Monday, September 25, 2017

September Update

Well, it has been 2 weeks since my public declaration of goals for September so I though I would post an update on how things are coming along and where I am with those goals and how I plan to finish out the month.

  • I am happy to have been continuing with my Sunday-only runs - yes, they are short, and yes, it is only one day a week, but I am not in training for anything right now so this works for me. I have so many other activities I have no interest in spending more of that time on running and missing out on my other favorites. Honestly, running is time-intensive and there is only so much of that.
  • I am still playing tennis twice a week. The warm weather is holding and even though we have had some rain, the courts are dry on the days I want to play. As long as the weather holds, I intend to keep playing. I love it so much!
  • I have been working out with Metabolic Prime on Monday and Wednesday mornings, followed immediately by a 20 minute walk.  These workouts are killer and after the first couple I had DOMS so severely I could barely lift my arms to play tennis the next day... but that has passed and I am loving being back in the fitness room pumping weights and doing pushups!  Really... who IS this woman?
  • I have been using Friday as an alternative activity day.  It is working well for me to have one day designated to spending the day doing some kind of exercise that is all about enjoyment and having fun. The first Friday we spend the day at a PGA event and it was so fun to see PGA legends and stars that we have been fans of for so many years... you may have seen my IG post about John Daly.... and the second Friday we spent the day walking... to a far-away local mall for lunch and a bit of a shopping outing.  Was good to spread all those thousands of steps over the whole day!
  • I tried kombucha for the first time this week and have been drinking 1/4 cup of the fizzy elixir when I first get up in the morning. So far I have not noticed any effects from it so I think I will do this for a few more days and then increase to 1/2 cup.  I keep reading about how fermented foods are good for us so going to give it an honest try.  This particular brew is locally made and I quite like the taste.

  • I finally bought myself a donut pan and made my first high protein, gluten free donuts from a recipe that Kaila showed me on her own blog.  Chunky Monkey Donuts!  I know she has more so will be checking them out... lemon perhaps?

  • I am enjoying the new format that Weight Watchers is taking with their meetings and on Saturday mornings we have lively and worthwhile discussions about mindset, and changing our 'stories'.  As for myself, I am working on shifting that ALL OR NOTHING attitude.  

  • I was planning to color my hair, and do mani/pedi but have not done any of this yet. I cut my finger quite badly with a kitchen knife and want that to heal completely before I start messing with chemicals, even with gloved hands.  But I do want to get to it this or next week.
  • I have just purchased a women's only program from the same doctor/trainer that produced Metabolic Aftershock, Metabolic Prime, and the Metabolic Effect programs... It has similar workouts but the added benefit of a nutrional component that is customizable to whatever stage of life you are in, so that it works with your hormones. I will start the workouts along with one of the workout models who has set up a FB group, in a couple more weeks, but I have already started the nutrition protocol and so far so good.

So tell me, how is September shaping up for you?  Anything on your radar that you still need to get to?


  1. My September goals are going really well so far too! Sounds like you are in a good place with your workouts and eating

  2. Sounds like your goals are going well. Mine are kind of a mixed bag - some are going well and others still need work!

  3. Sounds like a pretty good September! I don't have monthly goals but so far I'm feeling good this month. :)

  4. Great work! September has been fine. We got a little derailed with the hurricane, so that sent things into quite the tailspin, but I think I am back on track.

    Take care of that cut!

  5. I really want to find my running mojo again. I'm running and I'm glad I'm getting my miles in, but I'm not feeling the love lately. I think it's the heat. Hopefully, once we cool off, these hot weather runs will pay off for me.

  6. I have not yet tried kombucha, but I have heard so many good things about it. Anxious to try it!

  7. (second attempt LOL)....I have a stash of cow horn peppers that need to be sliced/diced for future salsa-making...just cannot find the motivation to tackle that project...

  8. I need to try Kombucha. I've heard great things about it.

  9. Sound like you're doing great so far! I discover kombucha a few months ago and I love it!

  10. I'm glad to hear that your September has been going as well as it has. Here's to closing out the month on a strong note!

  11. It sounds like you did awesome on your September goals! :]!

    I've only tried kombucha sporadically so I'm kinda curious about whether or not there are any long-term benefits!


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