Wednesday, October 21, 2015

CLIF BAR Adds ICED GINGERBREAD to Their Seasonal Lineup

CLIF BAR announced recently that they have added a new flavor to their popular limited seasonal lineup 

... it is called ICED GINGERGREAD.... 

and a few of them arrived at my house yesterday!

Thank you to the PR team that sent them my way....

And the press release...

" CLIF® Bar Adds Iced Gingerbread to Limited-Edition Seasonal Lineup
CLIF Bar Celebrates the Holidays with Seasonal Flavours Iced Gingerbread & Spiced Pumpkin Pie; Giving Back to Protect Our Winters

TORONTO – By popular demand, CLIF® Bar will launch its delicious seasonal flavours, introducing Iced Gingerbread as their latest holiday treat. Made with a nutritious blend of organic rolled oats and wholesome ingredients, CLIF Bar seasonal flavours deliver delicious, holiday-inspired nutrition on-the-go. To spread the spirit of giving, CLIF Bar will also donate a portion of the proceeds toProtect Our Winters, a leading climate advocacy group for the winter sports community. 

“In our second year offering CLIF Bar seasonal flavours in Canada, we are excited to bring a new flavour to athletes and adventurers who love great-tasting and nutritious food,” said Betty Bredemann, CLIF Bar International Brand Manager. “Winter is the time when many Canadians embrace outdoor adventures. Gingerbread and the holidays go hand-in-hand and now you can take this delicious seasonal treat with you on the snow and ice.”

Through this partnership, CLIF Bar will donate one percent of net seasonal sales to Protect Our Winters, which is dedicated to educating, engaging and mobilizing the Canadian and U.S. winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change.

Iced Gingerbread and Spiced Pumpkin Pie CLIF Bars are made with wholesome ingredients like organic rolled oats and molasses and are a source of fibre. They also contain a blend of vitamins and minerals. Seasonal flavours are available now in select retailers in Canada while supplies last.

About Clif Bar & Company
Clif Bar & Company is a leading maker of nutritious and organic foods, including CLIF® Bar energy bar, CLIF® Organic Trail Mix, CLIF Kid Zbar® and Builder’s® protein bar. Focused on sports nutrition and snacks for adventure, the family and employee-owned company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and planet. For more information on Clif Bar & Company, please visit, check out our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter @clifbar. "

I am a big fan of CLIF BAR products... and am always happy to spread the word about new flavors and items in their lineup.  We enjoy them quite often at our house.

It did seem a bit of a shame, though, to tear into these cute, specially decorated packages in order to get to the goodness inside...

... but I managed!   

Spiced Pumpkin Pie or Iced Gingergbread... what is your seasonal CLIF BAR favorite?


  1. That iced gingerbread is pretty tasty! I love when companies come out with seasonal flavors.

  2. Oh yumm these sound really good Elle, I am going to look out for them. I like clif bars.

  3. I love love the iced gingerbread and last year had a whole case in the house. They have lots of sugar so it's an occasional treat now

  4. I had no idea there were seasonal Clif bars! I love their regular flavorts but I'm going to need that gingerbread in my life!

  5. I'm actually not a fan of Clif Bars (or bars in general) but these seasonal flavors sounds good!

  6. Oh wow these sound great! I can't say that I've ever had a seasonal Clif Bar before. I'm so deprived.

  7. The iced gingerbread sounds amazing! I need to try the spiced pumpkin pie, I tried the pumpkin pie Quest bars and was totally disappointed.

  8. Oh my goodness, these seasonal flavors are making me super excited for the holidays! I can't wait to get my hands on BOTH the pumpkin pie and iced gingerbread :)

  9. I am a huge fan of Iced Gingerbread. That flavor reminds me of eating little iced gingerbread man cookies that we used to get when I was a kid. How awesome to get an early sample!

  10. Iced gingerbread sounds awesome! I can't believe it's almost November!!

  11. Ahh! I love cliff bars, I can't wait to try gingerbread! I do like the pumpkin one but I am a tad bit pumpkin'ed out (shh don't tell) so I'll be excited to try and find this in a local store. Thanks for sharing.

  12. OMG I can't even wait to try this! Cliff bars make my heart so happy.

  13. Oh these sound so yummy, I can't wait to try them!

  14. Ahhhh! Iced gingerbread sounds so good! :D Can't wait to try it out!

  15. oooooh I think we'd love that here.
    Gingerbread? YES YES YES


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