Monday, April 18, 2011

Short and Sweet

We  had a really busy morning, packing some things to take up to the marina... some to put into storage in the canopy of the pickup, and some to leave on the boat.  Was a nice sunny morning and so we took advantage to pack up the car and go.  Moving things in the rain is no fun.

When we got back we had a quick lunch and I asked The Captain if he wanted to go for a short run with me.  He agreed and about an hour later we put on on some running gear and away we went.

It was a hilly route - this neighborhood is hilly and it took us 22 minutes to run the 2.75 km route that I had mapped out before we left.  Light rain started falling just as we were getting done so we came inside to stretch.

W1 R22 @9/1 W2

Not much of a run, but it was good to do it - tomorrow is another busy day.

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