Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Counting Down...

So by now you know I am having eye surgery on Thursday morning and then I have to spend 3 days face down, while the healing begins.  I am doing my best not to look up gory eye surgery pictures on the internet!

I am renting an aparatus that will help me with the 'face down' positioning.  This is a chair and facial support...

and there is also an appartus that attaches to the end of the bed so that I can lay on my tummy with my face in the support.

This is not very compatable with life on the boat, so we are moving into a charming and lovely old inn in the City for a few days.  And, because I will not be going out for meals, I am packing some snacks and teas to take along.  The Captain will be looking after me, of course, but it will be comforting to have some of my own favorite goodies with me.

And I have an assortment of books, puzzles, and will have my laptop too.  I have opted not to take any audio books but certainly there will be a radio and tv in our room.

I am hoping to be able to keep myself amused or just sleep, whichever is easier!

Today I am using up things in the fridge that won't likely store for several days, and right now I am cooking a buttercup squash (aka kobacha squash)... I will cut it up later and make a delicious dinner salad with it.

Washed, cut in half, seeds scooped out, and ready to mike.

and a few hours later...

The finished bowl...with spinach, almond slivers, Laughing Cow cheese and a dressing made from EVOO, white balsamic vinegar, cinnamon and sweetener.

Now I am enjoying a cup of tea and waiting for The Biggest Loser.

Do you have a favorite winter squash?
I would say that butternut is my VERY favorite but honestly, I haven't tried one yet that I don't care for.

Are you  a Biggest Loser fan?
I am not into it so much this season... really cannot get behind any of the contestants.  They all seem like a bunch of crybabies to me.


  1. 1) Haha! Elle, you crack me up with your comments about the BL! I also think they are whiny this season. I don't like the show as much since Jillian is gone.

    2) That salad looks delicious! Did you cook the squash first? I love spaghetti squash, but I am like you, there are not any kinds that I have tried that I don't like.

    3) I will be thinking about you this Thursday as you have your surgery. Prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery! I hope you are feeling well enough to write a quick post and let us know you are okay!

    Talk to you soon! ;)

  2. yumm that salad looks so good!! You will do great and your eye will be all the better for the surgery :)

    Does a masseuse come with that chair? If not, i would ask for my money back :) Captain is going to have to put some work in!

  3. LOVE biggest loser! and it makes me cry every single time! i totally thought of you this morning and how your surgery is tomorrow! i am thinking of you lots and hoping everything goes smoothly AND that you heal quickly!

  4. Hope everything goes well with surgery and that recovery is swift and the time flies by!

    And I can't agree more about the crybabies on BL12. Bonnie is the worst!!

  5. I never really got into BL but I love this season! It does feel kinda weird without Jillian there though...just isn't the same!

    I'm keeping you in my thoughts...I can't believe the surgery date came so quickly! Good luck with everything (which I'm sure you won't need because everything is going to go PERFECT)! Have a speedy recovery :)

  6. I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Let the Captain take care of you and enjoy just doing nothing!

  7. Yummy looking salad!

    I had my eyes done almost six years ago - best thing ever! Good luck today.

    I agree with BL. I can't get into this year.

  8. That chair looks like a massage chair!

    Best of luck with your surgery, I am sure it'll all be worth it in the end. I hope you have a nice speedy recovery. You'll be back to running in no time!

  9. Thank you for your AMAZING suggestion while I was sick! I didn't get a chance to use it but for sure will if it happens again!!!

    Biggest Loser has really jumped shark. Makes me sad the Jillian is gone. Love Bob but Anna K really get under my skin. The contestants are less likely too.....

    Get Up & Go

  10. Hope your surgery went well and you're feeling great by now. I agree with you, I haven't found a winter (or summer) squash don't like. They're a part of most dinners.

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  11. YES and YES! I love squash and love biggest loser! It was pretty good this week too!

    I wanna make that salad...looks SO good!

  12. hope surgery goes well...and get well soon :)

  13. I can't get into this season of the Bl either and I have tried, sort of. I miss Jillian!

    I hope all goes well with your surgery tomorrow I will be thinking of you! I hope you stay entertained!


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