lower back.

Would you rather have a baked good for dessert or an extra serving of your favorite entree?

More dinner, please.  Not a huge dessert fan… well, not anymore anyway!  Wait... what IS the dessert?

Would you rather run on a treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour?

So not a treadmill fan… at least not since I lived where the winter temps often plummeted to –40C.  These days I would choose running around the same block and I would probably turn around and run it in the opposite direction occasionally, too.

Would you rather have a headache during a run or a side stitch?

That’s a tough one.  I rarely get either but I find headaches quite annoying.

Would you rather have a rest day on a work day or a day off?

Definitely on a work day.

Would you rather be a race director or a race volunteer?

I have been a volunteer a couple of times and quite enjoyed it… a race director?  I think that would be too much for me… I might consider being a committe coordinator.

Would you rather spend your money on running gadgets [HRM, GPS watch, Headphones] or running shoes?

Shoes, of course!

Would you rather run in a relay or do the run portion of a distance triathlon?

I have never done either, but I think a relay might be fun.

Okay, it’s your turn!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lazy Sunday... Coffee Thoughts

I am enjoying a lazy Sunday morning… that means still in my jammies, with my keyboard on my lap, sipping coffee, and watching some curling on tv. 

Several of the Western provinces are having their ladies championships this weekend and the winners will be at the Scotties in Montreal in February.  I know that curling is very boring if you don’t play or don’t understand it… The Captain is a former competitive curler at a high level, and I have played so we enjoy watching it together and following the various teams we like.

Did you read my review of the The Summit Seeker and enter my giveaway?  If not, you still have time, and Vanessa will ship the winner’s book anywhere in the world.   Click here to read that post.

Jan 7 The Summit Seeker 001

I got a lovely surprise this week… check out this long sleeved mock neck shirt from Tommie Copper… the styling is fabulous and the fit is perfect for me.  And of course it is made from their patented copper-infused fabric. I have been wanting a high-neck shirt to wear for running outside druing these cool, damp Winter days and cannot wait to get out there and test it out.  I do hope my foot cooperates.

I am having so much fun with my vegetable spiralizer.  I have only used it to make zoodles so far, but have tried many different sauces and toppings and am loving them so much.  These spiralizers are on Amazon right now… both .com and .ca for the lowest prices I have seen yet and I got free shipping, too.

Dec 28 spiralizer zuke 001

My strength workouts with The Captain are going well…. we alternate the super sets so I am forced to take the rest breaks I am supposed to, while I supervise and count his reps.  I know he needs to be using some heavier weights so need to tend to that next week.  But at least he is getting into the habit of working out 3 times a week.

And I am seeing  my immunologist on Tuesday. He has the results of some tests I had done in November, finally, so I am a bit anxious about that… but hope there are some answers, too.

And last but not least… I have GOT to make the time to get my hair cut… decisions, decisions!  I thought I wanted long hair after having kept it short all those years on the sailboat.  Now I just find it a lot of trouble.

Okay, my coffee cup is empty and I am getting hungry… it must be breakfast time. 

What is on your mind today?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Review: The Summit Seeker by Vanessa Runs

If you read my first post of the year, you know that I am have a bit of an issue with the ball of my left foot bruising and swelling after I run, and apparently when after walking for any length of time, now too.  So I am giving it some rest and just doing my strength and yoga sessions this week, and not running, and no loooong walks either.

So, what does a girl do when she can’t run?  Well, she reads about it, of course.

Jan 7 The Summit Seeker 001

And after reading The Summit Seeker, written beautifully by Vanessa Runs, I am beginning to think this injury was a blessing in disguise, giving me the time and opportunity to read for pleasure.  And believe me, reading this book was pure pleasure.  I loved it. I plan to read it again.

I relate to Vanessa’s story about becoming an Ultra runner in so many different ways… as a woman who loves to run, who loves dogs and cats, who found herself in unsuitable relationships she eventually left, and who now has a simple and honest bond with a man she loves and partners… as a sheltered, socially awkward, unpopular child… as someone who longs to be outdoors in the fresh air and wild, open spaces where God and Self are friends and allies.
Her story unfolds in short chapters – anecdotes really.  It is often a bit sad but ultimately joyous and hopeful, and left me wanting more.  It is artfully written, and easy to read.  Vanessa paints vivid pictures with well-chosen words and phrases and is brutally honest about her family, her upbringing, her shortcomings, and much too modest about her accomplishments.

I was given a paperback copy of The Summit Seeker in exchange for this blog review.  And Vanessa has graciously offered to send a copy to one of you as well.   I am so excited to be able to share this wonderful story with you.

To be eligible to win this giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter form below for all of the entries which include the following:

There are 2 mandatory entries:
1.  Leave a comment telling me what you do to amuse yourself when you are sidelined from running by an injury, or weather,  or on rest days.
2.  Leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will email the winner on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 ...  If you cannot wait to see if you win the giveaway, and want to order right away, check out this link to The Summit Seeker on

UPATE!  I have emailed the winner and want to say thank you to everyone who commented and entered.

I would be so very interested to hear what you think of it, too.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Food as Fuel, My January Focus

During the month of January I am zeroing in on food.

Actually I am pretty much always focused on food.  I love to cook and I love to eat… too much sometimes!  However, I have decided that I would be treating myself - my body and my spirit - much better if I concentrate on food as fuel.  In the past, I have fueled myself, of course, but I have also used food as a soother, as entertainment, and as a time filler.  I am really making an effort to start starting some better habits, and taking this month to make that my primary focus.

I have started another Whole 30 Paleo Challenge, and I am working it within the guidelines of the new Weight Watchers Simple Start program, in order to keep tabs on the amount of nuts, nut butters, nut milks, and dried fruit I am eating.  And I am also watching my macro nutrient percentages, thanks to Tom Venuto's new book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. Whew!

And then, just to give it all an exclamation point, I have started Laura’s Winter Reset today as well.  It is going to compliment my efforts quite nicely… with one teeny tiny little hitch.

For the first 3 days (at least – preferably up to 7) Laura is asking that we give up meat.  I am already not eating legumes or dairy products or corn or any grains, or protein powders or bars, this month at all, so I have been wondering where I am going to get my protein from for these 3 days. I am a meat eater but am really going to give it up for 3 days, and I am assuming that means fish as well.

The first things that came to mind were eggs and egg whites.  And I have looked up the food values of several of my favorite veggies and see that they all have at least a bit of protein.  And of course the few nuts I will have do contain protein as well.  Then I remembered a go-to source of almost pure protein that I have on hand… ENERGYbits.  Pure spirulina algae. 

Jan 6 ENERGYbits heart 001

I have been taking bits before I do my strength workouts and I love them.

Oh, and I almost forgot... nutritional yeast. Will be making up a new recipe tonight with some butternut squash for my zoodles.

So, add at least 64 ounces of pure water to all the whole, real food I am eating, and keeping my good intentions in mind, how can I not be off to a great start on my January goal of setting some good ‘food as fuel’ habits?

When I eat whole, nutrient-dense, REAL foods, I am satisfied and don’t feel the need for sugary treats or between meal snacks.  I am happy with a cup of tea or coffee while reading or watching tv in the evening and don't need to keep grazing.

How about you? How healthy is your relationship with the food you eat?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Getting 2104 Off to a Great Start

Happy New Year!

I got the new year off to a great start this morning with a glass of immunity-boosting lime water and a lovely cup of dark coffee… then a serving of 30 ENERGYbits to fuel my strength workout.

I actually started my new 12-week strength program on Monday… and The Captain has opted to join me in this round so I was completely thrilled by that development. I did workout A on my own and then put him through the paces afterward.   Today, I took the same tack, and did my own workout B so I could concentrate on him when it was his turn. 

This program alternates between the 2 workouts, A and B, so now that he is familiar with the exercises, I think we can go ahead and do them together.  I know it won’t be long before he will need to increase the weight he is using though (likely needs more already) so we will be shopping for equipment soon and I am very excited about that.

Then I had a good refuelling breakfast and am ready to conquer the first day of the new year.  I think a beach walk is in order... after lunch.

I have not made any resolutions for the year.  I have not set any particular goals. I did not choose a them word this year.  What I am going to do instead, is focus on a particular area of my health and fitness each month.  Call me fickle if you like, but I need to have change to stimulate me and keep me interested. 

For January my focus is on my food!  How I do love to create and cook and eat.

Feb 12 banana breakfast scramble 001

Last January I did my first Whole 30 Paleo Challenge and fell in love with this way of eating.    Over the course of the year I did some experimenting and found that grains do not agree with me at all… but that I can eat edamame occasionally, and also Greek yogurt without any consequences.  But I overdid the nuts and the nut butters, and the dried fruits… I also did some experimenting with paying more attention to the breakdown of my macronutrients, and I  was part of the focus group for the new Weight Watchers Simple Start plan which concentrates on whole, natural foods.  

With all of this new knowledge, I have decided on a plan of attack for this month, which I hope will give me the fuel I need to keep myself energized and nourished, using a combination of these tools.  I am excited and energized and eager for results.

On another note... there is one niggly little issue… the last couple of times I have run, I have developed swelling and soreness on the ball of my left foot.  It lasts an hour or so and then seems to disappear.  I have had a couple of pieces of advice about what may be causing it and am going to try some different shoes and also some thicker socks the next time I go out… but it is annoying because I had been hoping to increase my runs as the weather warms.  Oh well, there is always golf!

Do you have anything special planned for January?  Have you joined in any challenges?