Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tommie Talk... Tommie Copper that is!

Several days ago I wrote a post about why I love walking… and not only did I get a lot of feedback about walking and the Spring flowers and green grass in my picture, I got a lot of questions about the great looking outfit I was wearing, too.  I have to admit, I get compliments on this outfit a lot!

Feb 18 2015 Walking and TC 006

Feb 18 2015 Walking and TC 007

I bet you won’t be surprised to learn that the jacket, and the mock neck shirt underneath it, and the great looking leggings are all from the Tommie Copper lineup.  These garments are staples in my wardrobe. I think they are dressy and stylish enough to wear for casual outings, especially when I am going to be outdoors on coolish Spring days.  And they are so comfortable that I can wear them for hours and hours and hours.

This jacket is really functional.  It is lightly longer in the back to make sure to keep you covered and warm, and it also has thumb holes… a great feature for long sleeved garments, don’t you agree?  There are two front zipped pockets and the front centre zipper is copper colored, too, and zips closed to a nice, snug-but-not-tight, neckline. I like to keep my neck and chin warm on cool days.

The leggings are ample for my really long legs, reaching to the ankle and never riding up. They move with me easily. They also have a little pocket on the right outer thigh that can hold keys or a credit card or some coins. They fit me like a glove and are so comfortable that once I put them on I never want to take them off!  If you have worn compression leggings you will know what I mean. And they match the jacket in stylish and functional stitching.

Underneath the jacket, I am wearing a black mock neck long sleeved shirt.  It is an added layer of warmth and comfort, and it matches the jacket and leggings, too.

All of these garments are fashioned from Tommie Copper’s patent-protected fabrics… they are machine washable, but I admit to babying them and handwashing them in gentle soaps… I want them to last as long as they possibly can.

These garments are the blackest of blacks and I am sorry that my photos don’t show that.

Yesteday I posted some pictures of The Captain and I playing tennis at our neighborhood court and they generated some interest in our garments as well.

Feb 24 2015 tennis outing 010

This particular shirt is one of the most comfortable I own. It is so soft and is part of the active wear line from Tommie Copper, It is not compression gear so the cut is looser, and has a lovely, ergonomic design for a full range of motion.  The fabric is moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and offers UPF50+ protection from the sun's harmful rays.  And yes, thumbholes!  And check out the awesome stitching down the back.  It matches that jacket very nicely!

Feb 24 2015 tennis outing 008
2015-02-24 10.40.24

Now, those leggings that I wore to play tennis are not the ones in the walking pictures… the tennis leggings are plain black, and just as comfy and just as supportive. They are designed to improve circulation and enhance muscle performance.  But they are a bit more practical because I can also be wear them  to work with tunic tops and short boots.  Compression leggings all day long?  Yes, please.

And not to leave The Captain, out, he wore his Tommie Copper long sleeved compression tee. I talked him out of the mock neck to play tennis as I knew he would be too warm!  He laughed when I took this picture and said he would have worn nicer shorts if he had known he was going to be published!

Feb 24 2015 tennis outing 014

We have been loyal Tommie Copper fans since I first won a compression tee and a calf sleeve in a Twitter giveaway several years ago.  I wore that tee to help keep my back and shoulder pain to a minimum after having retinal surgery on my right eye and having to remain face-down for 4 days.  And I wrote my first Tommie Copper review about it… which you can read HERE if you like.

Eye Surgery 010

Since then we have acquired many more Tommie Copper garments, and our love for them has only grown over the years… and our admiration, too, as their products have evolved and the product lines expanded.  I have done many, many more reviews.   Tommie Copper garments and sleeves not only help me power through my workouts and activities, they also aid in recover and keep me warm when I am not feeling well or out and about in cool weather.  And, a  couple of years ago I put together a collage of pictures of some of the Tommie Copper garments I love and wear from day to day.

Tommie collage

Oh, and of course that was done before I won these bright pink capris!  I put them on with my blue long sleeved compression shirt one day a couple of weeks ago to head out for a run… I thought the bright colors would give me more energy to go do a run on a gloomy day, and it certainly worked!

Feb 4 Run 002 - Copy

I have a terrific relationship with this company… and had many opportunities to collaborate with some really good people who represent the marketing department at Tommie Copper.   I hope it continues for a good long time to come!

If you are not familiar with Tommie Copper gear and garments, or have not checked them out for a while, I urge you to look at the web site. And do go and look at the Facebook page as well… they have lots of generous merchandise giveaways going on all the time!

Web Site:

Now, just for the sake of disclosure… I have written this post to showcase garments that I love and really wear, made by a company I respect and admire.   I was not asked to write this review. I was not given product or compensation in exchange for this review… but I have received/won product from Tommie Copper in the past.

Do you know and love Tommie Copper, too?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Run Day

I have just come in from a great run outside. It is a gorgeous Spring day. Our usual route along the waterfront was very busy with so many people and their dogs out enjoying the warm weather.   After a Shakeology smoothie with lots of frozen berries and some Almond Breeze, and a good s-t-r-e-t-c-h, I am enjoying a bit of a rest… still in my Tiux compression socks and Tommie Copper compression capris.  I wore high heeled boots to work yesterday and stood/walked in them for about 3 hours and then later, we did a 90 minute walk around the neighborhood to look at flowers, so I am babying my legs today in order to avoid any cramping tonight.  I think an epsom salts bath is on the agenda!

It was a pretty good week.  I certainly started with good intentions… workouts on track, and food plan in check.  And I did very well for several days so I am happy for that.  We got in lots of walking this week,too, as our weather has been just glorious and the city is ablaze with blossoms and color. Spring really is the loveliest season where I live.

Feb 18 2015 Walking and TC 020

Feb 21 2015 Walk 007
More camelias

We have many many streets in the city core that are lined with cherry trees and plum trees… all just bursting with color.  The only ‘snow’ I have seen is the petals from the cherry trees blowing around.  Soon the ground will be solid pink with fallen petals.

Feb 21 2015 Walk 003

Feb 21 2015 Walk 005

On Friday we walked to Chinatown for lunch to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  I thoroughly enjoyed a large bowl of Hot and Sour soup… mmmm. 

Feb 20 2015 lunch in China Town 001

Some other highlights from the week…

I went to an open house to check out the Spring line from Epicure Selections and came away with some new herb/spice mixes to sample.  I really like their silicone bakeware and have a few pieces that I used regulary.  I did order a couple of things, too, that I should get next week.

2015-02-20 11.14.02

Since we moved into this area almost 3 years ago, I have become buddies with a little cat that lives on our walking/running route to the village.  Whenever we pass her house I call out to her, and if she is outside she comes to me for a little head rub, and if she is asleep on her couch in the window, she lifts her head and watches as I wave to her. Silly, I know, but she is so sweet.

Feb 21 2015 Walk 010

And the wind has been been just right for saling this week… enough to shake out the rags, but not so much that it is overpowering. It can really blow up along the Strait. 

Feb 21 2015 Walk 001
That freighter in the background is coming from China.  Dwarfs the sailboat, even from a distance!

What was the highlight of your week?  Anything special coming up?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Walk With Me - 5 Reasons I Love Walking

I live in a very walkable neighborhood.  Across the street is a sprawling world-famous park and bird sanctuary.  A few blocks to the South lies the Strait of Juan de Fuca which provides a natural border between my province of B.C. and Washington State. If I walk a few blocks North I find the provincial museum and provincial legislature buildings as I near the city core and ‘downtown’.  And behind me, to the West, is the entrance to the Inner Harbour. It is an eclectic, funky, old neighborhood and I have come to love it dearly.

I have always enjoyed walking.  Even when The Captain and I lived on our sailboat and would spend days on end anchored in some quiet little cove, we would make sure to take the dinghy to shore and enjoy a long walk or hike on whatever island was nearby.  During the Winters that we spent in a rural area near Port Ludlow, WA, we made sure to get out for several walks every day... along the country roads or in the nearby towns.

5 Reasons I Love Walking

Here are my top 5 reasons to put on my walking shoes and head outdoors.

1.  It is a mood enhancer.

Walking outside always gets my blood flowing and elevates the endorphin levels.  Even if I go out tired or a bit cranky or stressed, I feel much better if I go out for a walk.  I am likely to meet and greet many others in my area out enjoying the day… and will always encounter a dog or two to pet as well. 

2. It is a great way to get from one place to another.

Yes, I do occasionally use the car to fill up the freezer at Costco, or head up-Island to my favorite hairdresser… but I can do may daily marketing and errands on foot.  I could easily live in this neighborhood without a vehicle and do all of my errands and shopping by walking.  Most of the time I do… post office, library, groceries, gym, farmer’s market… I even work within walking distance of our home.  We walk to the tennis court. to Starbuck’s, to the doctor’s office and to the wine shop.  It’s so nice to NOT have to look for a parking spot and pay a meter.

3. It is a good workout or workout finisher.

I almost always go for a walk after I have done a strength workout.  It is a good way to stretch out my legs and burn a few more calories.  I believe it helps keep me flexible andiIt offers a natural transition from workout to cool down.  Walking can be a good cardio workout on its own as well.

4.  It is a nice way to explore the world around me.

My neighborhood is constantly changing.  There are new flowers blooming. Cruise ships and freighters come and go along the Strait.  There are old homes being renovated.  There are new dogs to meet.  There are baby peacocks and ducklings in the park. I love to be outside exploring on foot.  I can stop and take pictures, or dart across the street to inspect a new garden.  Walking allows me to vary my speed and my route at will.

5. It is a friendly social activity.

Quite often The Captain and I walk together and we talk and talk about everything under the Sun.  We make plans.  We recall great memories.  We point out things to each other as we stroll along.  And we walk with friends, too.  It is such a nice way of being together… casual and friendly. I have even conducted business meetings on foot.

What about you?  Do you love to walk too?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Let’s Get Caught Up

There is a lot of food prep going on in my kitchen today… so while I am waiting for some cooked cauliflower to cool enough for me to wring all the moisture out of so I can make some Low Carb Tortillas, I am enjoying a cup of coffee.  Won’t you join me, and we can get caught up?

2015-02-15 13.52.10 (333x500)

I have had a pretty good week.  I am still working the 21 Day Fix food plan and did quite well following it until Valentine’s Day.  Yes, I cheated with black beer (nope not gluten-free and it was delicious), some dark chocolate and some red wine, too.  Lovely.  And I had a good week of workouts, too.  Along with walking, and running, I did a few of the 21 Day Fix workouts… Yoga Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, and Pilates Fix.  I haven’t done the cardio workouts… if I am doing cardio I would rather be running.  I have enjoyed these Fix workouts though and find them quite challenging. 

So today I am back on plan.

2015-02-15 13.15.20 (281x500)

I made some sweet potato waffles for breakfast and topped them with strawberries and hemp seeds.  Mmmmm…

2015-02-15 09.56.18

Then we went for a long, 75 minute walk along the waterfront in the sunshine.  There are flowers blooming everywhere and there were lots of dogs to visit with along the way.  When we got home, my FitBit informed me that I am only 1500 steps away from my goal of 10,000… and that was before lunch!

So, now I am in the kitchen.  I made up some Asian Beef Slaw, portioned it out and froze it.  And my Low Carb Tortillas will go into the freezer too. I love to have them on hand for sandwiches, and I think I will try using them as pizza crusts later this week as well.

And I need a manicure. All this work in the kitchen has ruined my nail polish!

What are you up to today?  Anything new and exciting in your world? Did you have a good week, too?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

February Fix Up

I find time just slipping by me… does this happen to anyone else? The first week of February is gone already.  But I am pretty happy with how things are shaping up this month.

I am taking part in a 21 Day February Fix Up, hosted by Danielle Prestejohn … and it is based on the Beachbody 21 Day Fix meal and exercise program. 

21 Day Fix

I am really happy how well these little colored containers complement my Weight Watchers plan and encourage me to make sure I am getting in a variety of food groups and well-rounded nutrition each day.  Yes, it is a diet, and no it’s not forever, but a good little tune-up just the same.

I can’t say I have done the 21 Day Fix assigned workouts each day, (no jumping cardio for me) or followed the food plan exactly this past week, though.  I started out very well, even though on Monday I endured an endoscopy.  4 good on-plan days under my belt and then Thursday was our wedding anniversary.  We had a lovely and slightly indulgent day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I admit that it took me a couple of days to get back on track food-wise… but I am there now and am quite happy about it. 


Here is a little look back at that lovely day at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Walt Disney World.  I like to tell everyone that Mickey Mouse married us!

It has been a really wet week here weather-wise… one Pacific storm coming in after another.  Tonight we are expecting the fifth in as many days!  But between them, we have had some lovely opportunities to get out walking and running.  I am meeting my daily FitBit steps goal almost every day.

We ran 5km on Wednesday so I could log my 5 by the 5th Challenge run for February,  and then again this morning.  And I had a bit of aha moment today during my run.

The 5km route that we most often run around our neighborhood has some noticeable elevation changes.  Nothing exceptionally steep but there are a couple of places that have long sloped grades… a couple of blocks or more long. Usually I am really struggling to finish them without having to slow down at least a bit before I get to the top.  I realized today that if I run at a slightly slower pace before I arrive at one of those uphill sections, that I am able to maintain a steadier pace all the way up without having to slow down to crest the hill.  Sounds silly and simple, but it was quite significant to me.  It’s all in my stamina and my breathing, I know.

And then, because I really do be on track with the 21 Day Fix workouts as much as I can, I did the Yoga Fix after stretching, rehydrating, and changing into dry workout gear. I was ravenous for my lunch after that!

I am planning a good week!  And there may even be chocolate and wine on Valentines Day, all on program, of course.

How is February shaping up for you?

I love that I am still learning things about my running after 27 years!  No wonder I cannot seem to give it up entirely. Do you still have those aha moments while you are doing your workouts, too?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 by the 5th in February

I am taking part in a series of runs called 5 by the 5th hosted by Laura at Mommy Run Fast. You can run either 5 km or 5 miles and it should be done and reported by the 5th of each month from February through May.

You may remember I was so excited and enthusiastic at the beginning of January to get this run series started, that I went out and did my 5km run in spite of neglecting to make note of the fact that it didn’t get rolling until February.  Oops.  Apparently I am a keener.

But once February arrived…  not so much.  I mean, I wanted to run that 5 km but the days until the 5th were passing me by…  On February 1st it was pouring rain. Who wants to run in monsoons?  Not me.  On the 2nd I spent the better part of the day at the hospital having a scope stuck down my throat and then recovering from the sleepy drugs after I got home.  On the 3rd I spent the morning working and the afternoon shopping. I  know, I KNOW!  And it was a lovely day, too ,so I did get out for a walk.. but let that opportunity for the km 5run slip right past me.

Tomorrow, February 5th, is our wedding anniversary… not likely we are gonna get out for a run… and there are forecasts that the first of  four impending Pacific storms is due to hit us later tonight!  Pineapple Express times 4!  Yes, it will be warm, but also very WET.  So this morning I knew it was NOW OR NEVER  to get this 5 by the 5th 5km run done. 

"Stop whining and just go do it", I kept telling myself… and yes, I really was being a wimp.  I didn’t feel like running.  It was gloomy outside and a bit breezy and sorta coolish and, and, and… so I had a little chat with myself about my attitude, and then put on my brightest pink and blue Tommie Copper running duds to cheer me up… grabbed The Captain to take some pictures of me clowning around,  and off we went.

Feb 4 Run 002

I was happy to finally get moving and I know I started out a bit too fast. Read that TOO FAST FOR ME! That sorta really took the wind out of me and when my little nose started snuffling and sniffling at about 3.5 km, I had to start breathing through my mouth.  Almost panting. And does that ever suck the moisture out of you. I was so thirsty and winded that I had to walk a bit during that last 1 km.  Annoyed but determined to see it through, I crossed my finish line at 34:30 which is not a bad 5km for me at all. 

Done. YAY!  After drinking a lot of water I made us a couple of smoothies and we stretched.  A lot.  So glad that one’s in the bag.

Did you run today?

Are you taking part in Laura’s 5 by the 5th series?  

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Joyous January

My goal for this year is to have fun with my fitness activities and food program experiments.  I get so wrapped up in challenges and protocols and putting my nose to the grindstone to meet goals that I often forget to enjoy myself along the way.  January turned out to be a lot of fun for me so I want to share some of the highlights and keep the positive momentum rolling.  My intention is to take myself a lot less seriously.

In no particular order…


Much to my surprise and delight, I was given a FitBit One and have become quite addicted to it.  I was never really interested in these activity trackers until I learned more about them through Weight Watchers. Now that I have one of my own I can see how it does motivate me to move more than I normally would.  I do a lot of exercise and standing, but when not, I am a ‘sitter’… not anymore!  The FitBit reminds me that I am nearly a daily goal and that really does motivate me to achieve them.  And I love that it awards me little badges and rewards for reaching milestones too.  So far I have earned a Boat Shoe, a Sneaker, Happy Hills, and Marathon Badge.


My FitBit One came with a tracking device, a charger, a Dongle (which connects it to my PC I think?), a clip, and a wrist band for wearing it to sleep. I like that it is hidden under my clothing and no one sees that I am even wearing it.


Gigabody Workouts

Through my association with SweatPink, I was given a free trial of the workout site (have you entered my giveaway for a free trial of your own?). I have really been enjoying the workouts I find there and have been working out with The Captain. That is always a bonus for me!  Check out my giveaway HERE.

SweatPink challenges

And speaking of SweatPink… I have been having fun with some of the #NoExcuses 2015 Challenge so far.  Every day there is a different activity to do and share on social media. I haven’t done them all, but I am finding it motivating and I love seeing all the pictures on Instagram from the other participants.

Sweat Pink stairs

21 Day Mindfulness Eating Challenge

I am so glad I took part in this 21 Day Reset hosted by Laura from Mommy Run Fast.  Laura is a very caring and motivational coach and I found the FB group to be helpful too.  It was good to focus on healthy food choices for the duration and it has set me on the path to success with healthy and mindful eating through 2015 I am sure.  I have kept the daily informational/motivational emails Laura sent so that I can refer to them for little refreshers thorough the year.


I am so gung ho about running right now and about taking part in Laura’s 5 by the 5th Challenge, that I actually  made sure to get it in early in January…. even though I was reminded later that it doesn’t actually start till February!  Haha!  I am such a keener.  But it is great to be enjoying running again and looking forward to getting out instead of feeling like I should do it. it.  I am not going to give any thought to speed at all this year... just enjoy the doing.

Tommie Copper

Everyone knows how much I love Tommie Copper gear.  And I also love that they have been very, very good to me. This week an unexpected package came to the door and when I opened it up there was a pair of my favoritie compession leggings, a beautiful new scoop neck compression shirt (yes, with thumbholes) and a pair of stylish compression socks.  This picture really does these awesome garments no justice at all and I will be sure to share some better ones when I wear it all for the first time!  Honestly, if you are not wearing Tommie Copper compression clothing you are really missing out on superior comfort, support and warmth… all for performance as well as recovery.

Tommie Copper

Spring-like Weather

I know some parts of the continent have really been slammed with Winter this past week and I hope no one feels like I am rubbing it in… but we have been having wonderful warm and sunny days lately.  There are flowers blooming everywhere… and not just the usual Spring flowers like daffs, snowdrops, crocuses and hyacinths… there are camelias and rhododendrons in bloom and the cherry trees are showing some beautiful pink blossoms as well.

This week we saw the first turtle of the season emerge from the muddy depths of the lake to climb up onto a log to enjoy some sunshine too.

January 28 2014 It is like Spring 007

And we are spending lots of time walking along the Strait and down on the beach below the bluffs.  I think I have become acclimatized… I still want a jacket and gloves occasionally!

January 28 2014 It is like Spring 016

Smartie Pants Phone

I cannot tell you how much I have come to love my little Samsung phone! I was late getting to the smart phone party and am thorougly enjoying myself now that I have arrived. I am always looking for news apps and have started using the Weight Watchers app to track my food intake every day... so much better than writing it down in a diary.  I am also loving the FitBit app and have finally gotten more active on Instagram with it too. I haven’t quite figured out the Pinterest app yet but all in all, I love that I can have so many accounts opened simultaneously instantly instead of having to open/close them like I do on my pc.  I would love to find a 21 Day Fix app… but haven’t yet.

So… January has come to a close, and I am really looking forward to a Fabulous February… have some medical appointments to square away, our wedding anniversary to celebrate, and lots of other things I will share with you later.

How did January shake out for you?

Anything special in February on the horizon?