Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sunshine... hurray!

I poked my head out of the aft cabin this morning, after sleeping in till 8:45, and there is was... the sun shining in a sky that was mostly blue.  Hurray. Let me outa here!

The Captain and I had coffee together and then I made us a light breakfast of yogurt and bananas topped with toasted oats and maple syrup.  Light because I didn't want to wait too long before I headed out for my run.  In spite of my best efforts, it was 10:30 before I got away.

It was so good to be out and running.  It is amazing to me the difference that the sunshine makes in the way I see my world. I don't think I would do well in a part of the world where it is dark for most of the day during the winter months.  

I ran very slowly today.  I covered the same 4.85 km that I have done the past few runs, but took 6 whole minutes longer today to do it.  I didn't want to take a walk break at all, and I am so afraid of catching anything that I don't want to overdo it at all.

I do know that I am likely to compromise my immune system only if I go too long or too fast, but - knock on wood here - I am not taking any chances. If you are wondering why I am so freaked out about catching a cold right now, it is because I have surgery scheduled on my right eye on October 20th... 2 weeks from today... and I cannot be sneezing or sniffling or coughing during or after that surgery.  If I catch a cold, they will cancel it.  Anyway, more about that in a future post.

So, 40 minutes later I was back at the marina, walking and then stretching and riding the endorphin high that this run brought me. 

W2 R40 W4
stretch 5 minutes

I do so love to stretch.  At one time I thought it was a waste of my time but now I revel in it.  It just feels so good.

Do you take the time to stretch after you run?

Or after you strength train?


  1. I can relate to what you said about even with your best efforts it takes a while to get out the door...i am always thinking "today will be an early day" and then suddenly its 10-11am before i know it! ;)

    sometimes i like a nice leisurely run. the way you describe your runs and stretching after always sounds so relaxing. i admire you for that!

    i am not always the "best" at remembering to stretch but I know that I am one that needs to be good about it...i get really tight if I forget or neglect it and it just gets worse from there. you have definitely provided motivation for me to make it part of my routine!

    jealous of your sunshine!

    have a wonderful night!

  2. I function ten times better in the sun...when it is overcast or rainy i want to curl up in my covers and not come out!

    I was actually late to work this morning because I made sure I took a good 10-15 minutes to stretch these hurting legs!! I love to stretch, but sometimes I do rush through it too much

  3. yay for sunshine! now if only here in Texas, wwe could get some much needed RAIN!!!

  4. I don't stretch enough, I have to admit. I just started doing it more because I have been more achy than normal. I know its bad that I didn't do it until I HAD to, but there it is.

    That sounds like an awesome run. I am so glad that fall is here!

  5. I love to stretch! Especially if you are a runner and have tight legs and hips, nothing feels better than a good stretch.

  6. I LOVE to stretch after running, it's one of my favorite parts. I have a set of about 6 stretches that make me feel complete after running and I really think it helps to prevent injury.

    I totally have issues getting up early and running on my days off, I love lazing around in bed and taking my time. But this works just fine in this weather because it's getting a bit chilly and the temps are OK at 11am/12noon, whereas during the summer it's just TOO hot at that time.

  7. I need to foam roll and stretch after my runs or any cardio workouts. If I skip it, my muscles remind me not to neglect them.

    Stay healthy and enjoy the sunshine!

  8. I LOVE stretching now, too! I have become a foam roller queen after my runs, and thankfully so because I haven't been nearly as sore as I used to get.

    PS: I mentioned you today, in my latest blog post: =)

  9. I don't stretch enough after runs, but I do yoga at least once per week and I always stretch after strength training.

  10. LOVE this post! It makes me smile to read about running in the sunshine - I've been missing it here for the most part!

    I need to get better about stretching after my runs and workouts! I know it helps, but I am always so happy to be done that I am just done!! ;)


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