Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring it On!

Yes, it is finally Spring… and even though I am lucky enough to live in a part of the country that has been having nice warm weather for most of the Winter, really… having the calendar officially turn over to Spring is a good thing… For me it means that my Spring vacation is coming up soon!  I will tell ya about that soon… but I am quite excited, and it involves a cruise.

We got our for a shortish run just before lunch today. I kept it short on purpose, only 3.35 km, around the park. I didn’t sleep well last night and had leg cramps in spite of the magnesium drink I had just before bed. I drank 4 small gasses of wine over the course of the evening and I am sure that did me in… one too many for sure!

So, the first run of the season was short but sweet. It is a warm day in the neighborhood and there were lots of people out enjoying the day and the lovely views along the Strait today.  After a good stretch and some lunch we walked downtown to pick up a couple of grocery items I need for dinner later.  For some reason, walking doesn’t tax my legs like running does. Odd, I think, cause it’s all time on the feet, no?

Some highlights from my week:

On Wednesday The Captain didn’t feel like playing tennis so we packed a lunch and went for a walk along the Strait and then climbed the steep hill to Government House where the Lt. Governor of our province resides. The mansion sits on 35 acres of fabulous property. Some of it remains in wild Garry Oak meadows, and  the rest is divided into many different gardens.  We love to wander there and take pictures… all in all we were gone just over 3 hours and it as a lovely way to get in some sunshine and fresh air after a wee bit of a St. Paddy’s Day celebration the evening before!

March 18 2105 walk 051

March 18 2105 walk 033

March 18 2105 walk 019

Had a really nice surpsise in the mail this week.  I recently won a giveaway from Jody at Truth 2 Being Fit and this week a package of NuNaturals products arrived.  I have come to love this brand and their customer service.  I cannot purchase this stuff retain in Canada so this win is really special for me.


On Thursday I visited a co-worker, who has become a dear friend, in a local hospital. I was nervous about going to see her as I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew only a little bit about her condition so I wasn't sure what I would find or what shape she was in. But, she had texted me and asked me to come… what a relief to find her sitting up in her bed, with a bit of makeup on her radiant, smiling face. She has been very, very ill, but now on the road to recovery, thankfully... even though it is going to be a long one.  I was so emotional that I cried a little after I left the hospital. I think it was just a way of letting go of the pent up feelings that I hadn’t even really been aware of beforehand.  I am planning to go again this week.

I have finished up my 21 Day Fix… I followed the diet fairly closely this week, and followed the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique, too… which is based on lean proteins, fruit and veggies, fat free dairy products and whole grains (if you eat them)… we call them Power Foods at Weight Watchers.  I also worked out every day and was rewarded with a 3.6 pound weight loss. YAY!   I am working on building my upper body and leaning out through the core and this weight loss was a big boon to my efforts.  I have decided to follow through with another week and see if I can’t drop and other pound or 2. I want to have some wiggle room on my vacation!

March 13 TC gear 002

Do you ever find yourself crying to release pent up feelings or stress?

Okay, please tell me something fun you are looking forward to this week cause I love to catch up on your news.


  1. I AM SO SO SO SPRINGING AROUND TOWN no longer as stressed or crying because the rain is GONE.
    until thursday anyway :-)
    and Ill take it.

  2. I had my first outdoor run as well-yay short but good. Those are some beautiful views you have. Crying ? Oh yeah I have a teenage daughter so one of us is crying a lot! LOL

  3. This week I am looking forward to getting my haircut. It is always a fun way to feel refreshed! Your walk looks gorgeous and man am I jealous of all of that luscious green grass. Negative temperatures continue here. Grr!

  4. Spring is sooo not coming for us yet...waitig on a storm here...tho i wish it would come! I got haircut LAST week! that feeling. Finally had a few "good" more encouraging runs, and crying? hell yeh. I often cry after a really long run at the finish line (a good thing)...stress can mean tears for me. So i run :-)

  5. I love JODY! She is the best.

  6. I get so jealous of the Island weather at this time of year. I don't miss the grey and rain over the winter, but man, it would be so nice to have some green and sun instead of fog and snow.

  7. This week I am going to be getting back to reality since we're back from spring break. Fun fun :) I don't cry very often, but I do run/workout to let out pent up anger and stress!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear that your friend is ill, but I hope she continues to recover and get stronger! And congrats to you on the weight loss!

  9. I totally want to hug you for using "paddy" instead of "patty" hahahahaha! I'm pretty happy spring is here in Toronto as well but it's still a little chillier than I would like.

  10. Crying to release stress? Oh yes. I'm not much of a crier, but once I get rolling, I can't stop!

    It looks so pretty where you are!

  11. I wish that I was saying that I was looking forward to warm weather, but winter is absolutely refusing to leave. It's driving me crazy. It's going to jump straight from cold to hot with none of the pretty spring weather.

    In reality, I'm looking forward to visiting my parents in a few days. It seems like forever since we went home...

  12. sometimes nothing is better than a good cry! glad you were able to get it out!

  13. Sometimes I find myself needing a good cry to help relieve stress. Don't feel bad about needing to let it out sometimes!

  14. It's still pretty cold around here, but I'm excited about spring and the pending warmer weather too! :D

  15. Oh, I live a bit of Spring sunshine! We had a bit but it seems to have gone again :(

    I find that sort of emotional release happens at the least expected times, especially at those moments of relief. Glad to hear your friend is doing well xx

  16. WTG with the Fix! I'm so happy the calendar says spring but the weather thinks it's still winter. It snowed last night :(

    I'm looking forward to many classes of hot yoga this week!

  17. Love planks, I found that I really get the most out of them when I focus on my form instead of "just doing a plank". Also I'm in love with stevia - send it all to me! Congrats on the weight loss!!

  18. Sigh Iwish it was spring here. As I type this my fingers are so cold because my office has no heat ;( nice job on the weightloss! I did 21 day fix last year and really liked the program.

  19. We had a taste of spring last week. Warm, window's open, light jacket kind of weather. All the snow melted and the sun was shining. Then we got 10cm overnight....cruel winter...very cruel.

  20. Congrats on winning a giveaway!! I recently won one as well! I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather. We had nice weather last week, then the temps plummeted, then it snowed and theeeen... it warmed up just enough for it to rain with thunderstorms!

  21. I am so late but not forgotten! :) I am so glad you got the package & I love NuNaturals!!!!!

    Love that walk too - so beautiful & good to get outside!

    I think sometimes when we have stuff going on ourselves, the seeing another like this helps us get our own stuff out plus we all have feelings & crying is natural.

    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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