Sunday, November 26, 2017

Let's Take Time Out For Coffee

I am really enjoying coffee dates on these blustery cool and often wet Fall days we are having lately....especially when I can get in some storm watching on the beach at the same time. I have been experimenting...  and am loving these Holiday Spice Flat Whites... so I got one for each of us... let's enjoy some chatting and catch up, okay?

What is new on the fitness front?  Well, I am about to start week 8 of this new Metabolic Renewal program that I purchased from Jade Teta when it was released.  I do like to work out with a video.  The workouts are only 18 minutes each and you do them 3 times per week, followed up by a walk.  I love the idea of getting a full body workout in such a short and intense burst.  This new program also comes with some advice about nutrition based on where you are in your hormonal stage of life and has been very enlightening.  I like it.  

I have been walking as much as possible and running still only on Sunday mornings.  I don't mind walking in the rain, but running... nope.

I think I told you that since I have had all these new crowns on my teeth, I am not supposed to eat almonds anymore... so I am slowly working my way through my stash by roasting them and making home made almond butter.... oh my... it is especially delicious when still warm from the oven and food processor!  Have you made your own nut butter?  It really is so easy.  Check out this little blog post if you are interested.

I have decided to try some new supplements.  I have been doing a lot of reading and research and have gone ahead and ordered some collagen protein, and some maca powder.  And even though I have been using spirulina algae ENERGYbits for a few years now, I have also decided to try using RECOVERYbits this Winter... they are chlorella algae and purported to help with immunity and also removing toxins from the body.  I have decided to take them on evenings I have wine because that does affect my sleep somewhat... we shall see if they help. 

Just in case you are interested there is a terrific CYBER MONDAY deal from ENERGYbits... using the coupon code THANKS you can get 20% off the purchase price and FREE shipping on up to 10 bags of bits to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. This is an awesome deal as they have never offered free shipping before... it is valid through November 27th.... yes, I am an ambassador but will not benefit from your purchase.  Check it out on their website.  

Did you do any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping?

This past week we celebrated our 30th anniversary... not wedding anniversary, but the day we met. We have always celebrated this occasion and I really find it hard to believe it has been this long... but when I look back at all the adventures we have had together, and all the places we have been, I guess it really must be 30 years!

Oh one, more thing I really want to share.... the Nuzest giveaway for November is open till the 30th.  Have you entered yet?  If not do it here...  looks like a really good one and there will be 5 winners.  They have some awesome new products so make sure to check it out and get in on the draw.

So, what about you?  What is new and what do you have on the horizon for the next few weeks?

Let's get together again soon, okay?


  1. I did head out for some Black Friday shopping (on foot), but didn't get out until mid morning so the crowds weren't too crazy. I also may have done a bit of cyber shopping last night, via the Brooks site....

  2. I did a LITTLE black friday shopping. We just ran to the Target nearby and picked up some new blurays for our movie collection :)

  3. I did Jade's training many years ago when I used to teach group ex. It was a great workout!

  4. No Black Friday shopping for me, but definitely catching up on Cyber Monday. I'll have to check out these EnergyBits.

  5. I've made my own almond butter, too. I used to make it in the Vitamix and ultimately switched to the food processor. Blogged about it here: As a fellow Northwesterner, I wouldn't want to run in the cold rain either. I enjoyed reading your 'About Me' and hearing about your liveaboard phase. My husband and I haven't sailed together but we dream about sailing the San Juans, the Queen Charlottes, etc.

  6. You are too cute. We celebrate our first date anniversary much more than we celebrate our marriage anniversary. It was a great first date so we like to remember it! :)

  7. I love coffee dates! I did most of my shopping online, not a ton left to do!

  8. I did give up on the collagen protein. It didn't seem to make a difference for me. I'm sticking with Nuzest, tho! PS I've had a ton of dental work aka crowns and no one told me to stop eating almonds!

  9. I love the holiday Starbucks cups!
    I did some black friday and cyber monday shopping online but that's it - i didnt dare drive out to any stores!

  10. I didn't do any Black Friday shopping at all, but I did snag a few good deals for Cyber Monday today!

  11. I love homemade nut butter! So yummy!

    No black friday or cyber monday for me. The big thing little man wanted wasn't on sale at all, so it wasn't quite worth it to brave the crowds.

  12. Mmmm, almond butter! Definitely sounds like a great way to enjoy your almonds. I did some cyber monday shopping and now really need to kick things into high gear! LOL


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