Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting My Sweat On With DVDs

This past week I have really been getting my sweat on!  Aside from all of the walking we have been doing, and the fibreglass polishing on the sailboat (remember  the Karate Kid  spending hours doinng 'wax on' and 'wax off' to strengthen his arms?),  I have been working out some afternoons with a variety of exercise DVDs.

Monday I did the whole Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout DVD.

It has a warm up - 5 minutes, cardio/strength intervals - 25 minutes, upper body workout - 10 minutes, lower body workout - 10 minutes, cool/stretch - 5 minutes... if you are familiar with Jillian Micheals at all, you know it is tough.  I cannot complete the last of cardio/strength intervals as it is mountain climbers and jumping jack planks, but I do my best and I love to yell at Jillian.

I picked up some DVDs from the libary this week to have a look at... and so Thursday I did The Biggest Loser Jump Start DVD.

This one is led by 3 different contestants from the show and is actually better than I thought it would be.  I did the whole thing and the workouts each have about a minute of warm and cool and are 10 minutes in total each:  cardio, cardio with weights, upper body workout, lower body workout, ab workout, for a total of 50 minutes... a good sweat, and fun.  There are some things I hadn't seen before and I did enjoy it... although I think it would get 'old' pretty quickly if in a regular rotation.

And today, I chose another library find.. one I have looked at before but never got around to trying... one of the 10 Minute Solutions titles called RAPID RESULTS Fat Burner.

Again, each 10 minute section has a short warm and cool section and solid heart-pounding cardio routine.  There are 5 of them in all, each quite different from the others: power sports drills, extreme intervals, low impact fat blaster, rapit results kickboxing and cario max.  All of them were intense and after doing all 5 of them I was quite spent.  I enjoyed the workout but honestly I  wouldn't select it again.

I have not run yet this week... I sure hope the weather holds so I can get out Saturday for 5km.

Do you like exercise DVDs?  Do you have any to recommend to me?

Do you use YOUtube for workouts?


Virtual Run to Celebrate Hiker Mom's Birthday!

Rachel at Livin The Fit Life is hosting a virtual run for her 37th birthday which she just happens to share with Canada (we are 145 this year) on July 1st!

Get in on her virtual run and take a stab at winning some wonderful prizes, too.

You can enter a 5k event or a 10 km event, or both!

Are you in?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are You Making a Good Match?

At a recent meeting I attended we discussed what kinds of activities we like to do and what makes a particular activity or type of exercise a good fit for us as individuals.

I know from personal experience, that I am not likely to stick with something that takes a lot of effort for me to ‘get there’, unless it is something I reallly love to do.  I will drive to a golf course to warm up and play 18 holes.  But I will not drive to a gym to work out, or to a swimming pool to do laps.  Showering and changing clothes is something I would just rather do at home.

At one time I did a session of Jazzercise with a friend, and a couple of sessions of ballet lessons with that same friend.  Those were really fun outings so I put up with getting ready to go and the driving… but I also have done ciruit traiining on my lunch hour with a work friend and hated the rush to walk there, do the circuit, and then shower and head back to work.

So how do you know if an exercise or a workout or a physical activity is a good match for you?

It is right for you if:
  • you look forward to it
  • you lose track of time while you are doing it
  • you want to extend it; you want it to carry on longer
  • you hate to miss it
  • you love the way it makes you feel physically and/or mentally
  • you get a sense of accomplishment and self worth from it

It is not right for you if:
  • you make excuses to avoid doing it
  • you watch clock throughout and wish it were over
  • you don’t put any real effort into it
  • you don’t care how it turns out
  • you feel cranky/uncomfortable afterwards
  • you have a medical condition that is aggravated by the activity
  • it causes pain
  • you don’t care for the way it makes you feel about yourself
  • it costs too much
  • you just don’t engage mentally or physically

It may deserve another chance if:
  • you sometimes feel reluctant but go anyway
  • you don’t look forward to it but like how you feel afterward
  • you feel it is doing good things for you
  • you like the people you are doing the activity with or the atmosphere of the venue
  • you experience muscle soreness at first but you want to keep trying
  • it seems hard but not impossible and you can see yourself improving
Let’s face it.  All workouts and activities are not for all of us.  And sometimes you change your mind about things, or your body changes which causes you to look at new options… or a friend introduces you to something new that you thought you would never try.

Or you just get burned out and need a change, or some new challenge.

Be open to new experiences… don’t limit yourself with labels and stop wasting time and energy doing things you don’t really like to do.   There is too much out there that is fun so find a few things you love to do, and go get it!

What makes a good fit for you?

Are there any thing that make an activity just not worth it?  Cost?  Distance?  Gear? Weather?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting Rid of The Wheat Belly

I have been reading a book called Wheat Belly, written by a cardiologist named William Davis.  It has been a real eye opener for me.

There is gluten-intolerance in The Captain’s family… on his Father’s side.  Several of his Father’s siblings and their children have symptoms ranging from mild to severe.  His Father was diagnosed with a type of cerebellar ataxia in his 60s and experienced loss of feeling in his hands and feet and had several other symptoms including slurring of his speech and muscular dysfunction.  It presented in a manner similar to MS.  Too late to do him any good, we learned it was gluten-related.

The Captain’s older sister and her daughter are both gluten intolerant too.  So, the whole gluten question is something I have been interested in, and have been reading about for several years, off and on.  I thought it would be good to arm myself with some knowledge in case The Captain started experiencing  any symptoms.

Recently, one of our friends found out that she has what she calls wheat sensitivity and within a few weeks of going on a wheat-free regimen, she lost 13 pounds, her skin cleared up, she regained her normal energy levels and says she feels like a new improved version of herself.  Her weight has stabilized, she no longer craves snacks, and her doctor told her that her blood sugar levels are now normal and she is no longer experiencing  low blood sugar and the need to eat every couple of hours.

I can attest to the fact that she looks marvelous… shiny skin and hair, and although we are the same height – almost 5’ 11” tall, and a couple of years apart in age,  she weighs in at 135 and looks as sleek and toned as a racehorse.  The last time I had seen her she was pudgy and soft and pale and as energetic as a slug.  What a change!

When I heard what had brought about these changes, I was really intrigued and put this book Wheat Belly, on reserve at the library.  I picked it up yesterday afternoon and cannot stop reading it.

I am not one to jump on every popular health/diet/foodie bandwagon.  But when I read this book, I felt several chapters of it had been written just for me.  The doctor describes in great (and somewhat boring I think) detail how the wheat we are eating now is not the same as the wheat our grandparents ate..  and how is has been modified.

What I do find fascinating, is how this has affected a couple of generations of us… with blood sugar being too high, insulin spikes, carb addictions, obesity, unexplained weight gain, skin problems, signs of again ‘too early’ with cataracts and internal organ problems, schizophrenia, diabetes and so much more.

He goes on to give hope for reversal of some of these things by giving up wheat… and he does address gluten intolerance and celiac disease too.  Wheat free is not the same as gluten free.
Some of these health issues hit home for me.  And the carb sensitivity I already know about.. and the blood sugar spikes and the ‘hanger’.  I am also battling carb addiction right now and cannot seem to conquer it.  So, yes, I am very intrigued.

He discusses the differences between wheat and gluten very well.

I thought it was very interesting that he says don’t go gluten free by EATING gluten free. 

What?  Can you explain that, please?

It means don’t start substituting gluten free version of things such as rice crackers, gluten-free cakes and cookies, baking mixes, and etc, for the wheat/gluten version.  These things are generally made with rice starch, potato starch, tapioca starch, and/or cornstarch, and these ingredients actually raise our blood sugar levels even higher than the wheat products do.

And towards the end of the book he goes on to give some advice about how to become wheat-free either by eliminating it ‘cold turkey’ or by gradually giving it up.  And he has some really good looking menus and recipes.

Okay, I am at the point now where I am ready to do some experimenting with giving up WHEAT… not ready at this point to go all the way to giving up GLUTEN, or all GRAINS and STARCHES but willing to dip my toe into the wheat-free pond.  Do I see Paleo in my future?

I am committing to one week and going to record my eats and my reactions and assess at the end of the 7 days.  I think that will give me enough time to see how HARD it is, if I have any withdrawal symptoms, and then decided if I go further, or give it up, at that point.

I realy want to get off this carb-craving merry-go-round!

Today I purchased some rice cakes and some brown rice pasta... we shall see how it goes.

What do you think?  Have your heard or read anything about modern day wheat being a culprit in the deterioration of our health?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Stuff

We welcomed the beginning of Summer on Wednesday with a swim in the beautiful outdoor pool at our new digs.  I really feel like we are living in a resort!  An all-inclusive at that. 

I am not much of a swimmer... took a few lessons as a kid but other than a few noisy, too-busy outdoor community pools, there wasn't much place to really work on it or even enjoy it. I don't care for the smell and atmosphere at indoor pools so don't tend to use them.

I did take swimming lessons as an adult either right before or after I bought the sailboat. I thought if I ever fell off the boat I should have some idea what to do to help myself while I waited to be rescued!  And yes, I do always wear my auto-inflating  PFD.  The Captain is a great swimmer and came to the pool with me a few times to coach me through passing a basic adult course.

Since then I have splashed around pools that belong to various friends a couple of times.  I don't venture out into the lakes or ocean nearby.... there are things in the water, that may want to eat my toes so I keep to shore walking and shallow water splashing.. yes, even in Mexico and California and Florida!

So, this new place has a beautiful outdoor pool and I am determined to learn to swim this summer - Wednesday was our first day out - we had the pool to ourselves and after about 20 minutes of serious strokes, I was exhausted... if you recall, I did Brad Gouthro's LIVE LEAN workout on Tuesday, so after Wednesday's swim, my shoulders were pretty much screaming for mercyI obliged with a soak in the Jacuzzi.

Thursday we swam again... and again just the 2 of us...  and I worked hard for about 30 minutes and not only tormented my shoulders some more, but antagonized my pecs and abs.  Hey, this is gonna be a good workout!  More Jacuzzi time so soothe the aches.

What I really like about all of this, is that I can have a quick shower at home, put on my suit and a cover up, walk down the hall to the pool area... have my workout and my relax... then come home and clean up.  No driving!  Love that so much.  If it ain't convenient, I don't want it.... which is why I don't join a gym.

I realized I have yet to take the camera along so would like to do that this next week.

Today we got up and had a quick bite to eat and then ran our getting-familiar 5 km route around the neighborhood to participate in the Welcome to Summer Virtual Run that is being hosted by toni who writes Running, Loving and Living.

I have been pretty lax about running lately so was glad I had entered Toni's event... otherwise I might have taken a pass this morning as it is threatening rain today and I am a wuss sometimes about weather.

I decided to try to give it a good effort and we did finish in 36:15 which is faster than the last few 5km outings have been so I was quite pleased with that.  And it didn't rain which I was also very pleased about!

W2 R36:16 @10/1 W4
stretch 10 minutes

I took a pic in the bathroom - I don't know how you all do this - would love some pointers if you would take a minute and help me out!

I ran in both Recovery socks today and have to say that my legs felt great!  I think this is going to become standard practice for me so now I need to be on the lookout for some cute socks!

After we cooled and stretched I made a new version of my flourless protein powder pancakes... and we topped them with melted peanut butter and mixed berries.  Oh My Goodness!  Too good... and now I have carrots and onions and garlic roasting in the oven... gonna make a Chilled Carrot Soup for lunch and it all smells so good....

So, any tips on taking pictures of yourself for me?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tune Up!

On the weekend I made a commitment to join Jess's Marathon Weight Loss Challenge... and was pleased to find that Jess stated a Facebook Fan page for the group of people who have signed up.  I think she has almost 500 people taking part.  Amazing!

I had already committed to doing a workout every day in June, and drinking hot lemon water to begin each new day... and am pleased to say that I have been true to that goal so far.

I am continuing to run, although much less right now, and am looking to other activities to shake things up and re-energize me. I am having fun coming up with new things to do each day.

Here are some of the things I have been doing so far this week...

On Sunday I was hoping to get in a run, but it was so windy outside I just blew it off.  The Captain and I went for a brisk 90 minute walk along the Strait, then through the park, and then after lunch, I did 20 minutes with my Reebok 10 lb. kettlebell and then 10 minutes of Level 2 of the Power Sculpt DVD.  It has a really intense ab section and I love it.

On Monday we spent the morning shopping - stocking up the fridge with freggies.... we also went to Costco and found some great new things to try.  I love Costco when we go only once every few months!  After lunch I got out my 30 Day Shred DVD and 5 lb dumbbells and went to work on Level 1.  Love that workout and I particularly like yelling at Jillian!

Image Detail

And today we spent the morning on board the sailboat again, doing yet more cleaning and polishing!  After lunch at home, I got out my yoga mat and a towel and went to work on Brad Gouthro's LIVE LEAN total body workout.

I watched the demo vlog that Brad did to show how to perform and modify the moves, and I am glad I did, because I really needed the modifications!  If you are interested in a workout that doesn't require any equipment, but that will kick your butt, I really suggest you try this one.

Core & Conditioning Workout Circuit

The moves are not complicated, but they are tough! And effective.  It took me about 35 minutes to complete the whole circuit, not including my own warm up and cool down stretching.  I am definitely going to be doing this again and will keep working at improving my form.

I hate lunges
I hate burpees
I hate planks

But I am doing them because they work!  My arms were shaking by the time I was done this workout and I just know that my shoulder muscles are going to be growing while I sleep tonight!

Not sure what the rest of the week will bring, but I have signed up for a Welcome to Summer virtual 5 km Run so I think we will do it on Saturday...

Have you done anything to shake up your workout routine lately?

Do you get bored if you do the same workouts regularly?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marathon Weight Loss Challenge at Run With Jess

Normally I don't think much about weight loss anymore.... I have been a succesful lifetimer at Weight Watchers forever but since I gained a couple of pounds during my half marathon training, and started eating more because I was burning more, I have gotten a little complacenet about my weight and have gained a few more pounds.

Yesterday morning I got on the scale - which I rarely do anymore, and find that I am 11 pounds over my ideal weight.  Now, I know that a couple of these pounds are due to the edema I am fighting in my left ankle but 11 pounds!  Yikes!  This has never happened to me in almost 25 years, and I need to get on it.  Today! 

I am usually so good at keeping these little gains and losses within a 3 - 4 pound range, and I know that with all the things we have had on the go these past few months, I just got lazy about eating properly.

This Marathon Weight Loss Challenge at Run With Jess is just what I needed to give me the kickstart I need....  so I signed up.  Nothing like a challenge to make me focus and get serious!  And especially a public one, at that.

Does your weight ever creep up on you?

What do you do about it?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to Summer Virtual Run

Have you signed up for this Virtual Race yet? There is a 5k race and a 10k race... take your pick or do both!

Welcome to Summer Virtual Run lg Welcome To Summer Virtual 5K/10K Registration is Open!!!!

There are some awesome prizes to be won - check out the details and register at this link:

Are you in?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shout Out to Some Canadian Fitness Bloggers

Thanks to Kyria who writes Travel Spot for tagging me for the Lovely Blog Award.   I always enjoy reading Kyria's take on things and love to look at her photos.  Plus she had some great advice for me when The Captain and I were training for our half marathon and was a great source of inspiration.  ThankYou, Kyria.  I appreciate your support so much!

Here is how to participate:
1) Post the award logo and picture on your blog and link back to the person who nominated you. 2) Tell seven things about yourself. 3) Nominate up to 15 additional bloggers whom you think deserve the award. 4) Post a comment on the blog of each nominee to tell them they have been nominated!

It is fun to take part in these ‘getting to know you’ posts … I love to read them when other bloggers post them... the hardest part is coming up with 7 new things I haven’t told you before.  Racking my brain, here goes:

1. When I was in my early 20’s I used to visit  a tea leaf reader occasionally, with a dear friend who was very into the occult and read Tarot cards.  On one particular occasion, the woman who was reading my leaves told me that water, particularly the ocean was going to play heavily in my future and become very important in my life.  I thought that was very amusing, as I lived in the interior of British Columbia at the time… 500 miles from the Pacific Ocean, and although I did fish occasionally in the rivers and lakes nearby, it seemed unlikely the ocean was on the horizon.  Fast-forward to 2002 and I was living on a sailboat, and now, in a building less than 1/4 mile from the ocean.  Was she right or did I make it happen?

 I found this pic online.. wonder what this cup of leaves shows?

2.  I was a tomboy when I was a child. I loved playing outside with the boys with trucks in the dirt and making stick horses to ride so we could have ‘shoot outs’ with our toy pistols.  I hated playing house and school and nurse with the girls.  Little girls tend to scream a lot and I have always hated that!

My horses looked very similar to this pic I found online.  We cut them either out of wood or cardboard and sometimes make yarn manes.

3.  I was a Daddy’s girl.  And was extremely jealous of a new baby brother who arrived when I was almost 10.  Prior to that we were a 2-daughter family so the BOY caused quite an upheaval. I refused to look at him until he was about 3 weeks old and I realized we were keeping him.  Amazing that we became such great friends…

4. I like to do crafts of all kinds.  Maybe this stemmed from the broomstick horses!

5.  I like quiet.  When I am alone, I am hardly EVER likely to turn on the tv or radio or stereo.  I like silence.  For some reason I find it comforting.

6.  I have always been an advocate for the the underdog and the mistreated! The only times I  ever really got into scrapes at school or work were when I was minding someone else’s business and sticking up for them when they wouldn’t or couldn’t do it for themselves.

7.  I am starting to love working out and running again… for a few weeks after I ran my half in May, I was burnt out and not wanting to do much that involved more than walking.  Now I have a lovely,. bright and cheery room to work out in, and a new neighborhood full of possible flat running routes and I am excited to be moving and sweating again.

In tagging more bloggers to receive this award, I thought I would take the opportunity to showcase some of my fellow Canadians.  These are blogs I read on a regular basis and really like.  There is a good variety here so I hope you will add some of them to our regular reading list too…

In no particular order:

Running with Spatulas
The Athletarian
Running Jennie
I've Always Been a Joiner
*CaNdy FiT*
Canadian Runner in Exile
Slow is the New Fast
Fit in Heels
Fit Knit Chick
Piper’s Run

Have you ever had your tea leaves read or your fortune told in any way?

Do you like quiet?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Does YOUR Doctor Know About Weighty Issues?

In my ongoing quest to find out what is causing the edema in my left ankle, I have been seeing my doctor about once a week for the past several weeks because he has been sending me for different kinds of tests and I have to go back to him for the results.

So far, thankfully, we have ruled out blood clots!  And after learning just a bit about what Sara has been going through this past couple of weeks, I am so very thankful for that news. 

Yesterday I saw him for these ultrasound results as well as to discuss some recent blood tests with regard to liver and kidney function, and once again, my weight came up.

A little background here... This doctor is a bit younger than me and I have been seeing him for the 10 years we have had our boat in this area.  In the past he has told me he thinks I am too thin and has gone so far as to call me kind of 'scrawny' which I think is very exagerated.  I am thin around my neck and shoulders but I wouldn't call myself 'scrawny'.  And he is not athletic at all so he doesn't get the running or the strength training or the bike riding...  he was, in fact, quite sure I would give up running once I got this 'half marathon business' out of my system and was surprised that I have not.

Anyway, we were discussing the results of these blood tests and he asked if I had been losing weight and I assured him I have not... as a matter of fact I have been quite annnoyed that I gained a few pounds during my half training that I have not managed to lose yet. 

This is the gist of the conversation that ensued:

DOC:  Annoyed?  Why?  Are you obsessed?

ME: No I am not obesessed.  But if you had ever been overweight you would understand how I feel about this. I never want to go back there.

DOC:  Well let's talk about wife has been struggling with weight gain since she had our two kids and just cannot seem to lose more than a few pounds.. and then gains them back and more.  She used to work out like a fiend before I met her but stopped when we got married and wanted to have a family.  How DO you keep your weight off?

ME:  I belong to Weight Watchers... have for 25 years... and I keep a food diary and I watch what I eat.  I also get lots of exercise and you know I run and work out.

DOC:  So you ARE obsessed!  You don't eat normally.

ME:  I think I eat very well. I eat mostly healthy food.  I do what I have to do to keep my weight in check so I can be active and do the things I love to do.  I have treats but overall I do watch it.

DOC:  She has tried a food diary... software called FitDay. I thought it would help, but...

ME:  I use FitDay too.  I like it because it tracks my nutrition and my exercise.  It is a great program.

DOC:  So that really works... I guess I will have to hold you up as an example to my other patients who cannot lose weight and keep it off.  And I will tell my wife too.  Food diary...hmmm.

ME:  If you have ever read anything about people who lose weight and keep it off long term, they don't quit doing the things that helped them lose the weight in the first place.  These changes can't be temporary.  You have to commit for life.

I think we started talking about my next visit at that point. 

I came away sorta shaking my head... here is my DOCTOR asking ME about weight loss and maintenance... why doesn't he know this stuff? 

Don't they learn anything about nutrition and health care or fitness on the way to getting their MD? 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Get Wordled... Be Happy!

I found this fun little web site after reading Katy's post yesterday so decided to have a try... you can put in your blog's URL and see what kind of word collage is produced for you... and if you don't like it, keep hitting the RANDOMIZE button till ya do!   Fun.  Get wordled!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Get Your Runner's Feet Get Ready For Sandal Season

I have never liked my feet. There. I said it. And don't worry - I am not going to shock you with photographs of them... not one, so don't be afraid to read this post.

When I was a child they seemed to be too big and I spent way too many years stuffing them into shoes that were too small.  I seem to have sorta curled my toes under, permanently.

When I began running, I made sure to get running shoes that fit me properly, but for more than these past 20 running years, I have continued to have issues with my toes.  The ones next to the little piggies... that would be toe #4 on both feet, somehow want to curl under when I am running, and unless I make a point of stretching my toes in my running shoes once in a while, they tend to get blood blisters under the nails, and then the nails fall off.  Lovely.

And while I was training for that half marathon I ran in May (did ya notice I am no longer saying "my first half marathon") the #3 toe on my right foot also suffered a nail loss.

These things, compounded by the facts that the house we stayed in all winter had a cat who would attack your feet for no apparent reason at any unknown time,  and it had ceramic tile floors and was cold... this meant wearing socks and shoes all the time... I was never barefoot any place but in the tub or shower from September through May and even wore socks to bed!  Lovely.

That tends to dry out the skin, believe me, and when my feet aren't showing, they are easy to forget about.  Socks hide a lot of ugly sins.  Thankfully.

But hey, it is now June; it is sailing and beach season, and I am not running 20+ miles a week right now.  How do I get these neglected, abused, and sad-looking feet sandal-ready?  I cannot hide them all summer long.

Since we moved into this warm and cozy apartment, with its oak hardwood floors, I have been going barefoot as much as possible.  Not only is being in the open air good for my skin, but when I see my feet, I tend to look after them better.

I have been using lots of lotions and creams after bathing and showering, and I have been babying and manicuring my toenails... and yes, they are growing back.  I like to use a good emery board and file to keep them the proper length as I find clippers or nail scissors make them want to split.

And I like to use a buffer on the top. This stimulates blood flow and therefore, growth.

To keep the skin soft, and the calluses and dry skin at bay, about once or twice a week I have been using a pumice stone to massage my feet with a mixture of olive oil and sea salt.   After rinsing that off and towelling dry really well, my feet feet feel very soft and pampered.

I do like to polish my nails, but I think I will hold off on that this year till the nails have all grown back.  I think that polishing them while some are still missing would only draw attention to the 'naked' toes. 

I am probably too sensitive to all of this because I do feel self-conscious of my own feet, but I do hate to see other people's bare ugly feet, too.  I just wanna tell them to put some socks on!

And I am not a fan of salon pedicures. I read an article years ago in a Seattle newspaper about all the infections one can contract if the salon operators are not extremely skilled and careful and sterilizing their equipment properly. Makes me shudder just thinking about it!

Do you give much thought to your feet?

If you are a runner, or dancer or gymnast, do your feet get ugly?  Do you worry about exposing them?

Do you have any foot care tips to offer?

Do you polish your toenails?  What is your favorite color?

What do you think of designs and jewels... yea or nay?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have been focussing on my my fitness goals this week and am so happy to be doing strength workouts again.... I am never going to love this kind of Core work, but I am doing it anyway.

At one time I was a huge fan of Pilates. I have a couple of DVDs and a few years ago I did them faithfully about 3 times a week... for some reason now, my ears bother me when I change the position of my head by moving up and down too quickly so I don't do them anymore.

For example, if I am laying down on my back and sit up to do a ROLLUP and then lay back down, after 2 or 3 times, I am a bit dizzy.  Or if I am on the floor and stand up too quickly, I get that dizziness too.  I did experience postional vertigo some time ago and had some manipulations done by an ENT so I guess this is likely a holdover from that, and I just try to avoid/manage it.

If I do the movements more slowly, it is better.  So, perhaps what I should do is try my Pilates workout again, and just not try to keep up with the leader, and stop or take a rest if the dizziness occurs.  It is not debilitating, just annoying.

But I am so happy to have a nice roomy area in the apartment to workout in, and the floor is hardwood so I can do aerobics and then just lay out my yoga mat to do floor work... and yes, I can jump up and down if I like cause their is nothing but storage lockers underneath us.  It is a bright cheery room and I love it.
I have scheduled a run for Thursday, and it supposed to rain, but I think I will go out and do it anyway... running in the rain when it is warm is not a problem for me.  And 5km will go very quickly anyway. 

I am also doing very well with my food choices this week.  I have reduced my starchy carb in take by a lot, and the only sweets I am eating are fresh fruit, and a few dark chocolate-covered almonds.  I have even turned up my nose at Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Oh Henry Bars so I am very proud of my little self for that.

I have been loving Chobani yogurt with fresh strawberries and sliced almonds...

and have been slicing strawberries and adding them to my lunchtime salads, too.

and today I did a new Sludge... mixed a ripe banana with crunchy salted peanut butter and a couple of spoonfuls of fat free plain yogurt.  Mmmmm.  Who needs bread?

I have been reading about The Metabolic Effect and find that I am what is called carb-sensitive.  If I don't eat protein every few hours I get light headed and hangry (that means very cranky and likely to stuff the first edible thing I find into my mouth, or just chew your arm off, whichever comes first).  It is not pretty, ask The Captain.

I am going to do some more research   The book, I read is dated and I know there are newer ones around.  I have to thank Tamara, who writes FitKnitChick for posting a vlog about her own struggles with starchy processed carbs and naming some books to read on the subject.  I have them on reserve at my library.

And one more tidbit to share... for those of you who were asking about the swelling in my legs since running my first half marathon on May 13th... I had ultrasounds done on both legs and there are no blood clots!  Which is great news but now to continue searching for the cause of the swellling.  Since I have been drinking the hot lemon water faithfully first thing every morning since the beginning of the month, it has gone down a bit.

Have you read about the metabolic effect?

Are you carb-sensitive?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hot Lemon Water - Easy and Healthful

I have decided to start my day off with a cup of hot lemon water... I used to do this quite regularly, and for some unkown reason, just quit doing it several months ago. 

Aside from just tasting good, hot lemon water is a great way to take advantage of some of the health benefits that eating lemons and lemon juice afford us.

Lemon is a purifier that helps boost our immune systems.  It is a natural antiseptic and plays the role of blood purifier, thereby fighting infection.  The high Vitamin C content enhances the skin from within and helps bring a healthy glow to the face.  And, last but not least, lemon aids in digestion and helps the body eliminate waste more easily.

I like to wash and cut a fresh lemon in half... and remove the seeds.  Then I fill a mug about 3/4 full of hot to boiling water and squeeze the juice from the lemon into it and then drop the lemon into the cup too.  If the lemon is small, I use the whole thing, otherwise I cover and refriegerate half for another serving.

This morning after a light breakfast, The Captain and I went out for a lovely 5km run around our new FLAT neighborhood.  It is a lovely day here so there were lots of other runners out and I am always energized when I see other people running.

W2 R38 @ 9/1 W4
stretch 15 minutes

I know it is only the 3rd of June, but I am happy to report that I am keeping to my first weeks' workout schedule... actually doing a bit more than planned so far.

I am on the hunt for some yoga stretches.  I really need to work on my flexibility... especially my legs.  I have a copy of Yoga Journal from the library and it has some poses that are recommended for runners so I will be giving them a try this week.

Do you practice Yoga?  Can you point me to some easy beginner's flows?

Are you a fan of hot lemon water?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Shooting For the Moon in June

When I finished running my first half marathon on May 13th I was dehydrated and salt depleted in spite of having taken water at each fuel station and also drinking about 20 oz. of water with nuun during the race.

It was amazing to me how I could actually feel the water and electrolyte drink and salty chips I ate after the race working to restore my depleted reserves.  Over the several hours I was experiencing cramping and discomfort, I could feel myself getting better.  (Thank Goodness or I don't know how I would have been able to bear it.)

Since then I have become so much more interested in how what I am eating and drinking affects my body andI am paying much closer attention to the signals it is sending me and the way I am feeling. 

I am also making an effort to improve to the quality and nutrient content of the food I am eating.  I am eating less processed food and more whole foods, and I am drinking much more plain water.

So, for June, it is my intention to combine my new eating habits with some new workout commitments and monitor how I am feeling along the way.

I have decided that I am going to be running just for fun for a while, so I have no real goals to set there.. just want to get out and stretch the legs out once or twice a week. 

I am feeling a real need to focus on my strength training and core work as I pretty much let that all go during the last several weeks of  my half marathon training.

I cannot afford to do that!  I am tall and thin and really need to keep up with my resistance workouts to keep some muscle on my arms and to keep my butt and tummy toned.  The older I get the more work it takes.

Here is the calendar for the first week in June:

The Bellyblaster circuit on June 1st,  4th, and 6th is from Samantha who posts at Running Cupcakes.

Belly Blaster Circuit
Samantha offers a great explanation of each move on the original blog post  if you are interested in the details.  And you should be.  It is a tough core workout and I know it is going to do the job for me if I keep doing it because I am going to keep doing it.

My own strength workout on June 2 looks like this:

So there you have it...  the first week of June in my commitment to do a workout every day this month. 

Do you have any fitness goals for June?

Did you meet your May goals?

Any new activities on the horizon?