Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Have Found Another Love!

There is a new man in my life... his name is Tommie Copper.  I love him.  A lot!

A couple of weeks ago, I won a contest on Twitter, and Jordan, from Tommie Copper, got in touch with me and offered me my choice of one of their sleeves and one of their t-shirts.  I chose a calf sleeve and a woman's tee, and when they arrived, Jordan had also very gererously included a knit cap, which The Captain is going to love wearing this winter while we are out walking and running....  oh, did I mention that I think Jordan is pretty darn special, too?

I immediately pulled the calf sleeve out of the package and wore it for the next 24 hours.  Occasionally, my left ankke/calf swells up when I am not very active, and the TC calf sleeve looked after it quite nicely.  By the next morning, the swelling was gone and I was elated.

I read through the pamphlet that came with the clothing, and it says this:

" Tommie Copper can help reduce pain associated with the following:

Back Pain.  Sore Shoulders. Arthritis. Tennis Elbow. Tendonitis. Carpal Tunnel. Ankle Sprain. Runners Knee. Pulled Calf

And most muscle, circulatroy, and inflammatory conditions."

When we were packing up a few things to take to the inn where we were planing to spend several days after my eye surgery, I decided to include the t-shirt.  I thought that perhaps it would help with the inevitable muscle soreness that would come along with being bent over in the face down position for 72 + hours and also from having to sleep on my tummy.

I was not disappointed. 

Each morning after I bathed, I put on the slim fitting t-shirt and wore it for the day, occasionally putting a sweater over it when The Captain opened the window to allow some fresh air to flow into our room.

The shirt is made from the softest material that you can possibly imagine.  It is so comfortable, and wearing it made my skin feel almost tingly with warmth.  It is lightweight and feels quite luxurious. 

I am so happy that I made the decision to take the shirt along and wear it for several hours a day.  Sitting with your face in a pillow all day is not that uncomfortable, but laying on your stomach with your face in a pillow all night certainly is.

There is no good place to put your arms.  If you put them above your head, your shoulders get really sore and if you put them under your chest, the breast bone aches after a while.  After several hours on your tummy, your lower back is in agony.

So, puttiing the shirt on, and wearing it all day, relieved the ache in my shoulders, and in my chest, and kept my back warm and supported while I bent forward all day.

Between The Captain's soothing back rubs and shoulder massages, and my Tommie Copper shirt, I got through it with as little discomfort as was possible.

Thank you, Tommie Copper.... and Jordan, too!


  1. what a great review Elle! I would love to try one of their shirts at some point...i really do love the feel of the material so i am SURE that a shirt would feel amazing! glad it was able to help make your recovery more comfortable as well :)

  2. I am so jealous! I want some Tommie Cooper stuff so bad. Allan (my husband) has been begging for calf compression sleeves but I have yet to relent. Enjoy your new TC gear!

  3. Jordan is AWESOME!! I just rec'd a package, too, and plan on testing everything out this week. I'll be hosting a giveaway in a couple weeks, too, so if the Captain is jealous, he'll have his chance to win some TC loot!! ;)

  4. I love my Tommie Copper shirt too, i sleep in it sometimes! Glad you are surviving and getting some good pampering! The calf sleeves I wear at work, I am on my feet all day and they really seem to help.

  5. bahh i was posting mine when I saw this retweet from Jordan! So I linked your review to mine :) Glad you enjoyed the shirt, I was curious about that one...I know if I have backpain, I will be ordering one for sure!

  6. Awesome review and it just demonstrates how multi-functional some products can be. Therefore, worth the price!

  7. Awesome! So glad you've found something that works for you. ::hugs::

  8. Thanks for playing along at JoannaRuns and becoming a new follower! And...come check out the announcement post :) There might be a little something for you there.

  9. Love my TC gear and Jordan rocks! So glad you won!

  10. Great review! I have never tried the Tommie Cooper products, but now I want to. I am glad they are helping with your recovery soreness. I want to dry the calf sleeves and the shirt too.

  11. I'm so glad you are loving the shirt! TC and Jordan rock!


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