Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Last Run of the Year

Well, I am pretty darned sure it was anyway!

In Canada many people are still on holidays... government employees and school teachers for sure... because Christmas Day and Boxing Day are both stat holidays so many people get both Monday and Tuesday off work... so we decided to skip using our building's fitness room today to avoid the possibility of having to share it with anyone else, and The Captain suggested we go for a run instead of working out.

I was quite surprised as I cannot recall the last time he suggested we run... and I knew it had been ages since we have even been for a run. I had to check my Daily Mile account... November 27th was our last, and it was cut short due to rain.  Okay then... a run it would be.

I made us each a good breakfast, veggies and egg white scramble, with turkey bacon for me... and an egg, toast, hash browns, and turkey bacon for him... and waited the requisite one hour before we could head out.

I took a pre-run selfie while drinking some nuun and trying to decide what to wear.

The bottom layer was easy... Tommie Copper shirt, Tommie Copper capris, Tiux compression socks on the correct feet for a change... and after conferring with The Captain, and learning it was 5C and quite windy with a humidity level of about 95%,  I opted to overdress. I am such a wimp.  5C and damp is so much colder than 5C and dry.

I added another long sleeved technical fabric shirt, and a light hoodie topped by a fleece vest, an earband, light gloves and my Mizuno running shoes, with sunglasses to protect my eyes from the wind. Even with all those layers I was quite cool the first several minutes after going outside... but I had selected a new route through a nearby neighborhood with lots of large homes and trees which I hoped would serve as windbreaks. For the most part they did.

It is a quiet morning in my neighborhood. Eerily quiet actually.  We saw very little traffic and no other pedestrians.  

And the run?   Well, it was not pretty. It was very, very slow.  But we did run 3.31 km and then did a short walk before coming in to stretch and drink lots of water and also eat a banana.  I am all about the refuelling these days and being really careful with my electrolyte balance and hydration. Seems to really been working to ward off the dreaded evening leg cramps.

Oh, and it started to rain after we came inside. Thank GOODNESS we got it done before that happened!

So, yes, it was likely the last run of 2016.  And even though I have been running less this year and my runs have definitely gotten shorter, I am happy to be doing them at all.

How about you?  Have your done your last run of the year yet?


  1. Since I'm still streaking, my last run of 2016 won't happen until Saturday. I agree...the temps feel SOOOO much colder when the air is damp.Today the temps are about the same as yesterday...but it's cloudy and damp. YUCK. My motivation to head outside is not too high...I might have to phone a friend to join me ......

  2. I've taken the last few days off of running but I am determined to get one more in before the end of the year

  3. Possibly...husband and I did about 2 miles with a go at the local park's "fitness equipment". My body fought the run the whole way - so actually I'd like to squeeze in another run before the end of the year because that's no way to go out. Lol.

  4. Injured and all I am doing 2 more runs! Only 61 degrees this morning so it will be a nice one! Cheers to 2017!

  5. I ran yesterday, and I'm hoping to run again tomorrow. Since I want to kick the year off with a run on Sunday I probably won't run on Saturday.

  6. Great job! I can't even fathom those temperatures!

    I have one more run before the year ends, and I am hopeful it will be fantastic!


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