Tuesday, March 11, 2014

E-A-T … Think Before You Eat.

Food and eating has been on my mind a lot lately… all the time actually (and honestly).  I am constantly looking for better ways to fuel my workouts, and keep my body weight stable, while tweaking my macros and trying to get in all the nutrients I need.

I like the things I eat to be tasty, and pretty, and colorful.  I like to cook and to bake and create, and I am always coming up with new ways to eat the foods I like and to combine them into new dishes. 

For the most part, I think I eat pretty healthy.  Oh sure, there are occasional indulgences, but for the most part, I am careful, mindful, calculating even.
When one of my dear friends shared these words with me today, I decided to put them into a graphic and share them here.

She doesn’t remember where the words came from so I cannot credit the author.  But I am passing them along anyway.  If  you know the source, I would be happy to give credit!  The graphic is mine.

Think Before You Eat

Are you mindful about what you eat?

Any food rules you abide by?


  1. Great reminders. I'm usually pretty good about food choices but I do fall victim to boredom eating sometimes.

  2. I noticed about a month ago that I had let this slip. Amazing how that can still happen!

  3. I like these Elle! Thanks for sharing the tips about time. That's one I too often forget.

  4. I am VERY VERY mindful of what I eat because I have to be and at this point because I want to be. I feel great thanks to the foods that I consume! :)

  5. Im completely mindful and intuitive and yet have found the hardest thing has been/is teaching mindful eating to my child!
    when it's just intuitive for me now!

  6. I'm going through the exact same thing...


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