Saturday, July 18, 2015

A to Z Survey

Kind of a silly but fun Saturday post...  I’ve been seeing these A to Z surveys all over the place so I decided to do one, too. But in all honesty, I have changed a few of the questions to suit my own tastes... that's very typical of me!

A – Activity you like best:  Tennis, golf, running, lifting weights... I just like movement of all kinds. I have never been good at sitting still.

B – Biggest Fear:  I am afraid of bats, and occasionally worry about failing health as I get older.

C – Current Obsession:  Losing 5 pounds.

D – Drink You Like Best: Coffee... I have a cup beside me now.  I like it hot or iced. Black or white... never any sugar!

E – Earliest Memory:  Going to Sunday School with my Daddy as a toddler and putting pennies in the church box on my birthday.

F – Favorite Song: I have a few oldies that I love... Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers, and Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison come quickly to mind.

G – Grossest Memory:  When I was a very little girl I found I had stepped on my sister's pet mini frog and squashed it!  Ugh!

H – Hometown: I was born in a small town in Alberta because the even smaller town my family lived in had no hospital. We moved to Calgary when I was a toddler and I consider that my home town. I lived there till I was an adult.

I – In Love With: The Captain 

J – Jealous Of: People who travel more than I do!

K – Kindest Person You Know: My older sister is the nicest, kindest person I know. I have honestly never heard her say a mean word about anyone and she is generous and extremely patient.

L – Longest Relationship: My husband. We have been married almost 25 years.

M – Middle Name: Irene

N – Number of Siblings: 2

O – One Wish: That I remain healthy and active to the end! 

P –  Pets you have loved:  Our Springer Spaniels, Penny and Scout, both have passed on.

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: Who cuts your hair?

R – Reason To Smile: I love my life!

S – Song You Last Sang: Up town Funk (You Up)... I hear it on the radio all the time and we get a real kick out of it!

T – Time You Normally Wake Up:  6 to 6:30 a.m.  That is pretty standard for me.

U – Underwear Color: All different colors!

V – Vacation Wishlist: Have lots of places on my wish list... Ireland, Greece to name a couple. I would love to do a European River Cruise too. 

W – Worst Habit: Putting my fingers in my mouth.  Drives The Captain bonkers!

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Feet, legs, and scans all over my body and internal organs.

Y – Your Favorite Food: Chocolate, peanut butter, frozen cherries, bananas, avocados... it's a very long list of favorites. 

Z – Zodiac Sign: Gemini - The Twins - apparently this is why I find myself seeing both sides of an argument all th time!

Have you done this survey yet?  I hope you will so I can come read it and learn more about you!


  1. oooh IM SO SO SO TAGGING ALONG ON THAT RIVER CRUISE...after I go to Costa Rica :-)

  2. I loved doing this survey, though mine was slightly different. It's so fun learning more about all the bloggers I follow :)

  3. This is so fun! May have to borrow the idea, this is the first time I've seen it. Loved learning more about you.

  4. I love learning more about my fellow Bloggers!

  5. Haven't done the survey yet but always fun to read more about blogger friends. Have a great day!

  6. I've haven't done this particular survey, but have done other similar ones. Its always fun to learn more about the person behind the blog!

  7. Fun! I want to hear you singing Up Town Funk! Hehe

  8. Fun! I love learning more about my blogger friends. I have a survey post coming up this week, but it's a different survey than yours. Seems to be a lot of surveys going around!

  9. Love this! And spending more time in Greece is on my list after having spent just a few hours on a few islands during a cruise a few years ago.

  10. Fun survey! I also get jealous of people who travel more than I do :(

  11. Fun survey! I love these ways of getting to know other bloggers! I am also jealous of people who get to travel more than I do! I absolutely love visiting new places!

  12. Frozen cherries are one of my favorite snacks too! And I almost put Brown Eyed Girl as a favorite song, it definitely is one of my favorites!

  13. Great post! I love your reason to smile! Loving life!

  14. so fun! I've never tried to freeze cherries - grapes, but not cherries. Must try!!

  15. How fun! I remember doing surveys like this way back when we were all hanging out on Myspace. Ahhh those were the days ;)

  16. My wishlist of places to travel is so long. One day :)

  17. This looks like so much fun! I haven't seen one of these surveys in a while, so I may just play along :D

  18. I love surveys! when I'm back from vacay I will have to make this one of my blog posts too :) And omg heather's comment about myspace...totally forgot about that.

  19. I've always said I'm not really a cruise kind of girl, but European River Cruise? That sounds interesting! I don't even have a travel list because I pretty much want to go everywhere.

  20. I'm a Cancer, my middle name is Elizabeth and my girls LOVE "Up town Funk you Up - they dance to it and sing almost all the words! We have a lot of dance parties in our house - my poor husband, ha ha!


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