Monday, October 31, 2011

Chocolate Gremlins... Boo!

Today I made some special little treats for The Captain that I am calling Chocolate Gremlins!

A mixture of dark chocolate chips and butterscotch chips, melted on the stove...

With some Fibre First cereal stirred in... and some jelly beans for 'eyes'...

They are delicious... and he is smart enough to only eat a couple a day as he knows what's in them!

Hope you are having a fun and safe and
Happy Hallowe'en!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Hope you Dance...

A couple of years ago we were wandering around the charming town of Port Angeles, WA while we waited to board The Coho ferry to take us home to Victoria.  There is a great little gift store near the ferry terminal that is just full of lovely and unusual things.... kitchenware, baby items, lingerie, cosmetics, clothing, toys, and food goodies.

The Captain spotted this lovely little bear and wouldn't leave without her... her name is Hope and she is a breast cancer survivor.  You can see that she is still wearing her pink turban.

When you pres the pink spot on her left paw, she opens her mouth and sings...  I Hope You Dance!  and she sounds eerily like Lee Ann Womack.

I wanted to introduce you to Hope today... October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as you all likely already know, but I wanted to remind you one more time... and if you haven't already done it - schedule that mammogram, Ladies!

If you want to sing along with Hope here are the lyrics to the first verse...

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat
But always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

p.s. that cute little Jack O'Lantern she is holding today is an orange, in a Jack O'Lantern costume that was given to me by my Weight Watchers leader on Friday.  Isn't that the cutest idea? 

Do you decorate for Hallowe'en or make special food?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hello Sweetie!

For the past several days, this cute little Sweet Dumpling squash has been sitting on the table in the salon... sorta getting in the way actually, cause it keeps getting moved from spot to spot, so today The Captain asked me if I was ever going to eat it or if I was just going to admire it... hmmm.

I finally decided to give in and eat it... washed and dried it, and then cut it in half and nuked it in the mike.  Then I let it cool and chopped up the innards and made a lovely salad with it for my dinner.

It was delicious!  Somewhat like an Acorn squash in color and texture, but defnitely has a hint of sweetness to it.  It would be awesome roasted in the oven!

Are you still loving winter squash and pumpkin or are you getting tired of it all?
Not me!  I am gonna love eating squashes till Spring comes along.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Jenn bestowed this award on my blog 3 weeks ago and I am very pleased to have it... It means a lot to me that Jenn thought of me and I have been remiss in posting about it. 

I was a bit under the weather at the time, resting up and trying to shake the sniffles before my eye surgery last week... now that those things are behind me and I am looking forward, I would like to take the time and properly acknowledge Jenn and thank her for her kindness.  Please know I didn't mean to ignore you!

Jenns' Adventures is a lively, beautifully designed blog that encompasses so many different subjects it is impossible to pin down.  If you haven't met Jenn yet, do go and visit, and please tell her I sent you.

Jenn is very friendly, very funny and I know you will find her very charming and engaging. She lives in paradise, and is lively and energetic... and interested in everything under the (Hawaiian) sun!

So here is how the Versatile Blogger Award works:

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to that post.

2.  Tell seven things about myself. 

3.  Pass the award to 15 other newly discovered blogs.

Jenn, I do thank you ... and I have been following your blog and your story since I first came across it.  I enjoy our bloggy friendship enormously.

I have been having trouble coming up with seven things I may not have already mentioned, that are worthy of revealing.

  • I am a Gemini.  My birthday is May 24th and that is Victoria Day in Canada.  When I was a child, I used to tell strangers my name was Vicky.  I am Gemini fickle, have too many irons in the fire and love to communicate. 

  • I was a little brainiac in school.  I got through grades 1, 2, and 3 in 2 years.  That became a distinct disadvantage in high school when I was 16 in grade 12 and some of my clasesmates were as old as 19.  Hmmm.

  • I have an older sister and a younger brother.  Both have spouses and kids I adore.  My sister and her husband live in Calgary, where we grew up, while my brother and his wife have become U.S. citizens and live near Redlands, CA.

  • I like most music except country... which is odd for a gal who grew up in the Stampede city!  I do love Willie Nelson though. 
  • I was a Daddy's girl.  Followed him around like a little shadow whenever and wherever I could, and wouldn't ever listen to a criticism or complaint about him from anyone.  I carry his memory in my heart and he still inspires me every day.

  • I do love to cook.  And eat.  And grocery shop.  I am a foodie.  I have a food and recipe blog called We can begin to feed...   I love the little galley kitchen in our sailboat (see the tab header for description and pics) and  love to have visitors gather round.
  • I am a crafter... aside from the jewellery, I love to do cross-stitch, sewing, knitting crocheting, quilting and paper crafts.  Someday I want to try that willow furniture making, too.

I know I am supposed to choose 15 blogs to bestow this award upon, but I am breaking that rule... it is just too hard to select one blog over another, for me, and so I invite all of my followers to consider their blogs 'chosen' and participate in the fun!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time to Put Away the Candy!

Since my activity level is restricted at the  moment... no impact and no lifting or bending over, I am starting to get a little concerned about gaining a few pounds - oh really?  After all the Reese's peanut butter cups and mini Almond Joy bars I have eaten over the past couple of weeks, I am NOW getting concerned?

It is time to put away the treats for a while... yes, I know it is almost Hallow'en, but we don't get trick or treaters here at the marina, so not a problem to avoid the locker where the candy lives for a while.

Today I am going to get in a  nice walk, and do some freggie shopping.  I am looking forward to munching fresh fruit instead of chocolate.  Really.

What is your favorite comfort food?
I think mine is chocolate in any form.... nuts are a close second.

Do you every crave healthy foods?  Like what?
I don't really get cravings at all.  But I would never turn down a bowlful of crunchy veggies.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Have Found Another Love!

There is a new man in my life... his name is Tommie Copper.  I love him.  A lot!

A couple of weeks ago, I won a contest on Twitter, and Jordan, from Tommie Copper, got in touch with me and offered me my choice of one of their sleeves and one of their t-shirts.  I chose a calf sleeve and a woman's tee, and when they arrived, Jordan had also very gererously included a knit cap, which The Captain is going to love wearing this winter while we are out walking and running....  oh, did I mention that I think Jordan is pretty darn special, too?

I immediately pulled the calf sleeve out of the package and wore it for the next 24 hours.  Occasionally, my left ankke/calf swells up when I am not very active, and the TC calf sleeve looked after it quite nicely.  By the next morning, the swelling was gone and I was elated.

I read through the pamphlet that came with the clothing, and it says this:

" Tommie Copper can help reduce pain associated with the following:

Back Pain.  Sore Shoulders. Arthritis. Tennis Elbow. Tendonitis. Carpal Tunnel. Ankle Sprain. Runners Knee. Pulled Calf

And most muscle, circulatroy, and inflammatory conditions."

When we were packing up a few things to take to the inn where we were planing to spend several days after my eye surgery, I decided to include the t-shirt.  I thought that perhaps it would help with the inevitable muscle soreness that would come along with being bent over in the face down position for 72 + hours and also from having to sleep on my tummy.

I was not disappointed. 

Each morning after I bathed, I put on the slim fitting t-shirt and wore it for the day, occasionally putting a sweater over it when The Captain opened the window to allow some fresh air to flow into our room.

The shirt is made from the softest material that you can possibly imagine.  It is so comfortable, and wearing it made my skin feel almost tingly with warmth.  It is lightweight and feels quite luxurious. 

I am so happy that I made the decision to take the shirt along and wear it for several hours a day.  Sitting with your face in a pillow all day is not that uncomfortable, but laying on your stomach with your face in a pillow all night certainly is.

There is no good place to put your arms.  If you put them above your head, your shoulders get really sore and if you put them under your chest, the breast bone aches after a while.  After several hours on your tummy, your lower back is in agony.

So, puttiing the shirt on, and wearing it all day, relieved the ache in my shoulders, and in my chest, and kept my back warm and supported while I bent forward all day.

Between The Captain's soothing back rubs and shoulder massages, and my Tommie Copper shirt, I got through it with as little discomfort as was possible.

Thank you, Tommie Copper.... and Jordan, too!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back on Board and So Happy to be Here!

My surgery on Thursday went very smoothly, thanks to all of the nurses who looked after me before and after, the kind attention of the anesthesiologist who gave me the 'lots' of sedative I asked for, the operating room assistants and the awesome surgeon who performed the miracle.

The Captain was waiting for me with a banana and a 6-inch turkey and Swiss Subway sandwich which I wolfed down, and off we went to the hotel.  The Captain had already checked us into the sweet room in the charming old inn that would be home for the next few days, and I settled in to my special chair.

I saw the surgeon early Friday morning at his office, where he removed my eye patch and declared his handiwork a rousing success and then gave me a prescription for 2 different sets of drops, reminded me I need to spend the next 72 hours face-down and then come back and see him again in a couple of weeks.

When we got back to the hotel I was shocked when I looked in the mirror.  My right eye was completely bloodshot.  The soft tissue all around my eye was swollen and there was an enormous, dark bruise forming underneath the eye.  Apparently the doctor gave me an infection of painkiller between my eye and nose, and once the bandage was off, the blood in the broken vessels started to move.  I looked like I lost a serious fight!

Back at the inn, I did as told and can honestly say I didn't complain out loud, not even once, but pretty much hated most of the next 72 hours.  I went from my special chair with my face in a pillow, to the chair at the desk in our room with my face in a pillow, to the bed on my tummy with my face in a pillow.  The only relief was having a bath each morning.

I learned to drink tea and coffee through a straw.  And I ate lots of chocolate, and sweets and McDonald's French fries, and white pizza.  If I haven't gained 4 pounds it will be a miracle, but at this point, I don't care.  Of course I ate healthy foods too but really craved sweets and comfort food.

The Captain was wonderful.  He rubbed my back and massaged my shoulders, helped me dress, helped me bathe, made me tea, went out for food and kept me entertained and watched over me like a mother hen.  He encouraged me and kept telling me how well I was doing and how proud he was of me... how could I possibly think to complain when he was doing all the work and I was merely sitting... with my face in a pillow?

On Sunday afternoon we did venture out for a short walk... me watching the sidewalk all the time... but the warmth of the sunshine and fresh air were wonderful.

Last night was the worst.  I only managed to sleep for a couple of hours at a time and kept getting up, just to move a bit.  Finally, at 6 this morning, I declared that I was done with face down, and we got up and got our day started.

It felt really good to have a shower instead of a bath, even if I didn't hold my head up under the water stream, and it was great to check out of the inn and head back to the marina and get back on board the sailboat.

I do not miss my special chair and I am so looking forward to a good night's sleep in our own bed... and even though my vision is foggy through the gas bubble in my eye, I can already tell that it will be better after it has healed completely, than it was before the surgery.

Today the eye looks less scary, the bruising underneath is fading considerably but I am feeling very weak and don't seem to have much stamina.  I think tomorrow I will start an easy walking program to see if I can get some energy and strength back.

Thanks for all the good wishes and kinds words of support and encouragement.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Counting Down...

So by now you know I am having eye surgery on Thursday morning and then I have to spend 3 days face down, while the healing begins.  I am doing my best not to look up gory eye surgery pictures on the internet!

I am renting an aparatus that will help me with the 'face down' positioning.  This is a chair and facial support...

and there is also an appartus that attaches to the end of the bed so that I can lay on my tummy with my face in the support.

This is not very compatable with life on the boat, so we are moving into a charming and lovely old inn in the City for a few days.  And, because I will not be going out for meals, I am packing some snacks and teas to take along.  The Captain will be looking after me, of course, but it will be comforting to have some of my own favorite goodies with me.

And I have an assortment of books, puzzles, and will have my laptop too.  I have opted not to take any audio books but certainly there will be a radio and tv in our room.

I am hoping to be able to keep myself amused or just sleep, whichever is easier!

Today I am using up things in the fridge that won't likely store for several days, and right now I am cooking a buttercup squash (aka kobacha squash)... I will cut it up later and make a delicious dinner salad with it.

Washed, cut in half, seeds scooped out, and ready to mike.

and a few hours later...

The finished bowl...with spinach, almond slivers, Laughing Cow cheese and a dressing made from EVOO, white balsamic vinegar, cinnamon and sweetener.

Now I am enjoying a cup of tea and waiting for The Biggest Loser.

Do you have a favorite winter squash?
I would say that butternut is my VERY favorite but honestly, I haven't tried one yet that I don't care for.

Are you  a Biggest Loser fan?
I am not into it so much this season... really cannot get behind any of the contestants.  They all seem like a bunch of crybabies to me.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Looking Forward to My Next Run

I had really planned to keep running right up to the day before my eye surgery... which would have me doing 5 or 6 miles this coming Wednesday. 

But, we all know about plans... it has been more important for me to shake these sniffles so that I can even go ahead and have the surgery, than it has been to log some running miles.  As much as my legs are itching to be running, I know I made the right decision to lay low and rest.... and rest.... and rest.  It has helped and today my nose is finally clear and so I am pretty confidant, that come Thursday morning, I will be laying awake on the operating table for that hour while the surgeon drains the vitreous fluid from my eye, repairs the torn retina, and fills my eye with a gas bubble... which will require me to spend 72 hours, face down, while the retina starts to heal.

So, while I rest, and drink tea and eat mini Almond Joys and Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups to soothe my soul, I am thinking ahead to the day I can run again.  The doc says within a week, so I am thinking at worst, by Hallowe'en I can get out there.

I am already planning my route and what I am going to wear and how far I will go.  Ah, I can see me lacing up my shoes and crossing over the transom of the boat to the dock to start the walk to shore....

What do you think about when you cannot run?

Do you excited for your first time out after a layoff?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My LARABAR giveaway winner!

Thanks to everyone who sent me ideas for getting rid of my sniffles!  I think that the rest and ginger-lemon tea is helping and I do feel more energetic today.  I think a walk out in the sunshine this afternoon will help, too.

No running for me this week.  Need to get stronger for my eye surgery Thursday morning and cannot be coughing or sneezing during that!

I used a random number generator this morning to determine the winner of my LARABAR giveaway and the lucky winner is Jenn who writes Jenn's Adventures.  If you haven't found her yet, do stop by.  Jenn is an energetic and busy Maui gal who has a great wit and a beautifully presented blog. 

Jenn, I will email you shortly.  Thanks to everyone who entered and to LARABAR for sponsoring my first giveaway.  It was really fun for me.

And, because is it Saturday, The Captain is busy whipping me up a pancake breakfast... see ya all later!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ginger Lemon Tea and My PB&J LARABAR Review

Last night I had a long visit with my sister via telephone, and she told me about a tea she has been making for her husband to soothe his cold/cough symptoms.  She makes an infusion of freshly grated ginger root and lemon, and then lets it steep for about 5 or 6 minutes... strains it and then adds a bit of honey before he drinks it.  She says it has been helping tremendously.

All righty, I am in for that.

So, today I headed off to my monthly Weight Watchers weigh in and then ate my last LARABAR for breakfast.  Peanut Butter and Jelly.  I savored every little nibble and you can bet I didn't share it with The Captain either....  well, I offered him some, but I had already cooked him a breakfast of hash browned potatoes, eggs, toast and jam so I knew there was no way he was hungry!  He declined like the good husband he is.

This LARABAR is my very very favorite.  It smells like peanuts.  And it tastes like peanut butter, with just a bit of sweetness added to it.  Mmmmm. 

The only ingredients are: dates, peanuts, unsweetened cherries, sea salt
Calories 210;  Protein 6g; Carbohydrate 27g; Fat 10g; Fibre 4g.

And it kept me satisfied till well past my normal lunchtime.  I was really pleasantly surprised!

If you want to try one for yourself, you have the rest of the evening to enter my giveaway HERE.

Tomorrow I will announce the winner and make contact by email.  Good Luck.

When we got back from running our morning errands, I made up a big pot of that tea, and it was not only tasty, I really think it is helping.  I am about to make another this evening.

Do you have any home-remedies for colds and sniffles?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daydreaming, Eye Surgery and Cashew Cookie LARABAR Review

Today, since I am still resting, trying to get over this rotten cold, I have been thinking about all the things I want to start doing in November, once I am past my eye surgery and can get active again....

Oh yeah, the eye surgery... next Thursday morning I am going to have some retinal repair work done on my right eye.  Apparently it is not a big deal, and I will be awake during the surgery, but of course my eye will be frozen.  Afterward, I have to spend 3 days, face down!  so we are moving into a charming inn and I will have the support of some special appartus to help me achieve the desired physical positioning, during that time.  Not looking forward to it, but not freaking out either.  It has to be done.

The surgeon told me that I can resume normal activities within a week, including running.  This is so much better than the 8 weeks I had to lay off last Spring.  I have no reason to believe he isn't right.

So, by the end of October, I should be able to be running and doing other exercise again.  And today I am looking forward to that time and thinking about what that will entail.... running, walking, upper body work with my dumbbells, some lower body work such as lunges and squats, and probably Pilates.  At least I can do those things easily while we are on the boat.... once we move into the house again, I can add other activities to that list... but I will think about that another day.

This afternoon The Captain shared his Cashew Cookie LARABAR with me.  We cut it in half and had a few salted cashews and a cup of green tea alongside.  Mmmm.  No wonder this one is is his favorite... chewy and sweet and nutty!

The only ingredients are: cashews and dates
Calories 230; Protein 6g; Carbohydrate 23g; Fat 13g; Fibre 4g.

If you would like to try one for yourself, enter my giveaway HERE.

LARABAR provided this bar free of charge but the opinion is 100% my own.

If you leave me a comment on this post, telling me what your favorite winter workouts are, I will give you an extra entry into my giveaway.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Short Resistance Workout Today and a Lemon LARABAR Review

I am still somewhat under the weather so no running for me yet, but I am feeling well enough to do a bit of strength training today.  Don't want to let the lethargy set too far in!

Using 8 lb. dumbells - 2 sets X 10 each:
  • bicep curls
  • tricep kickbacks
  • lateral raises
  • overhead presses
  • delt raises
  • upright rows
And then 10 each leg:
  • standing abductors
  • standing adductors
This afternoon The Captain and I shared another LARABAR with our coffee.... the Lemon Bar. 

It is noticeably paler in color than the other bars I have tried - all the delicious cashew and almond bits I think.  And it was tasty!  A distinct lemon flavor which goes very nicely with the date base and the nuts.  I am seriously crazy for nuts and this bar has lots of them, and is very chewy.  Loved it.

The only ingredients are: dates, cashews, almonds, lemon juice concentrate, natural lemon flavor
Calories 220, Protein 6g; Carbohydrates 28g; Fat 11g; Fibre 3g.

If you would like to try a Lemon Bar yourself, enter my LARABAR giveaway HERE.

I was given these LARABARS to review, but the opinions are 100% my own.

Do you do resistance workouts?

Do you think that doing a bit is better than none at all?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My First Half Marathon, and Ginger Snap LARABAR Review

It's official!  I just signed us up for the Oak Bay Half Marathon, to be run on May 13th.

I am so excited and so nervous I don't know if I will be able to eat my dinner!

I think it is a good thing I had some of this a while ago.... might have to sustain me for a while till the butterflies subside.

This Ginger Snap LARABAR was so much tastier than I expected it to be.  It has a very strong ginger flavor and reminded me of the mincemeat tarts my Mother used to make every year at Chritmas when I was a kid... The Captain thought it tasted like mincemeat, too, so my tastebuds aren't too far off, even if I do still have the sniffles.

The only ingredients are:  dates, almonds, pecans, ginger, cinnamon, cloves
Calories 240, Protein 5g, Carbohydrates 27g, Fat 14g, Fibre 3.5g.

You have to love that about LARABAR... only real ingredients with names you recognize.

I am definitely going to be buying this LARABAR in the future.  If you haven't tried one yet, and would like to, go enter my giveaway HERE.

And just so we are clear, LARABAR gave me the product, but the opinion is 100% my own.

Do you get nervous or excited when you sign up for a race?

How far ahead of a half marathon do you start training?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanks-Giveaway

By now you are likely aware that today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  Along with all the the things in my life that I am thankful for on a daily basis, I am especially thankful to Erica at LARABAR for helping me with my very first giveway.  I feel like I have finally joined the club!

She asked me to choose 4 bars to try out and then review so I visited their website to see the entire list of available flavors.  Right now there are 19 in the lineup, but I had no trouble making  my choices:

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly, cause it's my favorite
  • Cashew Cookie, cause it's The Captain's favorite
  • Lemon Bar, cause The Captain would probably like it and I can use the brownie points
  • Ginger Snap, cause we both loooove ginger snap cookies
When they arrived in my mailbox on Friday, I was very tempted to just rip them all open and eat them, one after the other... I was alone, after all, and who would know?

But I kept that greedy fat little girl inside me at bay, brought them home to the boat, and showed them to The Captain and told him all about how good they are for him... gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and kosher.  I also told him that they contain only natural, real ingredients, with names we recognize and love.  I cannot tell you how unimpressed he was.  He just wanted to eat them too, cause we love them so much!

So here I sit, with these 4 lovely LARBARS that are calling my name, the bright colored paper krinkling and wrinkling and dying to be stripped off the luscious date and nut bars inside.  Who knew I would turn into a hoarder.?

Here is what I have decided to do, just to drag out our enjoyment a little longer... starting tomorrow, and for the next 3 days, I am going to open one bar and share it with The Captain.  Then I will come back and do a post about whether or not we liked it.  Yeah, right!  It's my first giveaway afer all and I want it to last as long as it can.

But what does all that mean for you?  Well, Erica has kindly offered to send the same 4 flavors that I chose, to one of my readers.  Wasn't that so nice of her?  She did ask that I limit the entries to Canadian and U.S. readers as the only 2 countries where LARABARS are sold are Canada and the U.S.A.  I hope you will understand.

One lucky winner will get all 4 bars:

peanut butter and jelly
cashew cookie

lemon bar
ginger snap

Here is what you need to do:

Mandatory to enter - Follow my blog and leave me a comment on this post telling me that you do.
 (1 entry)

Share this giveaway link on Twitter and include @eatrunsail and @LARABAR in your tweet, and leave me a comment on this post to tell me that you did.


Link this post to your blog, and leave a comment on this post to tell me that you did, sharing the link to your blog so I can go find it.
(only 1 entry for either)

Like LARABAR on Facebook and leave a comment saying Elle at Eat, Run, Sail sent you. I have to be able to go and find the comment.
(1 entry)

So, that is 3 entries you can earn tonight. - maybe I will come up with some more as the week progresses.

You can enter till I turn my computer off for the night on Friday, October 14th.  I will choose a winner on Saturday morning and do a post.

Good luck and go eat a LARABAR!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spectating at the Victoria Marathon

So, it happened.  The cold germs I was trying so hard to avoid snuck up on me overnight and today I woke up with a yukky throat and a runny nose.  I think I have gone through a box of tissues today.  Okay, it's done and I will get over it!

Today is race day in Victoria... the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon, Half Marathon, 8km Road Race, and a Kid's Run/Marathon, too.  The 8km road race and the Half Marathon shared a finish line so I watched about 45 mintues of the 8km runners finishing and saw the first half marathon finishers, via live stream on the internet.  Then we set off in the car to head into the City so I could see some of the marathon runners.

We situated ourselves at just about the 20km point about 45 minutes after the marathon started.  We saw several early starters, both runners and walkers, coming and going and then finally, the first of the men at just after 1:05, then the 2nd and then the 3rd... several more men, then the first wheeled competitor,  and finally the first woman. It was so exciting for me to see these elite runners in the the flesh!

Thomas Omwenga, went on to win overall, post a new course record, and finish in 2:14:33

Philip Samoei, went on to finish second overall in 2:25:39

Gilbert Kiptoo, DNF

Jeff Thompson, went on to win the wheel division and finish in 2:44:25
Ryan Day, went on to finish third overall in 2:26:40

Lucy Njeri, went on to finish first of the women, with a new course record in 2:37:56

We waited till they made the turn and then came back our way... and then watched and cheered on many, many more runners before heading off to do some freggie shopping.  I am so glad we went.  I have watched many races on the internet and on tv, including Boston, but being there, is so much better. 

And now I am even more excited to take part in a race and sign up for my first half!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Foggy Morning Run

I did do a shortened version of my upper body routine with 8 lb. dumbbells last night... I managed to get it in shortly before heading off to bed for the night.

This morning I woke up in a fog.  Or should I clarify, and say, when I woke up this morning, the marina was blanketed in fog!  I made very good use of my time while waiting for The Captain to make breakfast...

And I talked him into adding pumpkin puree and cinnamon to his mix this morning.  Mmmm.  It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend after all.  Love the color and flavor of pumpkin so much.

About an hour later I set off for my solo run, leaving The Captain behind to watch some golf on tv.  I am going to drag him into the City tomorrow to watch some of the Victoria Marathon and hit the expo and so I want him to rest more and fight the sniffles.

It was still quite foggy and a bit nippy when I set off so I wore my vented Running Room shell, but ended up taking it off and tying it around my waist part-way through.  It was too cool for just the sleeves though.  I might have to dig out some light gloves soon as my fingertips were sorta blue.

I wanted to put some speedier intervals in my run today.  So, after my warm up walk I started off by running fast for one minute, then a bit slower for one minute and then fast again for one minute. I decided to increase the length of the slower intervals by one minute each till they reached 5 minutes... then just finish running the route I had planned.

So it looked like this:

1 minute fast, 1 minute normal
1 minute fast, 2 minutes normal
1 minute fast, 3 minutes normal
1 minute fast, 4 minutes normal
1 minute fast, 5 minutes normal
1 minute fast... and then the rest of the run I ran pretty much my normal pace with a few shorter, fast bursts at sporadic intervals.

I ran the fast intervals at about a 9 on my perceived exertion scale.  I was breathing very had by the time the one minute was done.

I had a great time and having something to concentrate on made it go by very quickly and also kept me occupied so that I didn't even think about taking walk breaks.  It required a lot of watch-watching though.  Whew!

I was so happy to see blue sky peeking through the fog as I completed my run and did my walk back down the dock to the boat.  I really enjoyed a nice stretch before heading in for my clean up...

W2 R44 W3
stretch 5 minutes

Hmmm.... wonder which one of these LARABARS I should eat for my after-run snack?

Do you eat a snack after you run or work out?

What is your favorite?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sunshine... hurray!

I poked my head out of the aft cabin this morning, after sleeping in till 8:45, and there is was... the sun shining in a sky that was mostly blue.  Hurray. Let me outa here!

The Captain and I had coffee together and then I made us a light breakfast of yogurt and bananas topped with toasted oats and maple syrup.  Light because I didn't want to wait too long before I headed out for my run.  In spite of my best efforts, it was 10:30 before I got away.

It was so good to be out and running.  It is amazing to me the difference that the sunshine makes in the way I see my world. I don't think I would do well in a part of the world where it is dark for most of the day during the winter months.  

I ran very slowly today.  I covered the same 4.85 km that I have done the past few runs, but took 6 whole minutes longer today to do it.  I didn't want to take a walk break at all, and I am so afraid of catching anything that I don't want to overdo it at all.

I do know that I am likely to compromise my immune system only if I go too long or too fast, but - knock on wood here - I am not taking any chances. If you are wondering why I am so freaked out about catching a cold right now, it is because I have surgery scheduled on my right eye on October 20th... 2 weeks from today... and I cannot be sneezing or sniffling or coughing during or after that surgery.  If I catch a cold, they will cancel it.  Anyway, more about that in a future post.

So, 40 minutes later I was back at the marina, walking and then stretching and riding the endorphin high that this run brought me. 

W2 R40 W4
stretch 5 minutes

I do so love to stretch.  At one time I thought it was a waste of my time but now I revel in it.  It just feels so good.

Do you take the time to stretch after you run?

Or after you strength train?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

At Least I Am Cute!

A couple of days ago, Fall arrived with a vengeance!  It has been rainy, and cool and we have been cooped up inside the boat.

The Captain has the sniffles. and I am trying to ward them off... so we are both getting lots of rest, eating wholesome food and taking lots of vitamins.  No cuddling which is what you would think we should be doing in this weather!

Thank Goodness for tv, the internet and all of your blogs to read and giveaways to enter.

Tonight I am pretty much feeling like this....


I am going to do an upper body workout with my 8 lb. dumbbells as soon as I finish this post, I swear.  If I publish it, I will have to do it...

2 reps X 10 each:
  • bicep curls
  • tricep kickbacks
  • lateral raises
  • overhead presses
  • delt raises
  • upright rows

2 X 10 each per leg:
  • standing abductors
  • standing adductors

I am too lazy to get down on the floor and do pushups!

Do you ever feel like that?  That you just kinda don't care?

So not like me, and I am convinced I will snap out of it any moment.  Tomorrow's forecast is for dry cloudy weather... and I am going for a run.  It's a promise I made to ME!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Run, Breathing Hard, Speed ???

Of course we had pancakes and eggs for breakfast this morning.  It is Saturday, no? And I am so happy that we found some blackberries to pick a few days ago, to have in the cakes today, too.  I do love that sweet berry flavor and the purple batter!

While I was waiting for my breakfast to settle, I read a Tweet from See Mom Run Far saying that she was watching a live stream from the St. George's Marathon in Utah.  Great idea!  So I found a live stream and watched for about 20 minutes.  So, if you came in between 3:30 and 3:45, I think I saw you!

The audio was very poor and I couldn't make out what the announcer was saying.  Do they announce every runner's name as he/she finishes?

About an hour after we finished breakfast, we set out for a run... it was the same 4.85 km route that we did the last time we went and we finished it in the same amount of time.  But it felt harder today.  I know that I went out faster and was pretty excited about my speed, but couldn't keep it up for the whole run.  Good lesson for me.  I have read about starting out too fast and then having to drop back but this is the first time I have ever been conscious of it during one of my own runs.

On the return, I was breathing much harder than was comfortable and needed to relieve that and I tried taking shorter steps without slowing my cadence.  That didn't help at all so I finally gave in and reduced my footstrike rate.  That did give me the relief I was after.

But then I noticed that I was wanting to stride out too far and I had to work at keeping that in check.  I guess that was a mental reaction - trying to make up for the slower rate by taking longer steps.  I ran at the slower cadence off and on for several blocks, to catch my breath a bit.

But I pulled up my socks and put it into high for the last half kilometer!  I was very conscious of just felt myself leaning into it and taking off, and was really aware of how high my legs were kicking up behind me as I ran.  Felt great!  And The Captain had to run to keep up with me.  Loved that too.

W2 R34 @17/1 W3
stretch 6 minutes

And so now I am wondering how I am ever going to get any faster? 

It is my breathing that is holding me back, speedwise, not my legs.

Do I just start adding a few speedier sessions to my runs once a week? 

For instance, if I do a 3km run, I can pretty much go all out for that short a distance.  But I cannot do that for 5 km.  Should I try running 2 intervals of 1km each, faster, and then the other 3 km at my normal speed?

Will runnier speedier intervals help my breathing get easier?  Will that increase my aerobic capacity?

Are there any breathing techniques that might help?

This is something that I would like to work on for the next few months before I think about starting my half marathon training in January.  Once I start that training I will be thinking about mileage, not speed, I am sure.