Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Stuff

We welcomed the beginning of Summer on Wednesday with a swim in the beautiful outdoor pool at our new digs.  I really feel like we are living in a resort!  An all-inclusive at that. 

I am not much of a swimmer... took a few lessons as a kid but other than a few noisy, too-busy outdoor community pools, there wasn't much place to really work on it or even enjoy it. I don't care for the smell and atmosphere at indoor pools so don't tend to use them.

I did take swimming lessons as an adult either right before or after I bought the sailboat. I thought if I ever fell off the boat I should have some idea what to do to help myself while I waited to be rescued!  And yes, I do always wear my auto-inflating  PFD.  The Captain is a great swimmer and came to the pool with me a few times to coach me through passing a basic adult course.

Since then I have splashed around pools that belong to various friends a couple of times.  I don't venture out into the lakes or ocean nearby.... there are things in the water, that may want to eat my toes so I keep to shore walking and shallow water splashing.. yes, even in Mexico and California and Florida!

So, this new place has a beautiful outdoor pool and I am determined to learn to swim this summer - Wednesday was our first day out - we had the pool to ourselves and after about 20 minutes of serious strokes, I was exhausted... if you recall, I did Brad Gouthro's LIVE LEAN workout on Tuesday, so after Wednesday's swim, my shoulders were pretty much screaming for mercyI obliged with a soak in the Jacuzzi.

Thursday we swam again... and again just the 2 of us...  and I worked hard for about 30 minutes and not only tormented my shoulders some more, but antagonized my pecs and abs.  Hey, this is gonna be a good workout!  More Jacuzzi time so soothe the aches.

What I really like about all of this, is that I can have a quick shower at home, put on my suit and a cover up, walk down the hall to the pool area... have my workout and my relax... then come home and clean up.  No driving!  Love that so much.  If it ain't convenient, I don't want it.... which is why I don't join a gym.

I realized I have yet to take the camera along so would like to do that this next week.

Today we got up and had a quick bite to eat and then ran our getting-familiar 5 km route around the neighborhood to participate in the Welcome to Summer Virtual Run that is being hosted by toni who writes Running, Loving and Living.

I have been pretty lax about running lately so was glad I had entered Toni's event... otherwise I might have taken a pass this morning as it is threatening rain today and I am a wuss sometimes about weather.

I decided to try to give it a good effort and we did finish in 36:15 which is faster than the last few 5km outings have been so I was quite pleased with that.  And it didn't rain which I was also very pleased about!

W2 R36:16 @10/1 W4
stretch 10 minutes

I took a pic in the bathroom - I don't know how you all do this - would love some pointers if you would take a minute and help me out!

I ran in both Recovery socks today and have to say that my legs felt great!  I think this is going to become standard practice for me so now I need to be on the lookout for some cute socks!

After we cooled and stretched I made a new version of my flourless protein powder pancakes... and we topped them with melted peanut butter and mixed berries.  Oh My Goodness!  Too good... and now I have carrots and onions and garlic roasting in the oven... gonna make a Chilled Carrot Soup for lunch and it all smells so good....

So, any tips on taking pictures of yourself for me?


  1. Great job getting the 5k in! Nice that you have a pool so close. I need to find one to train in soon:0 I am just now starting to get better at the bathroom pic. I have found the key is holding it further away from yourself and just tilting it so you are in the shot. Then look at the camera in the mirror. Not raining here either. Yay!

  2. I've had to learn to use the timer on my camera cause the bathroom photo never works for me either!

    I used to swim non-stop as a kid, but I think because I'm so worried about my sad hair from the lack of moisture with the health thing I'm afraid to keep putting in the pool so i've been avoiding it which is STRANGE since i live in florida

  3. Woo hoo! You got in the 5k! I'm horrible at bathroom/mirror pics. I'm trying. Sometimes I hold the camera up high and angle it...but that doesn't always work either. I need pointers as well!!! I swam for about 2 minutes the other day and I was exhausted! I need to work on that more. :)

  4. I love swimmIng and am a tinsy bit jealous that you've got a great pool so handily located! In fact, I think I might head out for a swim tomorrow - I've been away for a week and desperately need some exercise! As for photos, I find the front facing camera on my iPhone really handy.

  5. Good job with the 5K!!! Happy to hear you are enjoying the nice weather ;)

  6. I just have to say your hair is darling! It was the first thing I noticed. Have a great day!

  7. I love go to the pool but only float around on a pool lounger so does that count? haha! As for the selfy shots, I still have to have my teenager help me ALOT on that one! Your lunch sounds delicious.

  8. Maybe I'm just hungry for dinner but all I seem to be retaining after reading this is that the food sounds really healthy and delicious!

  9. I stink at bathroom pictures too. I like Amanda's idea of getting good at a self timer.

    How awesome to have a pool. I stink at swimming (other than just paddling around for fun) and would love to get better at it.

    Great job on the 5K.

  10. There are some pretty nice compression socks out there...and don't worry, nobody's bathroom pics are ever that great!

  11. Hahaha Elle you are way too cute! I guess the bathroom pics just take some practice! You always have the Captain to help you out though! :)

  12. ELLE! it has been far too long since i have been over here. i love the look of your blog! the header is perfect! also. you are so dang brave to make a goal to learn to swim. hopefully i follow your inspiration at some point;) i really want to learn to swim but am so scared!

    also. im a terrible mirror picture taker too. haha! i need to read some of these comments for tips:) hope you and the captain are having a fantastic day!

  13. ELLLLEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You redid your blog design?! I LLLOOOVVVEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!! You have a beautiful smile!

    I've tried bathroom pics before. And you'll notice I have never posted any, right? Yeah. Yours looks a whole better than mine have, that is for sure!!

    It was so nice to hear about your Satyrdat. Thank you for sharing. :) I hope you and The Captain are having a wonderful day. :)

  14. LOL pointers on self portraits! I love it :) I am not very skilled at taking bathroom mirror pics either.....they only appear when needed ;)

    I love the new header. Pic monkey is AMAZING! I'm glad it replaced picnik. I should've already been swimming but I'm still too scared

  15. Ellie, I just got some recovery socks,but havent ran in them yet. Were they hot to run in, that is my concern if in this warm weather they are to hot to run in. I need to give them a short run. I did use them after my marathon and my leg felt great, not a lot of stiffness in the calves.

  16. Hold on Elle -- you have sailed the world but don't really swim? Well knock me down and pick me up! Weren't you nervous being out on the water not being a swimmer? Holy lifejackets, Batman! Go Elle! (K)


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