Tuesday, April 12, 2016

5 Reasons to Take Your Workout Outdoors

We came home from from our Rocky Mountain vacation a couple of weeks ago to a city bathed in Spring flowers and glorious warm and sunny weather. It has been very difficult to stay indoors and so I have actually only managed to get myself into the gym once so far... on a gloomy day!

I have been walking my feet off... and golfing and playing tennis.  Sundays seem to have become my RUN days and so far I am enjoying it all.  I just find being outside in the warm temps and bright sunshine to be very uplifting and fun.   And don't tell me that walking 18 holes of golf carrying my bag is not a workout!

Outdoor activities and exercise offer so many benefits... here are just 5 of the ones that are most important to me:

1.  Mood enhancer

  • The fresh air and natural light elevate my mood substantially.  Increased oxygen and endorphins and Vitamin D contribute to my happy factor! I love the warmth of the sunshine on my skin. 
2. Mental stimulation
  • I can vary my scenery by changing my running route or by visiting a different set of tennis courts or going to a new golf course.  Or I can just head to the beach for a walk.  There is always something new and interesting to look at.  The light is different, the flowers are different, the people I run into are different... every time I go out.
3. Fun
  • I enjoy participating in games and sports so much more than lifting weights and doing pushups in the gym. Yes, I do like to do those things too, but just not as much... and quite honestly, they never seem FUN.
4. Self Esteem
  • I have lots of opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment and yes, even pride, after a few good golf shots or a sweaty and fast tennis rally.  I always come away from my activity with renewed confidence and self-assurance.  Physical prowess is empowering.
5. Variation of activity
  • There is always an opportunity to change up the routine once outside.  A walk through a park can become a workout doing pushups on a bench; a run can become a stairclimb.  You can always find something interesting to add to your activity.  Take a soccer ball along or a frisbee and turn your walk into a game.
So, if I am not blogging much in April, you know why!

What is your favorite outdoor activity?



  1. It's definitely way more fun outside!

  2. I'm glad to have access to a treadmill when I can't get outside but I prefer to get my runs on outside! It just makes me feel better and it's easier for me.

  3. I love being outside whenever I can. I'm so happy we had a wonderfully warm winter so I could run 99% of my spring marathon training runs outdoors.

  4. I agree! Looking forward to my hiking date tomorrow morning! Thank you for this lovely reminder :)

  5. I love running outside for many of the same reasons! I enjoy the scenery and the fresh air!

  6. Oh it is so much better to take the workout outdoors!! It definitely is a mood enhancer, that's for sure!

  7. I run outside at every opportunity but sometimes just walking and casually enjoying the spring flowers is where it's at! Great reasons to be outside.

  8. I have really come to love being outdoors. In fact, I wish my yoga class would move outdoors. Currently, I am loving cycling, and I will be all about the stand up paddle boarding in a few weeks.

  9. Yes to all of this!! Being outside in nature is the BEST! I'm so glad you are having great weather and enjoying the outdoors!!

  10. #1 #1 #1! and here there are bonus points if it is also barefoot in the grass.

  11. My favorite is RUNNING!! but I also love hiking with my kids, riding my horse, and sometimes just sitting and listening to all the sounds, the cows, the birds, the wind in the trees.

    Great post!

  12. It's definitely a lot more fun when you can take workouts outside (especially when the weather's nice). Yay for vitamin D!

  13. I love trekking and other outdoor fitness activities. I like to watch mountains and amazing nature views.


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