Thursday, January 17, 2019

January Mid-Month Check In

Here it is, the middle of January already.

I like to check up on my progress every couple of weeks.  Itis good to see how well I am doing with reaching my goals and also allows me to make changes if necessary.  A review also shows me where I am straying or may even just need a kick in the butt!

I started out the new year with a short run on January 1st.  My plan is to run once a week until the weather warms up... a lot!   I am not a fan of cool weather running, or running in the rain or in strong wind so once a week takes the pressure off considerably.  So far so good on that item. My runs are short and slow, but I think the discipline of making myself get dressed and get out there is good.   If the weather cooperates, I will add a second session.  That sounds like I do not really like to run.  I do, but I like the conditions to be right!

This is 4C of course, and that is about 42F I think... with a light misty rain.

I am doing a full body workout with my Lebert Equaliazer Bars every 3 days. I originally started every 2 days but was blowing off that 3rd workout some weeks because my upper body was just too tired to do it.  This is a much more difficult workout for me than I ever would have imagined but I love it and I can see that I am making progress... both in strength and form... so I shall plug along.  And the every-third-day routine changes up the days of the week that I am working out too. I like that I am not doing the same thing every week. I get pretty bored with a set routine.

My nutrition plan is to concentrate more on food as fuel, and this has helped me relax a lot on the meal prep front.  We are eating simpler and healthier and smaller meals.  It is so much easier and takes the stress out of meal planning with not feeling like I have to come up with new and exciting all the time!

So far... so good.   And one more thing I am quite pleases about, is having been selected again this year as a Nuun Ambassador.  Nuun is a product I use almost daily and I am happy to be able to share the Nuun news and shopping opportunities with family and friends.

How is January shaping up for you?  Are you staying with your New Year goals?