Monday, October 17, 2011

Looking Forward to My Next Run

I had really planned to keep running right up to the day before my eye surgery... which would have me doing 5 or 6 miles this coming Wednesday. 

But, we all know about plans... it has been more important for me to shake these sniffles so that I can even go ahead and have the surgery, than it has been to log some running miles.  As much as my legs are itching to be running, I know I made the right decision to lay low and rest.... and rest.... and rest.  It has helped and today my nose is finally clear and so I am pretty confidant, that come Thursday morning, I will be laying awake on the operating table for that hour while the surgeon drains the vitreous fluid from my eye, repairs the torn retina, and fills my eye with a gas bubble... which will require me to spend 72 hours, face down, while the retina starts to heal.

So, while I rest, and drink tea and eat mini Almond Joys and Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups to soothe my soul, I am thinking ahead to the day I can run again.  The doc says within a week, so I am thinking at worst, by Hallowe'en I can get out there.

I am already planning my route and what I am going to wear and how far I will go.  Ah, I can see me lacing up my shoes and crossing over the transom of the boat to the dock to start the walk to shore....

What do you think about when you cannot run?

Do you excited for your first time out after a layoff?


  1. I work at an ophthalmologist practice! My co-worker, in fact, is having a similar surgery on Thursday! She has floaters so they are draining the vitreous due to a bothersome amount of floaters that she has.

    When I can't run, I plan races.

    I get very excited for my first time out, but sometimes I think I build it up to be too much. Or I have too high of expectation and am slightly disappointed when things don't turn out as I imagined. Though, in the end I'm always pleased to have just gotten out and ran.

    Good luck, Elle! You will do great on Thursday!

  2. Can I come eat Almond Joys and PB cups with you?! Sounds like a good recovery plan to me! When I am injured and unable to run, I plan out my next run as well! You will be back in no time!

  3. I think it is a smart decision to rest, and in no time, you will be lacing up those sneaks :) This surgery will be worth the wait, and that first run will be such a treat!

    Good luck with the surgery and keep thinking happy thoughts...the weeks I wasn't running, I was anxious, but kept thinking about when I could run..what route I would take, what pace I would go, what I would wear...

  4. ohhh friend! i can totally relate. i ALWAYS get excited for my first run after not running for a while. plus...the longer the break it seems the more I think about running! haha! you are doing the right thing by resting though and eating that candy for your soul :) you will be out there in no time most likely running stronger than ever from the sheer excitement of running again and from rested legs! thinking of you as you go through this surgery and recovery period!

  5. Good luck with your surgery... and I am sure you will be back to running in no time if you follow your drs instructions.

    And, I plan for my next run when I cannot run. I was out 6 weeks last year and had about a years worth of runs planned out by the time I could run again!

  6. First, you got me wanting some mini peanut butter cups delicious!

    Besides getting cranky when I can't run, I try to find something else I can do. Right now, I am doing core work but I am itching to get out running again....especially since I wanted to do a 10.7 mile race on November 12th. I also try to find the time to do things I may have been "neglecting" or find something new to do....hence all the new white stuff appearing in my home....that paint brush is my new best friend until it gets replaced by my running shoes!

  7. When I can't run, but want to run it really bothers me, and all I can think about is how I can't run. I get depressed and feeling down and sometimes it is hard for me to recover.


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