Friday, April 22, 2011

100 Pushups Week 1 Day 2

We took another carful of things to the boat today.  I worked at putting things away in the lockers while The Captain put some things in the canopy of the pickup.  So handy to have that old vehicle at the marina as a storage unit.

It is a beautiful Spring Day... this Good Friday, this Earth Day.

I am hardboiling and coloring eggs for Easter and thinking about past Easters on the boat, and in WA state when we wintered there...  visiting relatives in Calgary... shopping at West Edmonton Mall. 

One year, when I was still a teenager, my BFF and I drove from Calgary to West Vancouver for a few days. We were so excited to see the daffodils in bloom in the gardens at Vancouver City Hall, just having escaped the still dusty, winter-gravelled streets of Calgary.  Gosh...  now that I am living on the Southern end of Vancouver Island, I get to enjoy the early blossoms every year.  And I never take them for granted.

Grape Hyacinths



I did  a 100 Pushups Challenge workout today:

Week 1,  Day 2

Set 1 -  3
Set 2 -  4
Set 3 -  2
Set 4 -  3
Set 5 -  4

And we went for a lovely, long walk in the warm sunshine.

I have signed up for a Virtual Race, the Jelly Bean Race.  I plan to run the 5 km distance on Saturday, with The Captain.  I know it won't be fast, but it will be fun.

I also looked into something called a Virtual Marathon on Barfeoot Neil Z's running blog.  He has people signed up to run 42.2 km between April 17th and May 1st... with at least 1 km of it being done ON May 1st.

Since April 17th I have run only 5.97  km.  Can I get in another 36.23 km by May 1st?  Not likely, but it will give me something to aim for.  I have a really busy week ahead as we prepare to leave this house and move back onto the boat.


  1. Elle...We'll have to exchange sailing stories:) My boyfriend is an experienced sailor. We do a lot of sailing around Cape Cod, MA (Buzzards Bay). Since I am still learning, we compromise my road racing and his sailing. We've been working on the boat since it's not in the water yet. BTW, I think you can still sign up for "I Can't Afford the Actual Race" virtual marathon.

  2. Yes, good idea.

    I am going to look at that virtual marathon.

  3. Barfoot? Lol!

    It's ok, I'm not offended.

    Best of luck on the virtual marathon. Thanks for playing!

  4. Neil, I am so sorry for the typo. You obviously have a good sense of humor and I have corrected my mistake, AND promise to be more careful in the future.

    Thanks for the kind welcome to your Virtual Marathon.


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