Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Beautiful Morning Run

The sun is shining today and it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

A mid-morning run sounded just about right today.  We headed down toward the trail that takes us along a fairly flat, lightly gravelled path through farmland and across old train tressels and a small lake.  Many folks were out using the trail today... walkers, bicyclists, other runners and lots and lots of dogs.  It was too nice a morning to stay indoors.

The route I mapped for us to run today was 5.6 km long.  The first half was pretty speedy for me.... 2.8 km in 19 minutes - under 7 minutes per km.  I haven't regained enough lung-power after my 2 month layoff yet to keep that up for long.  After we made the turn I knew I would need to either slow down or walk more often.  We did both!

But I was pleased to finish.  No matter which direction we head out from this house, it is an uphill climb to return.  I am looking forward to moving back to the boat and some flat running, soon.

W3 R43 @9/1x2,6/1,4/1,6/2,3 W4

I worked my 100 Pushups Challenge workout into my after-run stretching today.  And I repeated the Day 3 workout from Week 1.  I am just not ready to progress beyond that yet.

Week1, Day 3
Set 1 - 4
Set 2 - 5
Set 3 - 4
Set 4 - 4
Set 5 - 5

Then we shared a large navel orange and enjoyed our coffee out in the sunshine, on the deck.

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