Saturday, April 30, 2011

Slow and Steady Maintains the Pace

We started off the morning with a lovely pancake breakfast, compliments of The Captain.  I have to say, " I do love Saturdays!".

I wanted to get in one more trail run in this neighborhood before we leave to move back to the boat tomorrow... so mid-morning we headed out.

I chose the same 5.6 km route that we ran on Tuesday, and my goal was to complete the run 9 minute/walk 1 minute pacing this time out, so I asked The Captain to run a bit slower ... we did the first half in about 19.5 minutes which was a half minute slower than last time. 

I was a bit worried that I might not be able to do the 9/1 on the way back, but at the half way point turnaround, we got slightly ahead of another couple who were loping along together at a very leisurely pace, and that kept me motivated to keep running.... I could so easily have stopped for a walk at the 6 minute mark like I did last time, but knowing they were behind us kept me going.

I finished quite strong today and am happy for that.  I think some of the stamina I lost during my 2 month layoff is coming back.

W3 R42 @9/1 W4

I did the Week 1 Day 3 routine from the 100 Pushups Challenge, again, but I think I am ready to progress to Week 2 finally!

Week 1, Day 3
Set 1 - 4
Set 2 - 5
Set 3 - 4
Set 4 - 4
Set 5 - 10

We will get a shorter run in tomorrow, and I know I will not be completing the Virtual Marathon, but at the very least, it has motivated me to run this week on days I may not have otherwise.


  1. Nice job on the run!
    I've been doing the push-up challenge for a couple of months now--I keep repeating days or even whole weeks that are tough and it's been fine!

  2. Thank you. I was beginning to think that I will never get better at these pushups!


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