Saturday, March 8, 2014

Update… My First Week at the Gym

I have had such an awesome week!

If you recall, I joined a gym a short walk from our apartment, on Tuesday morning… and then attended a noon Body Pump class.  I came home absolutely PUMPED with endorphins and very tired cause I had done done full body strength session at home on Monday morning… yes,  I should have left a day between…   and also knowing that my eats and my own home workout schedule with The Captain would need a little revamping this month while I focus on getting into the gym.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last post with advice for me.  I am doing some experimenting, thanks to your suggestions, and think I am going to find the right balance of breakfast, pre-workout snack, after-workout snack, and then eventually, a late lunch!  

So, looking back over the past several days…

One of my favorite things about this particular gym is that they DO NOT allow any pictures to be taken anywhere on the premises.  There are signs displayed prominently that say no recording with electronic devices of any kind is allowed.  It almost makes me want to take a picture of it just to show you!
On Wednesday I did an easy 10 minute run on the treadmill before my noon Flow Yoga class.  There was a young woman on the treadmill next to me who couldn’t have weighed more than 95 or 100  pounds and I recognized her from having been on the same treadmill beside her on Tuesday AND from the sound of her footsteps.  Yowzers could she make a lot of noise.  I have never heard such heavy pounding on a treadmill before. You have to really be wanting to STOMP to make that much noise, I think.

Anyway, when I went into the group exercise room,  I was greeted by the same yoga instructor that I had last Spring.  She is a lovely young woman, and even more radiant because she is about 6 months pregnant!  I was happy to see her and I thoroughly enjoyed my class.  It was a great way to stretch out my body after Tuesday’s energetic Body Pump, and I was pleased that I could really bend into the more advanced Warrior Poses she had us do, without losing my balance and falling out of them.  And I particularly liked the Shavasana at the end of the class.  I almost fell asleep.

Feb 24 TC gear 015
Me, in my favorite yoga pose, on my floor at home.

On Thursday morning The Captain and I got up early and did our own 45 minute full body strength session at home.  I did feel a bit of DOMS from the Tuesday Body Pump, but pushed through it and made sure to enjoy a couple extra minutes of stretching afterward.    Then I had breakfast, a shower, and headed off to work. We often go for a walk on Thursday mornings, but doing this strength workout was a nice change and I think it really energized me for the day.

Friday found me heading off to Body Flow at noon. That is a Les Mills session too.  I like it because it is a nice blend of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates.  It is different from the Flow Yoga, but does have that lovely Shavasana as well.  We did a fair amount of work opening our hips and I need that, so much. It is difficult for me, and I did have trouble with stability during the balance poses, too.  Every day is different.

While The Captain and I were having lunch on Friday, I suggested that we decide on Saturday’s workout, according to the weather… if it was raining, we would do a strength workout, and if not, we would ditch it in favor of a run.  He agreed.

So, this morning when we got up, it was still dry, and fairly warm, with the promise of a big afternoon storm… so we shared a Powermax bar, and drank some coffee while we got into our running gear and headed out.  It was a slow 5k but so happy to be out there running.  A good long stretch after with lots of water, and then a light breakfast.  It can rain all day now… I don’t care.

I am going to catch up on Vikings at noon, and enjoy making some Low Carb Grain Free Tortillas later.  I will make up next week’s workout schedule tonight... cause for me, next week starts on Sunday.

Here are 5 blog posts and articles I found particularly helpful and interesting this week:

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Do you ever worry about bringing home germs from the gym?

How much water do you drink every day?

How are you enjoying your Saturday?


  1. So glad you're enjoying the gym! I always worry about germs at my gym and make sure to wipe down the equipment and wash my hands. Need to check out some of these reads that I missed!

  2. Yes! I do worry about germs at the gym and am convinced that the chest cold my entire family has been suffering from for nearly two weeks name was a gift from a client...
    Love my new Tommie Copper shirt from your last giveaway! Hope you get lots more entries. (And corpse pose is my fav too!)

  3. Sounds like a good week. I love my yoga class at my gym, but won't be able to go for awhile so now I'm looking for a good DVD to do instead.

  4. I don't have to worry about bringing the germs home, I have two kids that do that for me. Glad you had some great sessions at the gym! Loving your TC jacket, looks great

  5. What a great week. I love that you had an alternate plan for your workout. I find that helps me a lot, especially when I can't get all the way to the gym.

  6. So glad you are enjoying all the classes at the gym.


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