Monday, March 31, 2014

March… poof! Where has it gone?

Where has March gone?  It is hard to believe it is the end of the month already.

Because I have been strength training at home a couple of times a week, and going to group exercises classes at the gym 3 times a week, and getting out for lots of walks in between, running has taken a back seat.  Well, honestly, running has barely been in the car at all!

So last night when we went to bed I told The Captain that I was going for a 5km run this morning and he said he would like to go along.  This morning we both had a bit of coffee before drinking our pre-run smoothies and off we went. It was a bit breezy along the waterfront so I was glad I had worn my Tommie Copper beanie to keep my ears warm.  It was quite sunny though and I warmed up quickly. 

It was slow, I have to admit, and The Captain did walk a couple of times on uphill stretches so that he wasn’t running away from me! But It was great to be out and afterward, I enjoyed a long and leisurely stretch on the balcony in the sunshine.

W1 R37 @12/1 W4
stretch 5 minutes

March 31 TC run 001

March in Numbers:
  • 3 number of runs
  • 4 number each  of Body Pump, Flow Yoga, and Body Flow classes
  • 9 number of strength training sessions with The Captain
  • 12 number of treadmill runs that I did before group exercise classes ranging in time from 10 to 25 minutes, no keeping track of distance
  • 15 number of kilometres run

I am so looking forward to April… one more Body Pump class and one more Flow Yoga class before my gym membership expires and then the routine changes again.

I am gathering information about stretching hips and hip flexors, starting a home yoga practice, and looking for some beginners’ yoga workouts that I can share with The Captain.  I will be changing our workout schedule and the exercises in it as well.  

It is gonna be a fun month! 

Any special plans for April?

Friday, March 28, 2014

March Gym Update... Favorite Reads From the Week

My focus for the month of March has been Getting Into The Gym.  You will recall that I won a month’s membership at GoodLife Fitness in a giveaway…

I can hardly believe that March is almost over. And with it, my temporary gym membership is almost over as well.  The actual expiry date is Thursday, April 3rd, but because I don’t go on Thursdays, my last class will be Flow Yoga at noon on Wednesday.  I am sad about that because I do really enjoy that class so much.

But, in all honesty, I have such mixed feelings about the whole experience. There are so many things I have loved about having this gym membership and… other things, not so much.

What I loved:
  • the variety of great exercise classes I have participates in such as Body Pump, Flow Yoga, and Body Flow
  • the availability of a wide variety of other classes I could attend including, but not limited to Body Shred (the new Jillian Michaels product), RPM Spin, Body Combat, Body Step, and Zumba
  • the selection of cardio machines – lots of them and a good variety of types – treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, steppers, moving steps, and at least 2 or 3 styles of each as well.
  • tv screens on each cardio machine
  • mp3 player jacks on each cardio machine
  • huge group exercise room
  • lots of Spin bikes in the cycling room
  • lots of yoga mats, yoga blocks, steps, barbells, and weights  in the group exercise room
  • large stretching/balls/mat area
  • large weight area along with several scary machine and good assortment of dumbbells and weights and benches
  • knowledgeable and very friendly staff
  • good locker room facilities (with hair dryers and nice counters) that are clean and tidy and well-maintained
  • there is a women’s only affiliate club at another location that is part of the overall membership
  • they do not allow image-capturing devices to be used anywhere on the premises
  • they encourage everyone to participate and don’t seem to show favoritism among the clients
  • I haven’t seen any creeps or ‘lunkheads’ or ‘Barbie dolls’ 
  • there are well-stocked sanitizing stations all over the premises and signs asking clients to clean the machines after using them
  • there is a towel service
  • there are tanning booths
  • there is a courtesy phone in the foyer of the locker rooms
  • this gym is only a short walk from my home
Not so much:
  • large space with lots of machines that no one seems to use. They are used in succession for circuit work but I rarely see them being used. A waste of space I think.
  • some fellow clients can be annoying – coming into class late and squeezing in where there really isn’t adequate room – leaving yoga class and disturbing people during the Shavasannah when the instructor has clearly asked that no one do this and has suggested people leave before it starts if they cannot stay to complete it
  • there are several clocks in the locker rooms and in the fitness areas and they all seem to have different times on them
  • the classes I like are only available at 6 a.m. or noon
  • the prices is $60 per month plus taxes – I am not sure how this is compared to others – I think it is a bit steep 
  • there are no paper towel dispensers in the washrooms and only hot air blowers to dry your hands – they seem to blow the water all over the wall behind them and I think it is yukky
Am I being petty?  Do I sound ungrateful?   Perhaps… but I have to admit if I get another chance to have a free month next Spring, I will jump on it!  It is a nice change of pace for me and has allowed me to reconnect with my love for yoga and stretching.

I have read so many great blog posts and articles over the past week that I am eager to share some of them with you. This is a fairly long list, but I don’t want to leave any out:

and just for fun:
Bet you will find something on this list that speaks to you, too.

So for the month of April, I have decided to concentrate on FLEXIBILITY.  That will mean lots of stretching and starting a home yoga practice. I think I will get The Captain involved too.  IF you have any advice, I would be glad to have it. 

And a little Spring cheer to leave with you… here is the view across the street from our apartment today… sun shining… willow tree busting into full leaf, and turtles basking on the log in the lake.  I wish you could see all the herons flying around, picking up bits of twigs and branches as they build nests in the tall oak and fir trees in the park.

March 27 2014 park 003

Do you stretch or do yoga for flexibility?

Any beefs or bouquets about your gym?

What is your favorite thing about Spring where you live?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Welcoming Spring, Gym Update, and Sharing Great Reads

I am always so excited to welcome Spring. I think it is my favorite season… flowering Spring daffodils and tulips are my favorites... and I love to watch the bursting pink and white blossoms on the cherry and plum trees, the little green leaves growing on the deciduous trees, and the fern leaves uncurling.  The herons in the park across the street are starting to build nests, and the local coffee shop patios are filled with people who are out and about and so happy and friendly in the warm weather.   There are new baby goats at the Children’s Farm in the park and a couple more nannies are ready to give birth any day.  So exciting.

I have thoroughly been enjoying my gym time since the beginning of the month.  I have settled into a routine of noon hour group classes… Tuesday is Body Pump, Wednesday is Flow Yoga, and Friday is Body Flow.  I normally walk to the gym and then run on a treadmill for 15 or 20 minutes before going into the group exercise area, stretching, and getting any equipment ready for the class.  The Body Pump is really hard and really fun and I love it. It leaves me so tired with a huge grin on my face.  Such a nice change to the heavier lifting we do at home. And now that I am tasting yoga again, I do intend to start a home practice and keep it up.  Really.

I have also been working out twice a week at home with The Captain, doing strength workouts…  and also some running, and some walking.  This Spring weather is beckoning me out more and more. 

All in all, I am loving the workouts… but I really don’t care for the timing of it all. Taking an exercise class at noon is very disruptive to the rest of my day.  If I could take a class at 7 or 8 a.m. I would be thrilled.  But there is nothing available at those times here, so I will continue status quo until the temporary membership runs out the first week in April.  I think I will try some of the other cardio machines next week.

I wanted to share some blog posts and articles I read this week that really spoke to me.  Some of them are by bloggers I normally follow and some are new to me.  I bet there is something you would find interesting in this list, too.

Just a little photo of my very favorite thing about Spring arriving on my street…

Turtles in the lake

Yes, the turtles in the lake across the street from us have come out of Winter hibernation and crawl up on this log to bask in the warmth of the sunshine… usually for a few hours mid-day. Sometimes there are as many as 17 of them.  Nice that the willow is leafing out too, of course... but I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing these turtles.

Any signs of Spring where you live yet?

Did you read anything shareworthy this week?

How would you feel about a noon exercise class?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Checking Out the ToiletTree Products Professional Oral Irrigator

The opportunity to try out and review this   ToiletTree Products Professional Oral Irrigator could not have come at a better time for me.

You probably recall that I finally visited my dentist and dental hygienist in February, after having put it off for a couple of years while waiting to see if my immune system was healthy enough.  Once I got the go-ahead from my immunologist, I made an appointment for both a dental checkup and dental hygiene… and came away vowing to do a bettter job of keeping my teeth clean myself. I have been faithfully brushing and flossing, especially before turning in for the night.

So when this ToiletTree Products Professional Oral Irrigator arrived, I was anxious and very excited to give it a try… I plugged it in right away and left it for 8 hours to fully charge the battery.

Oral Irrigator 1

Oral Irrigtor 2

The first time I used it I was a bit nervous about the possibility squirting water all over me and the bathroom counter… but it was for naught. This tool is very easy to use, and control. And it is also very easy to care for.

It is light and fits comfortably in my hand. 

Oral Irrigator 3

The irrigator has an off/on button, and three different modes of spray… Normal, Soft, and Pulse.  And what a great job it does!  I just run the nozzle along my gum line, upper and lower, and it easily removes any bits of food caught between my teeth… I do tend to have problems with this, especially when I eat meat, and this great tool takes care of that easily… better than floss, and more safely, I think, than a toothpick.   And the pulse mode offers a nice massage to the gums.

The Oral Irrigator comes with 2 nozzles, so that you have a spare, or one for a second family member, and battery charger. It is fairly compact so doesn’t require a lot of storage space.

Oral Irrigator 4

My conclusion… this is a wonderful addition to my dental care regimen and I certainly intend to keep using it.  And yes, I did give the second nozzle to The Captain, so that he could try the Oral Irrigator, too.  He has  been faithfully using it a couple of times a day, usually right before he brushes his teeth.

I am so glad to have this new device in my dental care tool kit!

If you are wondering if this oral irrigator might be for you, check out this article. It has lots of technical information and is quite interesting, too.

Of course you realize that I was given this ToiletTree Products Proffesional Oral Irrigator at no cost to me, but the opinions and enthusiasm are genuine and my own.

Have you ever tried an oral irrigator?

Do you have a dental hygiene regimen that you follow or are you kinda hit and miss?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Favorites this week

I have read so many great blog posts this week and wanted to share some that really stand out to me… I am always interested in workout advice and food tips… so here goes… hope you find something interesting here, too.

Here are my 7 favorite blog posts of the week:

And I also want to share 2 books I am thoroughly enjoying right now.
The first is called  Ultimate Booty Workouts   and was written by Tamara Grand, who blogs at fitnknitchick.   There has been a lot of buzz around this book already and if you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to get your hands on it.  I know you can find it here on Amazon.  
Feb 14 goodies 002
Due to some exercise commitments that I had already taken on before I got my own copy of this book, I have not been able to start Tamara’s workouts… but I plan to do just that.  Great background information and detailed workouts, all with lovely and helpful illustrations.  It is an easy, interesting and informative read… now to just do it!
The other is a cookbook called Cooking With Coconut Oil  by Elizabeth Nyland, who blogs at Guilty Kitchen and it was was also just recently released.
March 7 Stuff 002
Elizabeth gives lots of background about the health benefits of coconut oil and some great tips.  The recipes are ones you will actually make. I love this book.  You will too, I know it.  It is also available at Amazon and you can find it here.  It is also available for Kindle.
Both of these women live in my Canadian province, British Columbia.  I am so excited for their achievement of having published these books, and want them to be wildly successful so they will continue in their work and share more with all of us.
I am not an Amazon affiliate, I just wanted to make it easy for you to read about and find these books if you are interested. I am sure there are other sellers as well.
What did you find this week that you would like to share?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

E-A-T … Think Before You Eat.

Food and eating has been on my mind a lot lately… all the time actually (and honestly).  I am constantly looking for better ways to fuel my workouts, and keep my body weight stable, while tweaking my macros and trying to get in all the nutrients I need.

I like the things I eat to be tasty, and pretty, and colorful.  I like to cook and to bake and create, and I am always coming up with new ways to eat the foods I like and to combine them into new dishes. 

For the most part, I think I eat pretty healthy.  Oh sure, there are occasional indulgences, but for the most part, I am careful, mindful, calculating even.
When one of my dear friends shared these words with me today, I decided to put them into a graphic and share them here.

She doesn’t remember where the words came from so I cannot credit the author.  But I am passing them along anyway.  If  you know the source, I would be happy to give credit!  The graphic is mine.

Think Before You Eat

Are you mindful about what you eat?

Any food rules you abide by?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Update… My First Week at the Gym

I have had such an awesome week!

If you recall, I joined a gym a short walk from our apartment, on Tuesday morning… and then attended a noon Body Pump class.  I came home absolutely PUMPED with endorphins and very tired cause I had done done full body strength session at home on Monday morning… yes,  I should have left a day between…   and also knowing that my eats and my own home workout schedule with The Captain would need a little revamping this month while I focus on getting into the gym.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last post with advice for me.  I am doing some experimenting, thanks to your suggestions, and think I am going to find the right balance of breakfast, pre-workout snack, after-workout snack, and then eventually, a late lunch!  

So, looking back over the past several days…

One of my favorite things about this particular gym is that they DO NOT allow any pictures to be taken anywhere on the premises.  There are signs displayed prominently that say no recording with electronic devices of any kind is allowed.  It almost makes me want to take a picture of it just to show you!
On Wednesday I did an easy 10 minute run on the treadmill before my noon Flow Yoga class.  There was a young woman on the treadmill next to me who couldn’t have weighed more than 95 or 100  pounds and I recognized her from having been on the same treadmill beside her on Tuesday AND from the sound of her footsteps.  Yowzers could she make a lot of noise.  I have never heard such heavy pounding on a treadmill before. You have to really be wanting to STOMP to make that much noise, I think.

Anyway, when I went into the group exercise room,  I was greeted by the same yoga instructor that I had last Spring.  She is a lovely young woman, and even more radiant because she is about 6 months pregnant!  I was happy to see her and I thoroughly enjoyed my class.  It was a great way to stretch out my body after Tuesday’s energetic Body Pump, and I was pleased that I could really bend into the more advanced Warrior Poses she had us do, without losing my balance and falling out of them.  And I particularly liked the Shavasana at the end of the class.  I almost fell asleep.

Feb 24 TC gear 015
Me, in my favorite yoga pose, on my floor at home.

On Thursday morning The Captain and I got up early and did our own 45 minute full body strength session at home.  I did feel a bit of DOMS from the Tuesday Body Pump, but pushed through it and made sure to enjoy a couple extra minutes of stretching afterward.    Then I had breakfast, a shower, and headed off to work. We often go for a walk on Thursday mornings, but doing this strength workout was a nice change and I think it really energized me for the day.

Friday found me heading off to Body Flow at noon. That is a Les Mills session too.  I like it because it is a nice blend of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates.  It is different from the Flow Yoga, but does have that lovely Shavasana as well.  We did a fair amount of work opening our hips and I need that, so much. It is difficult for me, and I did have trouble with stability during the balance poses, too.  Every day is different.

While The Captain and I were having lunch on Friday, I suggested that we decide on Saturday’s workout, according to the weather… if it was raining, we would do a strength workout, and if not, we would ditch it in favor of a run.  He agreed.

So, this morning when we got up, it was still dry, and fairly warm, with the promise of a big afternoon storm… so we shared a Powermax bar, and drank some coffee while we got into our running gear and headed out.  It was a slow 5k but so happy to be out there running.  A good long stretch after with lots of water, and then a light breakfast.  It can rain all day now… I don’t care.

I am going to catch up on Vikings at noon, and enjoy making some Low Carb Grain Free Tortillas later.  I will make up next week’s workout schedule tonight... cause for me, next week starts on Sunday.

Here are 5 blog posts and articles I found particularly helpful and interesting this week:

And have you entered my Tommie Copper giveaway yet? You really ought to check out my review and get in on this chance to try out a fabulous copper-infused garment for yourself.  Click here to read all about it.


Do you ever worry about bringing home germs from the gym?

How much water do you drink every day?

How are you enjoying your Saturday?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First Day - BOOM - In the Bag

Do you remember that my focus for March is Getting Into the Gym?  Well, I am doing it!

On Tuesday morning I ate a great breakfast and had a leisurely soak in the tub before I packed my bag and started getting ready to head to the gym.

I won a month-long membership in a giveaway a couple of weeks ago. On Monday I made an appointment with a saleswoman to get signed up at 11:15 am on Tuesday, and hoped it would allow me to get the paperwork and sales pitch out of the way, before changing into my workout gear and making it into the group exercise room to get set up to take part in the noon Body Pump class.

At about 10:15, as I was finishing up packing my bag,  I realized I should likely eat something before I left home. I ate breakfast at 8 o’clock and normally eat lunch at 12 o’clock… just about the time that Body Pump should be getting underway. I knew I could not wait till after it was done to eat.  So I put together one of my protein power bowls…   I use a variety of ingredients in these concoctions, depending on what I have in my cupboards, and what my taste buds are requesting… but always lots of protein, with some carbs and some fat.

March 4 preworkout bowl 001

Today’s protein power bowl consisted of:
  • half banana, sliced
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1 Tbs raisins
  • 2 Tbs raw cashews
  • 1/4 cup Amond Breeze, original
I just mixed it up and gobbled it down, hoping it would see me through the next couple of very active hours! So yummy!

The gym I joined  is only a 10 – 15 minute walk from our apartment. And I did plan to walk both to and from… but it was pouring down rain when I was getting ready to leave so The Captain kindly offered to drive me there. 

I arrived at the gym several minutes early for my 11:15 appointment. I was hoping that if I was early, that perhaps the sales rep I was meeting would be ready early too… but it was not to be. I told the gal who met me in the reception area that I was hoping to have this initial session/signup over with in time for me to change my clothing and hit the noon Body Pump class, so she suggested that I go change and then come back to the meeting… smart cookie, she.  And when I arrived back, after changing, I only had to wait a few minutes for my sales rep.

I gave her the certificate that I was awarded to verify the one month membership, and told her I likely wouldn’t be extending it at this time… that I was really there to participate in some group exercise classes. I didn’t think it was fair to let her go through her whole sales spiel at this point,  She was very gracious and didn’t push the sales pitch at all.

After we were done with the paperwork I had time to put in an easy mile on a treadmill, in order to compensate for the ride (not walk) to the gym, before I headed into the group exercise room to set up my equipment for Body Pump.

♫ ♪♪ ♫♪   Body Pump ♫  ♫♪ 

It was every bit as hard and as fun and as exhilarating as I remember it from last Spring when I attended a few sessions… It was a different female instructor, and she was good, but honestly not as fun as the one I really liked before.  Body Pump leaders need to be loud and energetic and motivating…. it takes a special person to do all the exercises and be able to shout ‘BOOM’ a lot and not be out of breath!  And I did notice that this gal really watched the group  members closely and made comments to various individuals throughout the class.  She was very attentive and I think she is gonna grow on me.

I finished up totally spent… endorphins RAGING. Sweat dripping. Arms and legs like jelly. Mind sorta numb.  I am sure I had a big happy grin on my face all the way through. I loved every agonizing minute of this class. Is it the music?  I was very glad I had the foresight to add a Nuun tablet to my water bottle when I filled it at home, because I chugged it down during class and I was dripping wet with sweat at the end.

After I put my equipment away I went back to the locker room and immediately peeled a banana and ate it as I changed into my street clothes.  Then I put on my jacket and got ready to leave…knowing I would shower at home later.  I thoroughly enjoyed my walk home and was pretty happy that it was not raining.

Once home I ate a big lunch salad and was glad to be sitting down for a while… 


During lunch, The Captain and discussed revising our own home workout schedule for the rest of the month.   I have decided that  a workout with him on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Body Pump in between on Tuesdays, is just not going to give me the rest my muscles obviously need….  Obviously?  Well, yes, you would say that if you had seen the push ups and split lunges I was hardly able to perform during class today, after doing them to failure yesterday morning at home. 

So first day in the bag… so excited about it…  and tomorrow it is Flow Yoga at noon.  The Captain and I have agreed to put of our next strength workout till Thursday morning. 

So my biggest question NOW is about this pre-workout SNACK that I need to have before I head off to the gym.  I think today’s snack was a bit of overkill but I am not sure what would be right.

I have breakfast around 8 or 8:30 and it is usually some eggs and fruit.  And I am working out at noon when I would normally eat my lunch… so how MUCH I need to eat at about 11 o’clock is the question… any advice or suggestions are most welcome.

What would you eat?  What DO you eat?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Talking Tommie Copper... and a Giveaway Too

It has been a few weeks since I got to bring you a Tommie Copper giveaway, so today I am really happy to be able to do that. 

Everyone I know is aware of how much I love my Tommie Copper gear.  I am enamored of these patented copper-infused fabrics, and I cannot say enough about how my various garments have helped me prevent muscle tension, or recover from surgery, injuries, and muscle soreness and cramping.  When I am not feeling well, or I am cool or tired, and hanging out, it is my Tommie Copper garments that envelope me, offering cozy comfort.  I love the warmth that the copper-infused fabric creates in my body.

And you know I love them for working out, running, yoga, Pilates... and everyday wear, too.


And here is a new garment that I absolutely adore.  This stylish Full Zip Mock Neck Jacket is my newest obsession.


It is made from an ultra-soft polished copper fabric that is lightweight and breathable.  It has a shiny copper centre front zipper, and zipper side pockets.  Check out the the thumbholes on the very long sleeves and the longer back panel, too. It has beautiful detailing and a sleek silhouette, accented by the topstitching.  I have been wearing  it a lot. Actually I have been wearing it everywhere but to bed!

I particularly love this jacket for running... the sleeves are extra long and with the thumbholes, save me from having to wear gloves. And when I warm up, I can fold the sleeve back, up over my elbows if I like... and of course I can always just take it off and tie the sleeves around my shoulders when I get really warm.  Then put it back on to do my walk and cool down after the run.

It makes a great cover-up when doing my Shavasana after a yoga session, and a nice outdoor jacket, too, in this coolish Spring weather we are having right now.  Last week I wore it over a Tommie Copper Active Fit tee when I visited the dentist… I wanted to be comfortable (and comforted)  in the hygienist’s chair and it was perfect.  

On Saturday morning I put it on over a sweater and skirt to head to work.  And you know I love the higher mock neck too. I have been getting so many compliments on it and friends keep asking where I got it.  Check it out here.

There are also a couple of other Tommie Copper garments I want to tell you about today… the first is the Active Fit Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee.  This shirt is made from patented copper-infused fabric and designed for every day wear and for exercise.  It is cut a bit larger than the Compression Tee and it protects from 97% of UV rays. Visit the web site to check out the fabulous range of colors that it comes in!

I love mine so much and have been wearing it a lot lately… it’s great with jeans or to do my morning workouts.  And I am going to wear it to the gym this month, too, for my Body Pump classes.  It is quite long so I don’t have to worry about it riding up when I bend and stretch.

Feb 25 TC gear 004

And the other item I want to tell you about is the Compression Camisole.  It is also fashioned from the copper-infused fabric so is moisture-wicking, and naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odor.  And like all of the Tommie Copper compression garments, it offers supportive relief from everyday aches and pains.

Just look how long this Compession Camisole is… no need, ever, to worry about it riding up and leaving you exposed during rigorous activities or yoga poses.

Feb 24 TC gear 005

Feb 24 TC gear 011

I really dislike having to worry about tops that move much if I am in a group exercise class.  I know I will be wearing this Compression Camisole a lot during this month of March, especially, when I visit the gym to do Flow Yoga and Body Flow.

And don’t forget that you can wear your Tommie Copper compression garments under your street clothes, too… they are extremely comfortable… and so gently supportive that I even sleep in mine occasionally.

Tommie Copper gear is very easy to care for.  It is machine-washable and (other than the gloves) can be tumbled dry.  They do suggest that you don’t use dryer sheets or bleach. 

I hope you are as excited to try these shirts, as I am to be able to offer this giveaway to you.

UPDATE - this giveaway is now over and the winner has been selected and notified.

Tommie Copper is kindly offering either a Women’s Active Fit V-Neck Tee or a Compression Camisole to one of my readers.  

The winner can be from either Canada or the U.S.A. and will have their choice of either of these 2 garments, in a size and color available in the current line. 

I am using Rafflecopter for this giveaway and there are 2 mandatory entries to be completed in order to qualify … and after they are completed, additional optional entries may be obtained.  All entries will be verified.

The mandatory entries are:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which one of these 2 garments you would select and in what color.  It must be a color from the garment line in order for the entry to be valid, so be sure to check the web site for color choices.  Check out the Active Fit Tee here and the Compression Camisole here.

2. Leave your email address for contact in the Rafflecopter form where indicated.

The optional entries are:

1.  Share this giveaway on Twitter

2. Share this giveaway on Google +

3. Share this giveaway on your Facebook page, personal or blog fan page

4. Follow eatrunsail on Pinterest and Repin one of my pins to a pertinent board

5. Follow Tommie Copper on Pinterest and Repin one of these 2 garments to a pertinent board

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway starts at 11:59 pm PST on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 and will end at 11:59 pm PST on Monday, March 10th, 2014.

Do you have any Tommie Copper gear now? 

What garment would you have if you could choose ANY one in their line?

Tommie Copper provided these sample garments.  All opinions and enthusiasm are my own.