Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tommie Talk... Tommie Copper that is!

Several days ago I wrote a post about why I love walking… and not only did I get a lot of feedback about walking and the Spring flowers and green grass in my picture, I got a lot of questions about the great looking outfit I was wearing, too.  I have to admit, I get compliments on this outfit a lot!

Feb 18 2015 Walking and TC 006

Feb 18 2015 Walking and TC 007

I bet you won’t be surprised to learn that the jacket, and the mock neck shirt underneath it, and the great looking leggings are all from the Tommie Copper lineup.  These garments are staples in my wardrobe. I think they are dressy and stylish enough to wear for casual outings, especially when I am going to be outdoors on coolish Spring days.  And they are so comfortable that I can wear them for hours and hours and hours.

This jacket is really functional.  It is lightly longer in the back to make sure to keep you covered and warm, and it also has thumb holes… a great feature for long sleeved garments, don’t you agree?  There are two front zipped pockets and the front centre zipper is copper colored, too, and zips closed to a nice, snug-but-not-tight, neckline. I like to keep my neck and chin warm on cool days.

The leggings are ample for my really long legs, reaching to the ankle and never riding up. They move with me easily. They also have a little pocket on the right outer thigh that can hold keys or a credit card or some coins. They fit me like a glove and are so comfortable that once I put them on I never want to take them off!  If you have worn compression leggings you will know what I mean. And they match the jacket in stylish and functional stitching.

Underneath the jacket, I am wearing a black mock neck long sleeved shirt.  It is an added layer of warmth and comfort, and it matches the jacket and leggings, too.

All of these garments are fashioned from Tommie Copper’s patent-protected fabrics… they are machine washable, but I admit to babying them and handwashing them in gentle soaps… I want them to last as long as they possibly can.

These garments are the blackest of blacks and I am sorry that my photos don’t show that.

Yesteday I posted some pictures of The Captain and I playing tennis at our neighborhood court and they generated some interest in our garments as well.

Feb 24 2015 tennis outing 010

This particular shirt is one of the most comfortable I own. It is so soft and is part of the active wear line from Tommie Copper, It is not compression gear so the cut is looser, and has a lovely, ergonomic design for a full range of motion.  The fabric is moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and offers UPF50+ protection from the sun's harmful rays.  And yes, thumbholes!  And check out the awesome stitching down the back.  It matches that jacket very nicely!

Feb 24 2015 tennis outing 008
2015-02-24 10.40.24

Now, those leggings that I wore to play tennis are not the ones in the walking pictures… the tennis leggings are plain black, and just as comfy and just as supportive. They are designed to improve circulation and enhance muscle performance.  But they are a bit more practical because I can also be wear them  to work with tunic tops and short boots.  Compression leggings all day long?  Yes, please.

And not to leave The Captain, out, he wore his Tommie Copper long sleeved compression tee. I talked him out of the mock neck to play tennis as I knew he would be too warm!  He laughed when I took this picture and said he would have worn nicer shorts if he had known he was going to be published!

Feb 24 2015 tennis outing 014

We have been loyal Tommie Copper fans since I first won a compression tee and a calf sleeve in a Twitter giveaway several years ago.  I wore that tee to help keep my back and shoulder pain to a minimum after having retinal surgery on my right eye and having to remain face-down for 4 days.  And I wrote my first Tommie Copper review about it… which you can read HERE if you like.

Eye Surgery 010

Since then we have acquired many more Tommie Copper garments, and our love for them has only grown over the years… and our admiration, too, as their products have evolved and the product lines expanded.  I have done many, many more reviews.   Tommie Copper garments and sleeves not only help me power through my workouts and activities, they also aid in recover and keep me warm when I am not feeling well or out and about in cool weather.  And, a  couple of years ago I put together a collage of pictures of some of the Tommie Copper garments I love and wear from day to day.

Tommie collage

Oh, and of course that was done before I won these bright pink capris!  I put them on with my blue long sleeved compression shirt one day a couple of weeks ago to head out for a run… I thought the bright colors would give me more energy to go do a run on a gloomy day, and it certainly worked!

Feb 4 Run 002 - Copy

I have a terrific relationship with this company… and had many opportunities to collaborate with some really good people who represent the marketing department at Tommie Copper.   I hope it continues for a good long time to come!

If you are not familiar with Tommie Copper gear and garments, or have not checked them out for a while, I urge you to look at the web site. And do go and look at the Facebook page as well… they have lots of generous merchandise giveaways going on all the time!

Web Site:

Now, just for the sake of disclosure… I have written this post to showcase garments that I love and really wear, made by a company I respect and admire.   I was not asked to write this review. I was not given product or compensation in exchange for this review… but I have received/won product from Tommie Copper in the past.

Do you know and love Tommie Copper, too?


  1. cute stuff :) I love the jacket!

  2. Great post!!!! I LOVE Tommie Copper as well. Great products that look great and feel great!

  3. These clothes are adorable! The jacket is really cute!

  4. I've never heard of Tommie cooper before but its always great to learn about good gear.

  5. I've seen Tommy Copper floating around the blogosphere, but I've never tried their stuff. I love the leggings and the white jacket!

  6. I just ordered my first Tommie Copper leggings and shorts. Can't wait to try them!

  7. omg I just heard about tommie copper this year through my XC team, so funny I stumbled across it now bc I totally forgot. I love compression gear so I'll have to check them out!

  8. ok I just submitted a comment but idk if went through so sorry if this posts twice but I said that I had just heard of tommie copper through a student on my XC team this past year and totally forgot about them. I'll have to check them out!

  9. Very cool! Love the jacket and have heard AMAZING things about this brand! Thanks for sharing.

  10. You look great in your TC gear! I have a few pieces and love them. I swear by their calf sleeves and have bought TC items as gifts!

  11. You know I love Tommie Copper too! You look great in all your TC gear! It's very flattering on you!

  12. I've never heard of this company, but they look adorable on you and sound super-functional too! You are too cute!

  13. I love that jacket! I love that it covers the bum. I hate jackets that don't do that. As a tall girl, it happens to me often :(

  14. Love all of your great pics. I have never tried Tommie Copper but the clothes look great and very functional too!

  15. Those are some really nice leggings 😊 thanks for sharing! Side note, I love your haircut!

  16. I love Tommie Copper :-) My most favorite item is the short compression socks - they just make my feet feel good. I need more.

  17. You look great in them all!!!! I have a couple pieces & love them!


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