Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring has finally arrived!

For some reason, Saturday runs are more fun.  Not sure why, it just has always been that way.  Maybe it is because there are more people around, and in a more congenial, relaxed mood.

This morning The Captain made the usual, delicious. Saturday morning pancakes, and I managed to slice some fresh strawberries on them before he topped them with eggs and syrup (sugar free for me, please).  Great fuel for a late morning run.

I used Map My Run to find us a route that would be just over 5 km  - I don't care for the changes they have made to the software and the web site so I will be looking for a different one... but today it had to do.

I mapped a 5.54 km route, through a residential neighborhood nearby, to a trail that runs through farmland, flanked on both sides by small creeks and lots of trees.  It is really nice and there are always lots of people out on weekends... runners and bikers, walkers with strollers and with dogs, and today a couple of people riding horses too. 

It was a beautiful, sunny morning.  I actually took my light jacket off part way through and ran with bare arms.

The last distance I ran was only 3.0 km so today's 5.54 km was a big increase, and I made sure to run slowly and used a 6/1 run/walk pace.  It took 44 minutes to finish and I know it was hard at times for The Captain to run that slow.  But the route through the residential area is all down TO the trail, and then all UP coming back and by the time we were done, my left hip was aching some and I was really slow.

But it was GREAT to be out.  I am always so happy to run.

We had a good stretch out on the deck in the sunshine and then I drank a glass of Almond Breeze mixed with ff milk (the vanilla unsweetened is my favorite) and then I did 5 pushups!

I am restarting the 100 Pushup Challenge today and 5 real pushups was the most I could do.  And they were not very deep either.  Yikes.

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