Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Here is something fabulous I want to share with you today....

Nuzest has a terrific giveaway going on till the end of February.  Nuzest is a vegan protein powder that tastes great and mixes well with any liquid you choose.  You can also bake with it!

Check this out!


What is your favorite way to use protein powder in your food plan?

Monday, February 20, 2017

In a Word... Spring!

Yes, there are finally, and definitely, signs of Spring in my neighborhood!

This Winter was a harsh one, relatively speaking. Most years we get a few nights of frost at most, and the odd year, we get some actual snowfall.  This year was really odd, as we had snow on the ground three different times.

Now, for those of you who live where there is real, cold, snowy Winter on a regular basis, that will not mean anything to you.  But here, where most people don't live with snow, they never learn how to drive in it, they don't know how to dress for it, and they don't shovel their sidewalks.  It can be very dangerous to be out and about, and often kind of amusing.

But it is finally gone. No more snow or cold days in the forecast and I am very thankful... our walks are getting longer again and the warmer, sunnier days are luring me outdoors more often.  One day recently we spent some time hunting down signs of Spring in the neighborhood... Normally by the first week of February my city is blanketed in a spectacular show of pink blossoms... we have thousands of flowering plum and cherry trees here... but this year they are just getting started! But we did find some pretty flowers and some sun-bathing ducks.

Hope to see a lot more of these days soon!

How is Spring shaping up in your neighborhood, or are  you still blanketed in snow?

What are you most looking forward to in the Spring?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Book Review.... SUPERLIFE by Darin Olien

I am a voracious reader of anything and everything nutrition or fitness related. When I was given the opportunity to receive a free copy of Darin Olien's book, Superlife, I eagerly accepted.   It has been a most interesting read, I can assure you.

Darin Olien holds a BA in exercise physiology and nutrition, and an MA in psychology.  One of his more notable accomplishments was partnering with Beachbody to formulate the popular whole-food supplement called Shakeology, and the comprehensive plant-based Ultimate Reset 21-day detox program.  Just to make it clear, that I have no Beachbody affiliation and did not know this when I opted to read and review the book.

So... what does Darin have to say about a Superlife?

He puts forth the theory that we can maximize our body's natural potential by focusing on five simple forces... Quality Nutrition, Hydration, Detoxification, Oxygenation, and Alkalization... that determine whether we will be fit, healthy, and free of illness.

Having travelled the world, doing research and exploring the health properties of various foods that have sustained indigenous cultures for centuries, he explains in an easy-to-read manner how to use these foods and practices to maintain healthy weight, prevent serious illnesses, and feel great.

The book is full of simple ideas and easy-to-follow to-do lists and guides to putting his ideas into everyday practice.  He explains each of the five forces... what it is and why it is important, and then tells us how to go about applying it to our own lives on a daily basis.

And, finally, he gives advice about how to purge and re-stock our pantries and kitchens, and offers a simple eating plan with some recipes, and finally, daily tips to help along the way.

It is a terrific read for anyone interested in nutrition and healthy living. It is packed with useful information and tips that are practical and easy to apply.  I have already put some new ideas into place in my own household.

You can purchase a copy for yourself at Harper Collins online.  And you can learn more about the author, Darin Olien on his website.

Although I was given a copy of this book for review purposed, all opinons are my own.

What about you?  Do you like to read about nutrition and healthy living?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Patience... Yeah I am Finally Claiming That Virtue!

I did not make any New Year's resolutions for 2017.  I am always open to new challenges as they present themselves and like to follow up on new ideas and fitness/food trends to see how they fit me so I don't like to lock myself into long-term resolutions.

I was planning to start the 12-week Metabolic Prime workouts again on January 9th along with The Captain. We have been through the program once, and really liked it so thought we would start again, with a large group in a challenge organized by founder Jade Teta... but it was not to be.

A couple of days before the end of the year, I was hit hard by a nasty virus that seems to be going around my city right now.  It has been mostly a head cold, with a non-stop runny nose and a bit of coughing... but more than that, for about 8 or 9 days it left me as weak as a kitten and I could barely sit up for more than a few minutes at a time.  Of course The Captain caught it from me and has been a couple of days behind me in getting over it... some symptoms linger even now.

So, the theme for the month of January has been PATIENCE... never my strong suit. Nope, not me. I have never been one to call this one of my virtues. As a matter of fact, I always like to say that my older sister got it all and there was none left for me.  She has it in abundance... to the point of being annoying at times.

But I am quite pleased to report that it is something that I have learned... through no choice of my own... these past few weeks.

In the past, on the very rare occasions when I have been ill, I have always just chomped at the bit to get back to my normal activities and pushed myself to my physical limits at times, to get back to running, to working out, to get on with my daily activities.  But not this time.  I allowed myself to rest, to sleep, to watch endless hours of Downton Abbey on the television... and to sleep some more.

And I think it has been really good for me to take the time I needed both physically and mentally to get over the illness.

I have been paying attention to the signals my body is sending and being really mindful of how I am feeling and reacting.

When I started to feel better, I began reading some nutrition books by a Canadian trainer named Harley Pasternak, and found that his food and exercise philosophy suits me quite well.  It is mostly common sense I think.   I have been making sure to give my body the proper nutrition and fuel it requires.

And I began very slowly with my exercise again... from having no stamina to doing some short outdoor walks when it has been warm enough.... some more vigorous indoor walking and stretching and lower body work with just body weight so far on colder days.

And I am ready to begin the Metabolic Prime workouts again.. or will be by Monday... so only a week behind the group.  And I will approach it gently but with enthusiasm.

What kind of start has your new year had?

Any new lessons learned so far?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Last Run of the Year

Well, I am pretty darned sure it was anyway!

In Canada many people are still on holidays... government employees and school teachers for sure... because Christmas Day and Boxing Day are both stat holidays so many people get both Monday and Tuesday off work... so we decided to skip using our building's fitness room today to avoid the possibility of having to share it with anyone else, and The Captain suggested we go for a run instead of working out.

I was quite surprised as I cannot recall the last time he suggested we run... and I knew it had been ages since we have even been for a run. I had to check my Daily Mile account... November 27th was our last, and it was cut short due to rain.  Okay then... a run it would be.

I made us each a good breakfast, veggies and egg white scramble, with turkey bacon for me... and an egg, toast, hash browns, and turkey bacon for him... and waited the requisite one hour before we could head out.

I took a pre-run selfie while drinking some nuun and trying to decide what to wear.

The bottom layer was easy... Tommie Copper shirt, Tommie Copper capris, Tiux compression socks on the correct feet for a change... and after conferring with The Captain, and learning it was 5C and quite windy with a humidity level of about 95%,  I opted to overdress. I am such a wimp.  5C and damp is so much colder than 5C and dry.

I added another long sleeved technical fabric shirt, and a light hoodie topped by a fleece vest, an earband, light gloves and my Mizuno running shoes, with sunglasses to protect my eyes from the wind. Even with all those layers I was quite cool the first several minutes after going outside... but I had selected a new route through a nearby neighborhood with lots of large homes and trees which I hoped would serve as windbreaks. For the most part they did.

It is a quiet morning in my neighborhood. Eerily quiet actually.  We saw very little traffic and no other pedestrians.  

And the run?   Well, it was not pretty. It was very, very slow.  But we did run 3.31 km and then did a short walk before coming in to stretch and drink lots of water and also eat a banana.  I am all about the refuelling these days and being really careful with my electrolyte balance and hydration. Seems to really been working to ward off the dreaded evening leg cramps.

Oh, and it started to rain after we came inside. Thank GOODNESS we got it done before that happened!

So, yes, it was likely the last run of 2016.  And even though I have been running less this year and my runs have definitely gotten shorter, I am happy to be doing them at all.

How about you?  Have your done your last run of the year yet?