Saturday, January 18, 2014

Short Saturday Run

I am so happy!  I have just come in from a run, albeit a short one… and have had my water, done some stretching and even eaten a snack… and so far (knocking on wood for luck here) I have no swelling or bruising on the ball of my left foot.  By the time I get this post written, I will know for sure if I am in the clear.

Jan 18 tc shirt after run 004

The last time I ran was on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, and I have only gone for a few walks since then too. I wanted to make sure that whatever was wrong with my foot had a good chance to heal… I have even been wearing comfy, thick socks around home on our hardwood floors.  And boy are they EVER hard, and laid over concrete so no give there, whatsoever.

I have been dying to get out and take this new Tommie Copper shirt for a run.  I was complaining in December that my neck was cold and that I really needed a high neck shirt to wear this time of year… when lo and behold, this gorgeous Tommie Copper shirt arrived in my mailbox. 

The run… only 3.35 km and it took 25:40 but it felt great to be out and was so much fun to run through the off-leash dog park along the Strait today to get my doggie fix, too.  I always feel so much better after I have been able to be outside in the fresh air for a while.

How about you?  Did you run today?  Or get outside for a while?

Oh, and by the way… the foot?  Still fine. YAY!


  1. We got out for a walk this morning to enjoy the nice warmer weather we've been having lately. I'm actually getting ready to hit our new treadmill shortly!!! Glad you were able to get a run in and no pain!

  2. Glad your foot feels good:) No running for me this weekend:( I did teach bootcamp on Saturday and made them run a lot though;)

  3. Hi Elle. I am just coming off of a crushed left big toe that took months to heal, so I understand your frustration. Mine is feeling better, and I am glad to hear yours is too. -Lynda from the SITS Tribe.

  4. Hey There stopping by from SITS girls Tribe Building Challenge, I am walker but one day I will run! I am headed to Skyzone indoor trampoline park his evening to try their Skyrobics, it should be interesting.

  5. So glad that you stopped by to comment on our blog! Now we were able to find your blog and have a new one to follow! Thank you so much! Glad your foot is doing well. Foot pain ( and leg pain) is the worse!

  6. Hi, this is Maya from your SITS tribe.

    I had a great run yesterday with my husband. My neck also gets cold and I word my trusty pink fleece scarf :) Running shirts with high necks never really keep me warm enough anyway.
    Glad you're feeling better :)

  7. I'm glad your foot is starting to feel better. Trying to run through an injury is never fun! I snuck in a quick workout in our hotel gym this morning before flying home from Tennessee.

    -Lauren (SITS girls Tribe)

  8. Fingers crossed your foot stayed feeling good!! I hope you finally have it figured out, I know how frustrating those random things are!


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