Thursday, July 28, 2016

Won't You Sit Down and Catch Up With Me?

Why yes, I have been on a mini-vacation... a lovely 4 days on the mainland to attend a wedding and then a few days South of the border to do some shopping in WA.  Let me tell you a bit about it.

The wedding we attended was the most beautiful and intimate I have ever experienced.  It was in a colorful and lush garden at the home of my husband's sister in North Vancouver, on the base of Grouse Mountain. Over the past many years they have landscaped and formed a lovely oasis, complete with mountain stream in the backyard of their home... no wonder their son and his lovely fiance chose this venue for their wedding.  Only 35 guests. Absolutely stunning and yet somehow, simple in its elegance.  And we also attended 2 other small family get-togethers and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

And our trip to the U.S. resulted in some great shopping and tired feet!  I have some favorite little shopping areas and also checked out some new ones.

Vitamin World is one of my favorite places to stock up on essentials and supplements. This time I added some BCAAs to the bag. I have been doing lots of research about adding them to my supplements and chose this brand to try.  So far, so good. The flavor is lovely, that is for sure.

And on the home front...

Sunday morning found me running, very slowly, a loop around our neighborhood. After not running for a couple of weeks, I really struggle.... but it was a lovely morning and good to get out. I really need to be doing this consistently again.

On Monday I started a new workout program called Metabolic Prime... it is another by Jade Teta and his team. It is along the lines of Metabolic Aftershock which concentrates on the larger muscles and bodyweight exercises, but with the option of adding weights or resistance bands to your effort. It is 12 weeks in duration.  Love it so far!

And on Tuesday we were back on the tennis court.  Boy was my form rusty after a couple of weeks off but was great to stretch out the quads and glutes that I worked so hard in the gym on Monday.  I love playing tennis.

I have been trying out some new protein powders from Plant Fusion. So far GREAT. Do stay tuned for a giveaway soon.  More and more often I am selecting plant-based proteins as they do stick to my ribs a lot longer than whey.

And yes, because someone asked... I am still oil pulling EVERY day. It is making my teeth shiny and white and I have noticed less staining.  I made sure to stock up on unrefined virgin coconut oil while South of the border too.

What are you loving lately?  I love catching up on your news, too.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tommie Copper Sport Orthotics Review

Did you know that Tommie Copper has a line of orthotics?  Or actually 2 lines... one for sport, and the other for most everyday shoes.

Well, I didn't either... but when I was given a chance to test a pair of the new Tommie Coppper Sport Orthotics, I eagerly accepted.

I am really fortunate in not having a history of problems with my feet... but over the years I do think that the fatty, soft pads on the balls of my feet have diminished somewhat and I find myself searching for thick, comfy socks more and more often. I do notice the impact when I run and have had some tenderness occasionally.  After reading some information about the Sport Orthotics I knew that I wanted to give them a try.

These orthotics do provide a nice comfortable cushioning.  And I agree that they definitely provide some shock absorption.  There was a noticeable difference in my comfort level when running on the streets and sidewalks in my neighborhood.

They also have soft top cover made from patented Copperguard to help prevent odor, bacteria, and fungi on the orthotic.   Great idea!  Who wants a smelly orthotic?  Not me, and I know you dont' either.

I have been wearing these orthotics in my gym shoes and also in my running shoes... I find them extremely comfortable and have noticed a difference not only when I run, but when I happen to do jumps and plyometrics on the carpet-covered concrete floor in our fitness room.

I simply chose my size and when they arrived, slipped them into my shoes.   The underside....

I would urge anyone looking for an off the shelf orthotic to check them out.  You can read about the Sport Orthotic as well as the Memory Foam Orthotic on the Tommie Copper web site.

Do you use orthotics?  Do you experience any foot discomfort on your runs or during your workouts?