Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spectating at the Victoria Marathon

So, it happened.  The cold germs I was trying so hard to avoid snuck up on me overnight and today I woke up with a yukky throat and a runny nose.  I think I have gone through a box of tissues today.  Okay, it's done and I will get over it!

Today is race day in Victoria... the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon, Half Marathon, 8km Road Race, and a Kid's Run/Marathon, too.  The 8km road race and the Half Marathon shared a finish line so I watched about 45 mintues of the 8km runners finishing and saw the first half marathon finishers, via live stream on the internet.  Then we set off in the car to head into the City so I could see some of the marathon runners.

We situated ourselves at just about the 20km point about 45 minutes after the marathon started.  We saw several early starters, both runners and walkers, coming and going and then finally, the first of the men at just after 1:05, then the 2nd and then the 3rd... several more men, then the first wheeled competitor,  and finally the first woman. It was so exciting for me to see these elite runners in the the flesh!

Thomas Omwenga, went on to win overall, post a new course record, and finish in 2:14:33

Philip Samoei, went on to finish second overall in 2:25:39

Gilbert Kiptoo, DNF

Jeff Thompson, went on to win the wheel division and finish in 2:44:25
Ryan Day, went on to finish third overall in 2:26:40

Lucy Njeri, went on to finish first of the women, with a new course record in 2:37:56

We waited till they made the turn and then came back our way... and then watched and cheered on many, many more runners before heading off to do some freggie shopping.  I am so glad we went.  I have watched many races on the internet and on tv, including Boston, but being there, is so much better. 

And now I am even more excited to take part in a race and sign up for my first half!


  1. I have never spectated in a big race. I think it would be so much fun to cheer on the people, but I also think I would have a hard time because I would be wanting to run it so bad too :)

  2. Watching a marathon is so fun! I have spectated at a few. Seeing the leaders FLY by is so inspiring and amazing :)

  3. WOW!!!! what a fun afternoon! so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well...especially after how I know you needed so badly to keep from getting sick. I hope you get well quickly! jealous that you got to spectate such an exciting race! and I cant wait for you to run your first half either!!

  4. Fun! I love it from time to time when I can be a spectator and watch the elite runners. They are phenomenal when they are running! I know I will never be fast (probably), but I so enjoy watching the races! I would love to see Boston in person someday. Great pics - thanks for sharing the marathon with us. :)

  5. That sounds like a really neat experience! I can't even imagine watching someone run a marathon at around 2:30. I hope I finish my first half marathon in that time!


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