Saturday, April 30, 2011

Slow and Steady Maintains the Pace

We started off the morning with a lovely pancake breakfast, compliments of The Captain.  I have to say, " I do love Saturdays!".

I wanted to get in one more trail run in this neighborhood before we leave to move back to the boat tomorrow... so mid-morning we headed out.

I chose the same 5.6 km route that we ran on Tuesday, and my goal was to complete the run 9 minute/walk 1 minute pacing this time out, so I asked The Captain to run a bit slower ... we did the first half in about 19.5 minutes which was a half minute slower than last time. 

I was a bit worried that I might not be able to do the 9/1 on the way back, but at the half way point turnaround, we got slightly ahead of another couple who were loping along together at a very leisurely pace, and that kept me motivated to keep running.... I could so easily have stopped for a walk at the 6 minute mark like I did last time, but knowing they were behind us kept me going.

I finished quite strong today and am happy for that.  I think some of the stamina I lost during my 2 month layoff is coming back.

W3 R42 @9/1 W4

I did the Week 1 Day 3 routine from the 100 Pushups Challenge, again, but I think I am ready to progress to Week 2 finally!

Week 1, Day 3
Set 1 - 4
Set 2 - 5
Set 3 - 4
Set 4 - 4
Set 5 - 10

We will get a shorter run in tomorrow, and I know I will not be completing the Virtual Marathon, but at the very least, it has motivated me to run this week on days I may not have otherwise.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I am Calling it a Rest Day

Friday.  It usually means a 9 a.m. Weight Watchers meeting. Or at least it has for the past several months.

I am a lifetime member, and well under my goal weight for these past many many years, but since the new Points Plus program was rolled out in December, I have been going to a meeting once a week in order to get the weekly bulletin that is handed out.  I love these little newsletters... they have great tips in them, and nice recipes too... and I snag an extra for a friend.

So, today I went to the meeting, and then we stopped at my favorite little produce market, dropped the goodies off at home and then headed to Costco.  I had to pick up some contact lenses that I ordered, and then we went to Superstore to do a bit more shopping... by the time we got back home again, it was lunchtime.

Then it was time to do some online banking and other 'paper' work and the afternoon disappeared.  No exercise... I don't call shopping exercise.  So, it become an official Rest Day, and I will make up for it tomorrow.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Short and Sweet

It started out to be a gloomy and wet day.  We planned to drive to the marina with a carload of things to leave on the boat, and to meet the cable installer there as well.  I packed us a sandwich and some fruit to take along for lunch, and we made a pot of coffee and put it into the new stainless Thermos carafe.

It was pretty cool in the salon when we arrived on board so I turned on one of the space heaters.  I put away clothes, books, and plastic storage containers full of grains, spices, dried fruit, and nuts, while The Captain hooked up the cable in preparation for the installer's arrival.

Good man he was - he arrived on time and it took only about 20 minutes to get all set up... thankfully.

We finished up our chores and left.  The sun came out as we approached the house we are caretaking this season so I got The Captain to agree to go out for a short run before our showers, and before the next round of NHL playoffs begin.

It was the same 2.75 km route that we ran about a week ago and we did it in 21 minutes.

W1 R21 @9/1 W2

I alternated the pushups from Week 1 Day of the 100 Pushups Challenge with my stretches, and managed 7 as a final set.   Wow!  I can really feel it in my pecs.

Week 1,  Day 3
Set 1 - 4
Set 2 - 5
Set 3 - 4
Set 4 - 4
Set 5 - 7

Dinner is going to be leftover Core Cornbread with eggs and syrup.  I am so looking forward to that... our groceries are really dwindling and I am getting pretty stoked to move back on board and begin our season.... and running flat routes, too!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No Run Today

After a heavy downpour during the night, the morning shaped up very nicely weather-wise.  After doing a bit of shopping, I put on my workout gear and got out my 5 pound dumbbells and did a bit of resistance training.

I did the warm up and first level from the Power Sculpt DVD, and then the strength and sculpt workout and cool down from the first Biggest Loser DVD.  I really like the cool down stretches on it.  No pushups for me today.  My pecs are sore from yesterday.

I made an old favorite for breakfast today... Core Cornbread... along with ham, egg and sugar free syrup, it kept me full till noon and beyond.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Beautiful Morning Run

The sun is shining today and it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

A mid-morning run sounded just about right today.  We headed down toward the trail that takes us along a fairly flat, lightly gravelled path through farmland and across old train tressels and a small lake.  Many folks were out using the trail today... walkers, bicyclists, other runners and lots and lots of dogs.  It was too nice a morning to stay indoors.

The route I mapped for us to run today was 5.6 km long.  The first half was pretty speedy for me.... 2.8 km in 19 minutes - under 7 minutes per km.  I haven't regained enough lung-power after my 2 month layoff yet to keep that up for long.  After we made the turn I knew I would need to either slow down or walk more often.  We did both!

But I was pleased to finish.  No matter which direction we head out from this house, it is an uphill climb to return.  I am looking forward to moving back to the boat and some flat running, soon.

W3 R43 @9/1x2,6/1,4/1,6/2,3 W4

I worked my 100 Pushups Challenge workout into my after-run stretching today.  And I repeated the Day 3 workout from Week 1.  I am just not ready to progress beyond that yet.

Week1, Day 3
Set 1 - 4
Set 2 - 5
Set 3 - 4
Set 4 - 4
Set 5 - 5

Then we shared a large navel orange and enjoyed our coffee out in the sunshine, on the deck.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Gloomy day but that is probably a good thing.  I might have been tempted to run again today, just to get in some mileage toward my virtual marathon.. and I know that I really shouldn't be running 2 days in a row anymore.

So, I did a Power Sculpt workout - level 1 and a cool down stretch.  Then I did another 100 pushups workout.

Week 1, Day 3

Set 1 - 4
Set 2 - 5
Set 3 - 4
Set 4 - 4
Set 5 - 5

It is getting harder and I hate the 2 minute wait between sets.  I know why it is necessary, but I find it a nuisance.

I am staying away from the Easter Candy today but did make this Weight Watchers Creamy Lemon Pie for dessert at tonight's dinner.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Ran the Jelly Bean

This  morning while The Captain prepared our pancake breakfast, I mapped a 5.0 km route so that we could run the Jelly Bean... a virtual race I signed up for at Run with Jess.

I was excited to get going, but did manage to wait a full hour after we finished breakfast before we headed out.

It was a beautiful morning... we ran the hilly route in 39 minutes and 2 seconds!  Not my best 5 km run ever but I was glad to finish.  At one point around the 4 km mark, I thought I was going to have to walk the rest of the way.  I did an extra one minute walk in the last leg and managed a running finish.  My legs are willing, the lungs, not so much.  YET. I shall perservere.

Friday, April 22, 2011

100 Pushups Week 1 Day 2

We took another carful of things to the boat today.  I worked at putting things away in the lockers while The Captain put some things in the canopy of the pickup.  So handy to have that old vehicle at the marina as a storage unit.

It is a beautiful Spring Day... this Good Friday, this Earth Day.

I am hardboiling and coloring eggs for Easter and thinking about past Easters on the boat, and in WA state when we wintered there...  visiting relatives in Calgary... shopping at West Edmonton Mall. 

One year, when I was still a teenager, my BFF and I drove from Calgary to West Vancouver for a few days. We were so excited to see the daffodils in bloom in the gardens at Vancouver City Hall, just having escaped the still dusty, winter-gravelled streets of Calgary.  Gosh...  now that I am living on the Southern end of Vancouver Island, I get to enjoy the early blossoms every year.  And I never take them for granted.

Grape Hyacinths



I did  a 100 Pushups Challenge workout today:

Week 1,  Day 2

Set 1 -  3
Set 2 -  4
Set 3 -  2
Set 4 -  3
Set 5 -  4

And we went for a lovely, long walk in the warm sunshine.

I have signed up for a Virtual Race, the Jelly Bean Race.  I plan to run the 5 km distance on Saturday, with The Captain.  I know it won't be fast, but it will be fun.

I also looked into something called a Virtual Marathon on Barfeoot Neil Z's running blog.  He has people signed up to run 42.2 km between April 17th and May 1st... with at least 1 km of it being done ON May 1st.

Since April 17th I have run only 5.97  km.  Can I get in another 36.23 km by May 1st?  Not likely, but it will give me something to aim for.  I have a really busy week ahead as we prepare to leave this house and move back onto the boat.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

'Running' an Errand

This morning's run was an errand.  After a breakfast of oats, banana and yogurt settled, we headed out into the sunshine.  Cool, only 6°C but lovely all the same.

Last night we watched The King's Speech and so I planned a route that passed by the local Roger's video shop .. was downhill there, and uphill back. Sheesh.

Total was only 3.22 km and we did it in 21 minutes.  Not bad.

W3 R21 @ 9/1 W4

I made sure to get in a good stretch afterwards.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

100 Pushups Week 1 Day 1, and a Walk

Today we went for a quick brisk walk before dinner.  About 35 minutes up and down the hills around us.

This evening I started the 100 Pushups Challenge again.

Week 1, Day 1
Set 1 = 2
Set 2 = 3
Set 3 = 2
Set 4 = 2
Set 5 = 3

Doesn't sound like much, but I can feel it in my upper biceps.  Good.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another lens trial

Today we went to Costco so I could have my second contact lens trial fitting... trying out monovision so have a contact lens in my left eye that makes it easier for me to read (+.75). 

It was a full day, but we did get out for a brisk 45 minute walk late this afternoon... sunny and breezy.  I found us the hilliest route I could so that we would make good use of the short time.

My eyes are so light sensitive right now - I really need to find some dark sunglasses with polarized lenses.. and soon!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Short and Sweet

We  had a really busy morning, packing some things to take up to the marina... some to put into storage in the canopy of the pickup, and some to leave on the boat.  Was a nice sunny morning and so we took advantage to pack up the car and go.  Moving things in the rain is no fun.

When we got back we had a quick lunch and I asked The Captain if he wanted to go for a short run with me.  He agreed and about an hour later we put on on some running gear and away we went.

It was a hilly route - this neighborhood is hilly and it took us 22 minutes to run the 2.75 km route that I had mapped out before we left.  Light rain started falling just as we were getting done so we came inside to stretch.

W1 R22 @9/1 W2

Not much of a run, but it was good to do it - tomorrow is another busy day.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring has finally arrived!

For some reason, Saturday runs are more fun.  Not sure why, it just has always been that way.  Maybe it is because there are more people around, and in a more congenial, relaxed mood.

This morning The Captain made the usual, delicious. Saturday morning pancakes, and I managed to slice some fresh strawberries on them before he topped them with eggs and syrup (sugar free for me, please).  Great fuel for a late morning run.

I used Map My Run to find us a route that would be just over 5 km  - I don't care for the changes they have made to the software and the web site so I will be looking for a different one... but today it had to do.

I mapped a 5.54 km route, through a residential neighborhood nearby, to a trail that runs through farmland, flanked on both sides by small creeks and lots of trees.  It is really nice and there are always lots of people out on weekends... runners and bikers, walkers with strollers and with dogs, and today a couple of people riding horses too. 

It was a beautiful, sunny morning.  I actually took my light jacket off part way through and ran with bare arms.

The last distance I ran was only 3.0 km so today's 5.54 km was a big increase, and I made sure to run slowly and used a 6/1 run/walk pace.  It took 44 minutes to finish and I know it was hard at times for The Captain to run that slow.  But the route through the residential area is all down TO the trail, and then all UP coming back and by the time we were done, my left hip was aching some and I was really slow.

But it was GREAT to be out.  I am always so happy to run.

We had a good stretch out on the deck in the sunshine and then I drank a glass of Almond Breeze mixed with ff milk (the vanilla unsweetened is my favorite) and then I did 5 pushups!

I am restarting the 100 Pushup Challenge today and 5 real pushups was the most I could do.  And they were not very deep either.  Yikes.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

From Then till Now

I have been a runner for about 20 years now.  I first started when I was smoking and weighed about 40 pounds more than I do now.  I began by taking our English Spring Spaniel, Penny, to the local school yard, where we would alternate running and walking around the soccer field. I loved it and hated it at the same time.

Eventually I quit smoking, lost that weight, and Penny went to doggie-Heaven.  A couple of years later,  I was blessed with a wonderful gift of an English Springer Spaniel puppy I called Scout, for my birthday in 1999, from my husband (aka The Captain).  When she was old enough, she became my running buddy.  We ran many miles together, wherever we travelled, and she ran happily with me and The Captain for more than 7 years till she passed away in the Spring of 2007.  I know The Captain's love, and running kept me and from dying too, of a broken heart.

I have always done a run/walk combination, usually 9 minutes running/1 minute walking, but that has varied from time to time.  I am not fast, and I don't care.  I just love to run.  Don't call me a jogger.  I am a runner.

I used to keep all my running logs and compare my mileage from year to year.  I don't do that anymore, but I do keep a log of all my workouts, for the current year, but then toss it out when a new calendar year begins.

Over the years my interest in running has varied from intense, to somewhat indifferent; my regular distances have gone from 3 or 4 kilometers to 14 or 15 and back.  Yet, I have never given it up altogether, and for some reason, the older I get, the more important it is for me to think of myself as a runner... therefore I have to keep running.

In the winter, the runs get shorter, and less frequent as well.  This winter has been an unusually 'runless' season.  I did a few short runs in Janufary and then I had eye surgery in February, on both eyes and had to curtail my workouts for about 8 weeks.. walking was acceptable, but nothing more strenuous than that.  No bending over, no lifting, no impact; nothing that would increase the pressure in my eyes.  I was faithful in my adherence to these rules.

On Thursday, March 31st, I got the go-ahead from my eye doctor to start running and working out again.  I was so happy!

Friday, April 1st was a cold day with a raw wind and rain.  I moped all day cause I couldn't go outside to run.

Saturday, April 2nd was much nicer. I laced up my running shoes, put on my running watch and headed outside, Husband in tow, and managed a 2 minute walk before I started to run.... too fast...  and even though I had only mapped out a 2.3 km route, I couldn't complete it.   I was sucking so much air I thought I might be sick.  Defeated, I even forgot about stretching when we got back indoors.

But not to be kept down, I insisted we head out again on Sunday, and I did complete the 2.3 km route, although very slowly and with a 5/1 run/walk pace.  I was ecstatic!

I decided not to try to do too much too soon, so on Monday I did a Cardio Max DVD workout, completing the warm up, levels 1 and 3, and the cool down.  Love the cool down and yoga stretches in this workout.

On Tuesday I got out my Biggest Loser 2 DVD and did the warm up, functional flexibility, power sculpt for women, power sculpt for men and the cool down.

We ran the same 2.3 km route on Wednesday, April 6th, this time at a 6/1 run/walk pace.  It felt so much easier and my lungs didn't burn and I was not sucking air to complete the short distance.

On Thursday I did two walks, one with The Captain.  And on Friday, we walked again.

On Saturday, April 9th I decided to add a large city block to the route, bringing it to 3.0 km.  We used the 6/1 walk run pace again, and completed it in 22 minutes.  Not bad. Not bad.

On Sunday I walked and then did about an hour's gardening... raking and picking leaves.

On Tuesday I did a Power Sculpt DVD workout.... warm, level 1 and cool.  I don't like the cool down on this DVD so I improvise while Jillian talks.  I stretch the same muscles as she does, but I don't use the same techniques.  Later, I did another hour's gardening.

On Wednesday, April 13th, yesterday, we ran the same 3.0 km route.  We ran it in 21 minutes using a 7/1 walk run pace.  I was quite happy with that time as that brings me to a 7 minute km again and that is pretty decent for me.  The Captain can always run faster and farther than I can, but he really doesn't care about running at all, and only goes to keep me company.

Today, Thursday, I did another Power Sculpt DVD workout.... warm, levels 1 and 3, and the improvised cool down stretches.  Level 3 has a section of pushups and planks that I cannot complete, or even come close to completing so I find it really challenging and worthwhile. 

On another note, we are getting ready to move to the boat for the summer, and so spent some time packing up canned and packaged foods today, to take and stow in the boat's lockers.