Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marathon Weight Loss Challenge at Run With Jess

Normally I don't think much about weight loss anymore.... I have been a succesful lifetimer at Weight Watchers forever but since I gained a couple of pounds during my half marathon training, and started eating more because I was burning more, I have gotten a little complacenet about my weight and have gained a few more pounds.

Yesterday morning I got on the scale - which I rarely do anymore, and find that I am 11 pounds over my ideal weight.  Now, I know that a couple of these pounds are due to the edema I am fighting in my left ankle but 11 pounds!  Yikes!  This has never happened to me in almost 25 years, and I need to get on it.  Today! 

I am usually so good at keeping these little gains and losses within a 3 - 4 pound range, and I know that with all the things we have had on the go these past few months, I just got lazy about eating properly.

This Marathon Weight Loss Challenge at Run With Jess is just what I needed to give me the kickstart I need....  so I signed up.  Nothing like a challenge to make me focus and get serious!  And especially a public one, at that.

Does your weight ever creep up on you?

What do you do about it?


  1. I need to get over to her blog and check this out! I've been too wrapped up in my Relay event to do anything......either way, I need to lose the last 8 or so to get to my rough ideal weight. As long as I feel good and the clothes fit, I am a happy girl!

  2. Are you going to lose the whole 26 pounds or just the 11 you've gained? :)
    My weight lives in a very small range. If it creeps up more than about 3 pounds then I make sure I have a "sensible" couple of weeks (or maybe a month if I'm more worried). I'd like to maintain my weight a couple of pounds lighter but I do enjoy good food a bit too much and technically my BMI is at the lower end of "normal" so it's probably not a good idea. Is anyone normal?!

  3. I seem to be stuck in a weight battle, I joined the challenge a d really hope it helps.

  4. I agree, I'm excited for the challenge! I've always struggled with those last 5-10lbs that keep coming on and off...hopefully THIS challenge will push me over the limit and I'll rid of it once and for all!!!

  5. Good luck! When I travel, I tend to gain weight -- I exercise less and eat out WAY more! It's a downward spiral from there! It's nice to have a challenge and a little kick start to help you on your way!

  6. This looks like fun, and I can't wait to hear about your progress! I know you can do it and make it really fun too! :) My weight has really crept up on me lately, but unlike other times, I am not in a position to do anything about it at this exact moment other than eat as healthy as I can and get a little movement in each day. I can tell you once I am back to myself, I think I will be more motivated than ever to reach my health and fitness goals - at least, I truly hope so!


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