Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lazy Sunday... Coffee Thoughts

I am enjoying a lazy Sunday morning… that means still in my jammies, with my keyboard on my lap, sipping coffee, and watching some curling on tv. 

Several of the Western provinces are having their ladies championships this weekend and the winners will be at the Scotties in Montreal in February.  I know that curling is very boring if you don’t play or don’t understand it… The Captain is a former competitive curler at a high level, and I have played so we enjoy watching it together and following the various teams we like.

Did you read my review of the The Summit Seeker and enter my giveaway?  If not, you still have time, and Vanessa will ship the winner’s book anywhere in the world.   Click here to read that post.

Jan 7 The Summit Seeker 001

I got a lovely surprise this week… check out this long sleeved mock neck shirt from Tommie Copper… the styling is fabulous and the fit is perfect for me.  And of course it is made from their patented copper-infused fabric. I have been wanting a high-neck shirt to wear for running outside druing these cool, damp Winter days and cannot wait to get out there and test it out.  I do hope my foot cooperates.

I am having so much fun with my vegetable spiralizer.  I have only used it to make zoodles so far, but have tried many different sauces and toppings and am loving them so much.  These spiralizers are on Amazon right now… both .com and .ca for the lowest prices I have seen yet and I got free shipping, too.

Dec 28 spiralizer zuke 001

My strength workouts with The Captain are going well…. we alternate the super sets so I am forced to take the rest breaks I am supposed to, while I supervise and count his reps.  I know he needs to be using some heavier weights so need to tend to that next week.  But at least he is getting into the habit of working out 3 times a week.

And I am seeing  my immunologist on Tuesday. He has the results of some tests I had done in November, finally, so I am a bit anxious about that… but hope there are some answers, too.

And last but not least… I have GOT to make the time to get my hair cut… decisions, decisions!  I thought I wanted long hair after having kept it short all those years on the sailboat.  Now I just find it a lot of trouble.

Okay, my coffee cup is empty and I am getting hungry… it must be breakfast time. 

What is on your mind today?


  1. I want to try a spiralizer! Your pictures and posta have gotten me interested!

  2. I hope you get answers from the doc!!! Good luck!!!

    I want long hair but mine is a pain in the arse! ;)

  3. Your new top looks very similar to my thermal tops - toasty warm and great for layering :)
    Intrigued by the spiraliser but I worry that I'd end up leaving it at the back of a cupboard!

  4. OH that top looks amazing!!! Ive been wanting a compression top, but didnt get one for christmas. Ive never heard of a spiralizer!! So cool. (I actually looked it up on amazon, and its not very expensive!!

  5. oh man.
    I need a little more work :-) mo' money.

  6. Hooray for relaxing Sundays:). I really need one of those spiralizers. So cool! My dad used to love watching curling when I was a kid:)

  7. That veggie spiralizer looks like a lot of fun! My mom has one that cores and spirals apples to make pie and I love using it!

  8. Hi Elle! Stopping by from the SITS Girls Build a Tribe Challenge! This was a fun read! The question about headaches vs. cramps got me thinking. I HATE cramps and have been getting them a lot recently. I would take a headache any day over cramps!


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