Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Wimp Goes Running... Really!

I admit to being a real wimp when it comes to damp, cool weather.   I really dislike running when it is cold or when it is raining.

Now, I can be cajoled into putting on a fleece jacket under my rain coat, and pulling on some boots, and gloves and an earband, and then heading out for a walk... but run, rarely.  I am pretty sure know this is what keeps me for signing up for a Spring race. I do not want to train in wet and cool weather... and what would I do if it actually rained on race day? Likely Certainly forfeit and stay home.  Just being honest here.

The one Spring half marathon I did actually train for from January to May was took place on a lovely warm May morning, and I was lucky to have trained for it during a particularly mild and dry Winter. Since then, that same race has been rain-soaked every year and I have never been tempted to do it again.  Heck, I don't even go out and spectate!

But this morning I woke up really wanting to run.  It is cool out there, and gloomy, and about 99% humidity - on the VERGE of rain - you can smell it in the air... and I almost talked myself out of it. But I really felt like running... or maybe I just wanted to sample my new nuun flavor...


So I put on a long sleeved Tommie Copper running shirt, and a light hoodie, and a vest, and some gloves, and some full length Tommie Copper tights and off I went.  YAY for me!  I love that my Tommie Copper gear next to my skin makes me feel so toasty and protected.

The Captain opted to come along... I know that the tv will be tuned to the Masters Golf Tournament for the next 4 days so I was quite surprised that he said he wanted to come along. But maybe he felt like getting out there too, so after sharing the nuun, off we went.

It was slow. Slow enough that I did not take any walk breaks. And it was fairly short. But it felt just great to be outside. I love seeing how the neighborhood changes with the weather... flowering fruit trees in full pink and white splendor, bright daffodils in all shades of yellow, and the camelias and azaleas are glorious. That certainly brightens up a gloomy day.  Spring has been very late in coming this year and I am savoring every blossom.

We did a short walk after our run to cool down, and then came inside for a nice long stretch and drank more nuun. Turned out the Citrus Fruit nuun was pretty tasty.  Good thing as I picked up an 8-pack on sale from their site last week.

As a reward for coming along with me today, I selected one of the PREMIER PROTEIN bars that I just received as part of a FitFluential campaign, and cut it in half to share with The Captain. We both really liked the light minty flavor... and the crunch too.  Yum.


I am heading to the shower... quite pleased with my day so far!

Did you run or work out today?

Are you a weather wimp like me or do you just forge ahead and do it anyway?


  1. Congrats on getting out there for a run!

  2. You know I"m not a weather wimp! If I was, I'd never run outside with the extremes we have here.

    Great job on getting out and getting it done.

  3. Sounds like a great day! Good job getting out there. :)

  4. I'm not a fan of a rainy day run (unless I'm ALREADY running before the rain hits). I do feel rather accomplished when I finish such a run, though! Good job on getting out there!

  5. I try to not be a weather wimp! It was 42 degrees yesterday morning (I am in Georgia) and I got out there- this fair weather girl was not excited but the change was nice! Have a great weekend!

  6. I used to be a fair weather I'm pretty much get out there in all conditions, except snow....I the snow, which is why I loved to Florida.

  7. Sometimes I do wimp out and stay indoors but sometimes you just have to. I did workout today. I hit the pool!


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