Monday, March 30, 2015

Soggy Sunday Blues… and Pinks and Yellows and Greens

I spent a great deal of Sunday waiting… waiting for the rain to quit long enough for me to get out for a run.  This was the result…


A brightly colored jigsaw puzzle… full of decorated Easter eggs… it certainly cheered up the gloomy day!  Eventually I gave up and put on some rain gear and headed out for a nice long walk.  You get the idea.

I had a good week of workouts though… some yoga, some Pilates, some strenght training sessions, a run to start the week, and lots of walking.  Lots and lots of walking. It is really nice for me to live so close to my grocery markets and work so that I can walk to do shopping and the to library, etc. as well as just for pleasure.

Some highlights from my week..

This H-U-G-E gift basket arrived on Friday. It is from Granville Island Brewing Company… nope, no beer, but just crammed full of decadent treats that I would never buy for myself… all kinds of nuts, chips, jams, honeys, variety of s’mores, crackers, cheese, crab pate… and so much more. We did sample a couple of items, but this is special occasion, and VERY occasionally food in my lineup!  Apparently we were selected to be part of their Date Night promotion.  Lovely!

gift basket

I have been looking for frozen cherries at my local markets for some time now. I have heard how great they are for making frozen fruit soft serves and for mixing into smoothies and have been really disappointed in not finding them… till The Captain spotted these at Costco the other day and picked them up.  YAY!  Can’t wait to try them out.

Frozen Cherries


On Monday I am starting a 3-Day Refresh… it is 3 days of eating only high protein, high fibre foods and drinks… a light detox of sorts and I am excited to get going on it. It fits my WW program quite nicely and because we are heading off on a 17 day cruise in a few weeks, I am ramping up my food/exercise programs to make sure I am in tip top form before we go. 

It’s a Beachbody program, and NO, I am not a Beachbody Coach… just a so-far satisfied customer.

3-Day Refresh Kit

So… are you a wimp like me who refuses to run in the rain (unless it’s tropical)?  Or do you get out there anyway?

What is on your agenda for the week?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Runner’s Choice Review and Giveaway

I was recently given an opportunity to try a product called Runner’s Choice. It is a combination of 100% natural botanical oils of almond, eucalyptus, eucalytol, wintergeen, peppermint, and spearmint.

I have used it several times now, and I have to say that I really like it.  A lot.  Here’s why:
  • It smells wonderful
  • It is easily applied and doesn’t need to be rubbed or massaged into the feet
  • It is readily absorbed doesn’t feel oily on the skin
  • It soothes and cools tired or achy feet
  • It does not stain my clothing or bedding
Apparently Runner’s Choice can be applied before or after a run… I have used it several times now, but only after I come in from a run, or a very long walk, or after being on my legs at work for several hours. I find it very soothing.  Did I say I like it a lot?

I really wish I had discovered this before I spent so many days in a row walking for 7 or 8 hours a day when we were in Las Vegas in November. I will be travelling with it from now on for sure!

There are a couple of ways you can get some Runner’s Choice too:


For a limited time, you can apply to have them send you one bottle FREE (pay shipping charge). This is a one-time only offer!  Click here to get your FREE bottle now!



This giveaway has now ended and the winners have been contacted. Thanks for your participation!

For addresses in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia Only.  The manufacturer will give one bottle of Runner’s Choice to each of 3 winners.  If you have already won on a previous giveaway you are not eligible to win again.

Enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter form below.  There is one mandatory entry.  The rest are optional.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was provided with a bottle of Runner’s Choice free of charge. No other compensation was provided and the opinions expressed are all my own.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring it On!

Yes, it is finally Spring… and even though I am lucky enough to live in a part of the country that has been having nice warm weather for most of the Winter, really… having the calendar officially turn over to Spring is a good thing… For me it means that my Spring vacation is coming up soon!  I will tell ya about that soon… but I am quite excited, and it involves a cruise.

We got our for a shortish run just before lunch today. I kept it short on purpose, only 3.35 km, around the park. I didn’t sleep well last night and had leg cramps in spite of the magnesium drink I had just before bed. I drank 4 small gasses of wine over the course of the evening and I am sure that did me in… one too many for sure!

So, the first run of the season was short but sweet. It is a warm day in the neighborhood and there were lots of people out enjoying the day and the lovely views along the Strait today.  After a good stretch and some lunch we walked downtown to pick up a couple of grocery items I need for dinner later.  For some reason, walking doesn’t tax my legs like running does. Odd, I think, cause it’s all time on the feet, no?

Some highlights from my week:

On Wednesday The Captain didn’t feel like playing tennis so we packed a lunch and went for a walk along the Strait and then climbed the steep hill to Government House where the Lt. Governor of our province resides. The mansion sits on 35 acres of fabulous property. Some of it remains in wild Garry Oak meadows, and  the rest is divided into many different gardens.  We love to wander there and take pictures… all in all we were gone just over 3 hours and it as a lovely way to get in some sunshine and fresh air after a wee bit of a St. Paddy’s Day celebration the evening before!

March 18 2105 walk 051

March 18 2105 walk 033

March 18 2105 walk 019

Had a really nice surpsise in the mail this week.  I recently won a giveaway from Jody at Truth 2 Being Fit and this week a package of NuNaturals products arrived.  I have come to love this brand and their customer service.  I cannot purchase this stuff retain in Canada so this win is really special for me.


On Thursday I visited a co-worker, who has become a dear friend, in a local hospital. I was nervous about going to see her as I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew only a little bit about her condition so I wasn't sure what I would find or what shape she was in. But, she had texted me and asked me to come… what a relief to find her sitting up in her bed, with a bit of makeup on her radiant, smiling face. She has been very, very ill, but now on the road to recovery, thankfully... even though it is going to be a long one.  I was so emotional that I cried a little after I left the hospital. I think it was just a way of letting go of the pent up feelings that I hadn’t even really been aware of beforehand.  I am planning to go again this week.

I have finished up my 21 Day Fix… I followed the diet fairly closely this week, and followed the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique, too… which is based on lean proteins, fruit and veggies, fat free dairy products and whole grains (if you eat them)… we call them Power Foods at Weight Watchers.  I also worked out every day and was rewarded with a 3.6 pound weight loss. YAY!   I am working on building my upper body and leaning out through the core and this weight loss was a big boon to my efforts.  I have decided to follow through with another week and see if I can’t drop and other pound or 2. I want to have some wiggle room on my vacation!

March 13 TC gear 002

Do you ever find yourself crying to release pent up feelings or stress?

Okay, please tell me something fun you are looking forward to this week cause I love to catch up on your news.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I am Spring Cleaning… It’s Time

It’s been Spring in my neck of the woods for over a month already and I am well on my way to getting my Spring cleaning done.   When I was a child, I would help my Mother with the annual cleaning chores around our home. You know… those deep cleaning chores that we only get to occasionally…  it just seems right that they be done in the Spring when the days start to get longer, brighter, and warmer. 

Spring makes me thing of rebirth, renewal… shedding the old Winter layers, and emerging fresher, lighter, brighter.  Our wardrobes are usually brighter colors… lighter fabrics.  My very favorite time of the year.  I just love,  LOVE,  LOVE Spring!

And house cleaning is such great exercise!

Spring Cleaning

One of the things that you can do immediately to welcome Spring into your home, it to open the windows and doors and let in some fresh air and sunlight!  So invigorating and energizing, don’t you agree?

And if you bring some fresh flowers or a flowering plant into the house, it makes the atmosphere cheery and Spring-like as well... especially if the flowers are bright and colorful like these daffodils The Captain brought me as a surprise one day a while back!


But getting to that cleaning... here are some of the things on my list of Spring cleaning projects… some done, some not yet.  I certainly don’t try to do them all in one day, or even in one week… but for the most part, by the end of March, things get pretty spiffy around here!
  • Change the bedding
    • Put away the darker Winter bedspread and pillow shams and replace with brighter, lighter ones
    • Buy new sleeping pillows
  • Clear out the clothes closets and drawers 
    • Put away Winter jackets, boots, scarves, mitts, and sweaters into storage bins
    • Make up donation boxes and deliver to appropriate agencies
  • Clean the kitchen cupboards
    • Wash, the cupboards, and replace shelf liners
    • Remove damaged or unused dishes and containers
    • Remove/discard any expired foodstuffs
    • Wash or replace garbage and recycle bins
  • Clean kitchen drawers
    • Wash the drawers, replace liners
    • Remove unused gadgets/tools
    • Remove/replace damaged gadgets/tools
  • Clean the refrigerator
    • Remove everything and wash the shelves, bins, and doors
    • Discard anything not being used or that looks old
  • Clean the freezer
    • Defrost
    • Wash the shelves and doors
    • Remove any old foodstuffs
  • Take down and clean/replace light fixtures
  • Wash the windows and window sills
  • Clean or replace the drapes
  • Clean out storage locker
And of course there are some personal things I like to make sure to do in the Spring as well.
  • Dental hygiene
  • Haircut
  • Pedicure
  • Discard/replace makeup and skin care products
And a few administrative tasks as well.
  • Update address book, phone lists and birthday list
    • Discard/edit addresses, phone numbers, email addresses
  • Update email accounts
    • Sort through folders and discard old messages
Oh, I know that there are lots and lots of cleaning jobs that I have not mentioned… bathrooms, and dusting, or vacuuming, for some examples. But for me,probaby they are things that we do more often or look after if some particular need arises. 

Are you a Spring cleaner?  Have you started yet?

Are you as excited about Spring as I am?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Marvelous Magnesium

A few years ago I began to experience leg cramps during the night while I was sleeping. They came on suddenly. Generally it was when I would stretch one leg or the other, and a cramp in my calf would occur and wake me up with a start! I had to jump out of bed and stand on that leg until the cramp disappeared. 

When I started running longer distances in 2012 while training for a half marathon, they got worse.  Sometimes they would be in my calves, and other times in my thighs.  And they seemed to be much more frequent and more painful on those nights after I had run hard during the day.

One of my friends who is registered nurse suggested that I might need to take a magnesium supplement.  So I started doing some research.  I checked a variety of medical web sites and did have a conversation with my general practitioner.  I discovered that magnesium is found in leafy greens, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. And I learned that most people just cannot eat enough of those foods to get the daily required amount for optimal health.  Magnesium deficiency is more prevalent amongst women.  And I also learned that magnesium absorption in the body can be affected by a variety of stressors, including heavy exercise.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can include cramps, migraines, fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, nausea and vomiting or high blood pressure.

I wondered what magnesium is actually needed for in our bodies.  I read that it is is an important mineral. Magnesium is required for the growth and maintenance of bones. Magnesium is also required for the proper function of many parts of the body including nerves and muscles. It also helps neutralize stomach acid and moves stools through the intestine.

I started experimenting with a magnesium supplement called Natural Calm. It is a powdered form of magnesium citrate.  I mixed it with water and drank it before bed every night. I had great success with it.  Most nights there was no cramping at all, or if there were cramps, they were less frequent and less painful.   It comes in a variety of flavors, although I actually prefer the non-flavored, and is quite palatable.  I have purchased it in both Canada and the U.S.

Aug 24 Natural Calm 001

When I travelled in the U.S. during the Summer last year I visited a Vitamin World store for the first time and was tempted to purchase a different brand there.  It is called Stress-X and I decided to give it a try.  It has a slightly different taste from the Natural Calm and took some getting used to… but not awful.  It is also effective for reducing my leg cramps.


Both of these products are gluten free, so they are suitable for my diet.

Now, I have not  ever been tested for a magnesium deficiency but through my own experiments, find that I am better off using a supplement.  I do still get the occasional leg cramping when I really overwork my legs.  So, on those days, I have started taking an additional dose of my powder mid-afternoon with good results. 

I think that, for me, the magnesium supplements have helped tremendously.

So, what might the side effects be, if one takes too much magnesium?  It’s simple. Diarrhea. Because magnesium is a stool softener, an overdose could cause diarrhea. I have never had this happen so it’s not something I even think about. Sorry if that is TMI.

Other than the symptoms I mentioned, what might make you suspicious about a magnesium deficiency?  I found a web site called ANCIENT MINERALS and an article there that suggests that if you can answer YES to any of these questions, you might have a magnesium deficiency:
  • Do you drink carbonated beverages?
  • Do you eat refined sugars?
  • Do you have a lot of stress in your life or are you recently recovering from a major surgery?
  • Do you drink caffeinated beverages on a daily basis… tea, coffee, cola?
  • Do you take a diuretic, heart medication, asthma medication, birth control pills or estrogen replacement therapy?
  • Do you drink more than 7 alcoholic beverages a week?
  • Do you take calcium supplements without magnesium?
  • Do you experience any of the following:
    • Anxiety?
    • Times of hyperactivity?
    • Difficulty getting to sleep?
    • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Do you experience any of the following:
    • Painful muscle spasms?
    • Muscle cramping?
    • Fibromyalgia?
    • Facial tics?
    • Eye twitches, or involuntary eye movements?
  • Did you answer yes to any of the above questions and are also age 55 or older?
You know I am not a doctor, or a medical advisor so I am not giving any medical advice or suggesting you need to take magnesium. I am only sharing my experiences and my own research. You should do your own, certainly.

Do you have any experience with magnesium deficiency or supplementation?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

5 Ways to Have More Fun With Your Workouts

At the beginning of this year, I set a goal for myself… my only goal for this year, actually… to have more fun with my workouts and not take myself so seriously.

Generally I like to select a workout program and then follow if through for the prescribed 6 or 9 or 12 weeks, and I do tend to get a bit obsessive about making sure I get all the workouts done on their scheduled days.  And in the past, sometimes I didn’t really even enjoy doing them, but I did anyway because I believed they were good for me and would help me reach my fitness goals.  Sorta like taking  that yukky cherry cough syrup to calm your throat.

So yes, this fun aspect to my workouts is a real mindset shift.  And I think it is important.  Now, don't get me wrong... I am still a proponent of following a particular program instead of just working out willy-nilly in order to meet specific goals, but I have come to realize that I need to have fun with my workouts.  If I don’t they aren’t going to do me any good at all. If I am not enjoying what I am doing, I am not likely going to put the required real effort into it.

One thing I have learned as I go along is that life is too short to spend time doing things I don’t like.  Don’t you agree?

Have Fun

1.  Do activities you really enjoy.

This is so obvious I almost hesitate to say it, but honestly it took me a long time to figure it out.  I like to do a variety of different kinds of workouts and exercise activities.  I also like to play several different sports. There are so many things that I do like to do, that I don’t have enough time for them all, especially if I am busy wasting time with things I don’t.

Sometimes I will give things a third or fourth try just to make sure... some things I know without actually trying at all. For example, I know I would not like Crossfit so I have never even tried it. I don’t like stairclimbers, elliptical machines, treadmills, or machines at the gym so I don’t use them.  I really don’t like stability balls.

I do love to walk and to run, to lift weights and do full body weight workouts. I like kickboxing, hiking, swimming, biking, and canoeing. I am crazy about tennis, and golf and yoga. In the past I was an avid snow skier and would jump at the chance to do it again now.

2. If you cannot do your given workout, substitute something similar that you like to do.

I love to run, but I don’t like to run on a treadmill… so if I can’t run outdoors because the weather is too wet or too windy, I will find some other way of getting in some exercise instead of heading to the gym to run on a treadmill.  More than likely I will put a kickboxing DVD on and get sweaty with that, or I just may don appropriate clothing and footwear and head out for a hike or nice long walk. It’s still cardio. It is still doing the same good for my heart. I am still spending time on my feet.

3. Don’t spoil your love for an activity by turning it into a competition unless you really enjoy that aspect of it.

Again, I love to run, but I am not interested in racing or collecting race medals so I no longer register for running events where I am going to feel pressure to show up at a time and place I may not even feel like running.  I love to play tennis, and to golf, but no longer competitively.  Athletic and sports competitions are not something I enjoy doing myself, so I have stopped taking part in them… but I am a great spectator and cheerleader at them!  Other people live for the bling and that is what makes it fun for them.

4. Allow yourself to goof off once in a while.

I am working very hard right now in order to build up my upper body to help me with my swimming.  But if the opportunity arises to head to the tennis courts on a beautiful day, I won’t feel the least bit guilty ditching that workout for a tennis match.  More that likely I will really look forward to that next strength session too.

5. Try new things… and new locations… and new people!

I am one of these people that want to do it all.  When I was a kid I was often called fickle because I never stuck with anything for very long. There was always something new around the corner to try, or some new kid down the street that I hadn’t met yet.  I am the same way with vacations.  I want to go somewhere I haven’t been instead of returning to a given, same place year after year.  I thrive on new experiences, new places, new faces.

I am not saying that you have to be changing your workouts all the time… quite the contrary. But I do think you must to be open to trying new activites in addition to your favorites.  If you are a pavement runner, find a trail.  And take along your husband or you kids with you.  If you do yoga, try a different practice at a new studio.  If you love hoisting weights, try a resistance band.  You get the idea. Or try something completely new. Get outside your comfort zone.  Experiment. You may find a new love or obsession!

I am always looking for the next adventure.  Let's see… I haven’t tried rock or wall climbing yet… or stand up paddling…

So how do you keep your workouts enjoyable and fun? 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy International Women’s Day #IWD

Happy International Women’s Day! 

Since 1909 International Women’s Day has been celebrated on March 8th.  It is a day to recognize and pay homage to women and their achievements.  Yes, we have come along way, Baby!  Kind of sad, in a way, that we don’t seem to do this every day as a matter of course, but great that we can take today, to stop and reflect and celebrate!

The colors are white (for purity), green, (for hope), and purple (for justice).  Celebrate yourself and the other women in your life, today and every day!


It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood so getting out for a nice run along the Strait was a must!  I am going to slowly increase my distances again as the weather continues to get better… so today we ran along the waterfront, an out and back 7 km.  It was tough and slow but awesome just the same.  This sweaty selfie I took after we came in pretty much tells you how happy I was to have it done!


Some highlights from my week:

I received a lovely box full of DRIP DROP powder this week… unfortunately for me, DRIP DROP has decided to drop the 2 remaining Canadian ambassadors from the program. And although I do understand all the reasons why, I am disappointed certainly. But I am happy to have been able to share samples and coupons with my friends and colleagues who do visit the U.S. and who purchase the product there.  If you haven’t tried it, I urge you to do so… it is a medical grade rehydration powder and you can find it in the baby aisle at Walgreen’s and CSV Pharmacies.  I love it because it is not only effective but it tastes great.  There are two flavors, Lemon and Berry, and they are not salty at all, like some other electrolyte powders are.


Here is something that could be TROUBLE!  I picked up this jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter at TJ’s the last time we were in the U.S. and it has been sitting in the panty until last night.  The Captain asked me if we had any peanut butter in the house and I remembered this jar… so I opened it and had just a tiny taste.  Yowzers!  Delicious.  Good thing for me that it is not gluten free or I may have sat down with a spoon and eaten the whole jarful.  He liked it too so I know it won’t last long!

Cookie Butter

I am looking forward to another good week of activity and meals on my 21 Day Fix… I am finally getting used to the portions in the colored containers and finding it an easy program to follow… the workouts… not quite as enthused about them. I am running, or running and walking instead of doing the cardio workouts, but I do like the strength and yoga sessions a lot.

And speaking of yoga…. it’s time to get that DVD out and get it done!

What is on your schedule this week that you are excited about?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Review and Giveaway

I first discovered hemp seeds several years ago when visiting The Captain’s sister and her family in North Vancouver.  She has been on a gluten-free diet for many years and introduced the delicious little seeds to me at breakfast one morning.  She made up a bowl chock full of goodies… fresh peach slices, pecans, raisins, cacao nibs, some shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, and on the top… a couple of spoonfuls of raw hemp seeds.  I have come to know them as hemp hearts... by Manitoba Harvest.

They are readily available where I live because it is a Canadian company… so I normally buy mine in good sized bags at Costco, and store them in the refrigerator after opening.

2015-02-13 13.25.28

I loved them right away.  And since then I have found many ways to enjoy them.  So, when I was asked to do a review and giveaway through my association with Sweat Pink, I was thrilled.  It is a natural fit for me because this is something that I eat on an almost daily basis and really love.

They sent a 56g bag to me for sample and review, and offered to let me give one away to a reader in the U.S. or in Canada. 

So, what is so special about hemp hearts?  If you look at the nutritional information on the package you will see…

2015-02-13 13.25.38

Just one ounce (28g) of these delicious little seeds has 8g of protein, and is a good source of Omegas, magnesium and manganese.  They are raw and about the same size as sesame seeds.  And they are very versatile and can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways.

I like eat them like sunflower seeds, out of my hand!  But I also sprinkle them on salads, waffles, zoodles, and in my breakfast bowls. Have a look at these pictures… hemp hearts on top of everything!

2015-02-13 13.27.58
Strawberry Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese

2015-02-15 09.56.25
Sweet Potato Waffles with Strawberries

2015-02-17 12.15.58
Zoodles with Yogurt and Parmesan Cheese

Cooked Flax and Egg White topped with Yogurt and Cinnamon

If you would like to try them, please use the Rafflecopter form below.

There is one mandatory entry… a comment left here on the blog… and after that is completed, you may opt for additional entries as outlined in the Rafflecopter Form.  The winner will be notified by email so make sure you leave a valid email address when you enter.

The giveaway will end at 11:59 PDT on Monday March 9th.  Good luck! 

Please note that other SPAs WHO ARE ALSO INVOLVED IN THIS CAMPAIGN are not eligible to win but if you would like to help promote the giveaway please tweet this:

#hemphearts #hemplove @ManitobaHarvest
Win some from @eatrunsail and #SweatPink

This giveaway has now ended I have contacted the winner. Thanks for all the entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Have you tried Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts?  What is your favorite way to eat them?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunny Sunday Run Day

It’s March 1st and it is a beautiful Spring day in my neighborhood so I seized the opportunity to get in my 5km run for the March 5 by the 5th event sponsored by Laura at Mommy Run Fast.  I ran the usual neighborhood 5km route and was thrilled to see so many people and dogs playing along the waterfront this morning.  Much of this area adjacent to the path is an off-leash park and it’s my favorite part of the run.

I ran the 5km with my usual 10/1 run/walk combination and finished in 34:20.  That is a fast 5km for me right now.  I know some people would be horrified if it took them that long to finish a 5km run... but I am quite happy with anything under 35 minutes these days.  And now that I have been running 5km consistently for the past couple of months, I think I am read to start increasing my distance again, s-l-o-w-l-y.

So that one’s in the books and now I can share some highlights of the rest of  my week…


I have been reading Sue Grafton’s latest novel in her Kinsey Millhone series, W is for Wasted.  I rarely read novels anymore but do like this particular author and was not disappointed with her latest work. It is a fun series and I will be sorry to see her come to Z.

Feb 27 stuff 002


I got a shipment of PB2 in the mail on Friday, after ordering it Thursday!  That was amazing service and I am thrilled.  That was just a bonus to it being a really good price. This stuff is ridiculously expensive in Canada so I stock up when I find it on sale.  I love the chocolate flavor, too.  And I heard that today is National Peanut Butter day so I had best enjoy some of it.


A couple of new finds at Costco this past week… one is a Greek yogurt and guacamole mixture.  This is delicious and really handy. I can just pop one open and use it as a snack or sandwich filling or even as a sauce on top of my beloved zoodles.  Just perfect for when I have no fresh avocado on hand… and only 70 calories.

Feb 23 yogurt guac 001

The other thing I found is this hummus.  Now I haven’t eaten beans since I first did a Whole 30 (paleo) challenge more than a year ago.  But I have been looking for more non-meat protein again and this fits that bill very nicely. Again, very handy and very tasty!  

Feb 25 Cooking 010


The Captain had a nice little score this week… he won a couple of $100 gift cards… one to Milestones Restaurant (which is on the waterfront here) and the other for Danier Leather.  They have beautiful clothing and bags so I hope he finds something he really likes for himself there.

Feb 27 stuff 001


I have been making these little puffy faux ‘rolls’ lately and really enjoying them. I use them for sandwiches and instead of crackers.  The only ingredients are cottage cheese and eggs and a bit of cream of tartar.  Check out the recipe on my blog.

Feb 25 Cooking 007


I have decided to join Danielle Prestejohn in another 21 Day Fix starting March 2nd… okay I am starting today… and she has put together a FB group for daily check ins and accountability and support. It’s a great food plan and I really like that it fits my Weight Watchers program so nicely. The two programs complement each other very well… portion control, hitting all the food groups, tracking and exercise.  YEP!

Oops... there goes the oven timer... The boiled raisin cookies I am baking for The Captain are done.

What are you up to this week?

What is your favorite kind of cookie?