Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Over the Moon About...

It's hard to believe that February is nearing an end. I have really enjoyed being a bit self-indulgent this month and taking care of my own needs. Yes, some basics... like a haircut, eating well better, exercising regularly, and even a few luxuries, too, like self-mani and self-pedi. ( I just cannot get myself to let someone else tend to my toes after reading a newspaper article a few years ago about unhygenic/dangerous practices at salons and spas.)

And to go along with spoiling myself, here are some things I am truly over the moon about right now.

These new Tommie Copper Micromodal Compression Dress Socks.  I cannot TELL you how excited I was to get these socks in the mail to try.  I have been longing for a nice soft, lighter pair of plain black compression socks to wear with dress pants/shoes and under tights.  When I work, I am standing and walking on concrete floors.  My legs get tired. I wore these new socks to work on Saturday and ended up keeping them on well into the evening. Love LOVE LOVE!  Tommie Copper never disappoints.

They are somewhat easier to get on that a regular, athletic compression sock, and are a nice, light, soft and luxurious fabric that looks good with a dressier shoe.  And they stay up, never slipping a bit. Win, win.  Check them out at the Tommie Copper website here.  

I don't normally talk much about skin care or makeup here but this is something I am quite excited about.  A while back I joined a Canadian group called Chick Advisor and sometimes get products to sample and review.  These Garnier Skin products arrived last week and I have been using them since, and really am quite happy with them.

The Micellar Water is a makeup remover/cleanser and is quite fabulous!  It easily removes every trace of makeup and doesn't need to be rinsed away.  Leaves your skin soft and refreshed.  Nice surprise and great price, too.  The Clearly Brighter is a moisturizer with an SPF 15 and the more I use it the more I like it... took me a few days to see any difference from my regular moisturizer but I do find it makes my skin feel softer... the brightening effect?  Not so sure on that front yet.

I am so pumped about this new workout series I just purchased!

This is a follow up to the Metabolic Aftershock I bought last year and have been really loving.  This new one has the option of adding weights or resistance bands to the bodyweight exercises. It is a 12-week program so we are going to wait till we come back from our little Rocky Mountain getaway in March to tackle it.  But I have been looking at the workouts... and WOW!  

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Bars that came in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  I did a review of them for Sweat Pink that you can read here, if you like... taste great and good N.I. as well.  I love the texture, too.

And I am still really loving the Premier Protein Vanilla Shakes that I was given to review through FitFluential a few weeks ago.  These shakes, along with the Chocolate are available at Canadian Costco stores through the end of March.

I like to keep a few in the fridge and use them when I am in a hurry for a nutritious snack or take along on a walk or to run errands.  Really tasty Vanilla flavor and great N.I. too.

And one more thing... Spring has arrived at my house!  When I came home from my Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting, there were a few vases full of daffodils here and there.  Love that The Captain thought to surprise me with these cheerful blossoms!  It doesn't even matter that he couldn't find the flower vases and used mason jars instead!

Wouldn't you love a pair of lighter compression dress socks?

How are you spoiling yourself right now? 


  1. I have really dropped the ball in the self-care arena. I really need to take the time to pamper myself before I get burned out! The workout DVD sounds really exciting! If my living room wasn't so small, I'd love to try workout DVD's. Those flowers are really pretty!

  2. I love having fresh flowers in my house, they definitely look spring like and cheerful.

  3. Great favorites. I loved the sleeve I won from you. I am planning to get some good use out of it while training. I also love those hemp bars so yummy.

  4. Fun stuff! I need some fresh flowers in my life about now.

  5. I love the idea of compression dress socks, and I'm so jealous that spring has arrived by you! I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival here.

  6. So glad that February has been such a great month for you! Those flowers are gorgeous!

    I don't really take the time to pamper myself as much as I should, but I did just treat myself to a weekend away in Disney for a couple of races, so there's that!

  7. A vase full of fresh flowers always makes a room feel nice and bright, no matter what the weather is outside.

  8. Your flowers are beautiful! I'll have to look for that makeup remover. I need to be more thorough with my face cleansing!

  9. I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow. Very much needed! I love pampering my feet. They work so hard!

  10. Those flowers are SO lovely! What a pop of colour.

  11. Those hemp bars look delicious! Self care: I've started investing in a monthly massage for myself. It's been wonderful!

  12. I love hemp hearts, but I had no idea the company made bars!!! I need to get out of the woods, haha Thanks for sharing about this product.


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