Saturday, October 15, 2011

My LARABAR giveaway winner!

Thanks to everyone who sent me ideas for getting rid of my sniffles!  I think that the rest and ginger-lemon tea is helping and I do feel more energetic today.  I think a walk out in the sunshine this afternoon will help, too.

No running for me this week.  Need to get stronger for my eye surgery Thursday morning and cannot be coughing or sneezing during that!

I used a random number generator this morning to determine the winner of my LARABAR giveaway and the lucky winner is Jenn who writes Jenn's Adventures.  If you haven't found her yet, do stop by.  Jenn is an energetic and busy Maui gal who has a great wit and a beautifully presented blog. 

Jenn, I will email you shortly.  Thanks to everyone who entered and to LARABAR for sponsoring my first giveaway.  It was really fun for me.

And, because is it Saturday, The Captain is busy whipping me up a pancake breakfast... see ya all later!


  1. YAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I am SO beyond excited:) I woke up to your email with a HUGE smile on my face--I have never tried LARABAR and feel honored to have won your very first giveaway!!!


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