Friday, October 14, 2016

Changes and Celebrations

I am in celebration mode today.

Why, you ask?

I have just completed the final workout in my 12 week Metabolic Prime series... These workouts are so much harder than the first one put out by Jade Teta called Metabolic Aftershock.  And I am celebrating because they are finished!  and that I did them ALL... faithfully every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the past 12 weeks.  And now it is time to take a break for a week and look for something different or new to start on the following week.  Hurray!

And... last night I worked my last meeting for Weight Watchers Canada.  Although I really enjoyed welcoming and weighing my meeting members each week, and I am totally behind the program, it was just time for me to leave and return to being a member myself.  Yes, I still will follow the program in conjunction with IIFYM and look forward to any changes that they roll out at the end of the year... the traditional time to tweak the current program or introduce a new one.

How am I celebrating?

Well, after lunch today, The Captain and I are heading to my favorite Starbucks and I am going to thoroughly enjoy a ginormous, whipcream-covered spicy latte of some sort.  Will fill you in on those deets after it happens.


Enjoying my Grande Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte... extra shot of espresso, no whip!


Hope you are having a wonderful Friday wherever you are... anything special coming up this weekend?

Any ideas as to a good strength training program for me to consider?


  1. if you're looking for a good strength program, have you heard of P90X? It's a Beachbody can google it. I'm not a BB rep (nor do I want to be one LOL), but P90X is awesome. It's tough, but so worth it!

  2. Congrats on completing your program and enjoy that pumpkin spice latte you deserve it!

  3. Way to go!!! That takes a lot of dedication and it seems like you really rocked it! You deserve that delicious ginormous drink!

  4. Congratulations and best of luck in the next chapter! You look like you are really enjoying that latte! Enjoy it!

  5. Great job on completing your program! Are you going to keep going?

  6. Congrats on completing that program! Drink away! I am visiting with a friend on Sunday- can't wait!

  7. congrats on completing your workout program, I have test to have a PSL this season, ow I want one.

  8. Congrats on completing the program! And this that you are enjoying your achievements!

  9. Congratulations on completing your program! You deserve to treat yourself :-)

  10. A latte sounds like a great way to celebrate your completion of the program. Congrats!

  11. Im biased but I do love me some TAMARA GRAND and her online strength training stuffs.


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