Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunday RUNday at Rithet's Bog

It was barely above freezing and kind of damp outside when I first woke up on Sunday morning... I knew I wanted to get in a short run but I also had a few other things on my to-do list so gave I it some thought over my morning coffee and came up with a plan to incorporate it all.

One of the errands on my list was picking up a few registration forms from the Weight Watchers Store to take to one of my Thursday meetings this week, and there would only be someone there till about 10:30 a.m. There is a grocery store in that same strip mall that had cauliflower on sale for 2/$5 which is a phenominal price as they have been as high as $6.95 each lately, and I wanted to check that out.  So... where to run.

I remembered that there is a waterfowl conservation area a few blocks away... called Rithet's Bog... and even though it is low-lying I know that the gravelly dirt trail that loops the perimeter is well-maintained and sits a bit higher than the bog itself.

So, I made us some breakfast, packed some water and a chilled premixed Premier Protein shake for us to share after the run, and we dressed and set off in the car for the 15 minute drive.

This map is from the Rithet's Bog web site

I particularly like that there are no horses or bicycles allowed on this trail... it is just not wide enough for that.  There are a few small hills and lots to see.  Several small ponds on the inside of the trail loop provide habitat for mallard ducks and red winged black birds, and we have also seen deer and the odd racoon as well.  Most people that walk the trail with their dogs are very careful to keep them leashed.

I had thought that we might run into some washed out spots but there were none so we did the 2.8 km loop in just over 23 minutes and then stretched while we shared the water and Premier Protein shake that I had packed.

The Captain, back on the street near our parked car

After that we headed to the strip mall a few blocks away where I was able to successfully complete my errands and score some lovely heads of fresh cauliflower!

Are you a trail runner?

What is your favorite Sunday morning distance?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Premier Protein Review and Canadian Giveaway

Over the past many years that I have been learning more about nutrition, and experimenting with my own food and supplement intake, I have come to realize how important protein is. I know I need a good deal of protein to fuel my workouts and get me through the day.

When I eat a healthy serving of protein at meal time, I rarely need to snack between meals. I stay satified for much longer.  If I don't, I get hangry between meals... no one wants to see that!  And I have read that protein helps repair muscles after a workout, and can help boost our energy levels, too.

I get most of my protein in by eating lean meats, and I very occasionally indulge in low fat cheeses, Greek yogurt, black bean spaghetti, hummus, and raw nuts.  But I am also a big fan of protein powders and shakes... they are not only convenient and portable, but also versatile and quite tasty.  I use a variety of dry powders and also stock up on premixed Premier Protein shakes when I can find them.   I first learned about them a few years ago after winning a giveaway.

I find the premade shakes really handy to take along in the car, and are especially great on busy days when I am not really interested in cooking or meal prep.  Over the past month that we were moving moving, I used them a lot!

Premier Protein Vanilla 30g shakes are available in Canadian Costco stores for a limited time - from February 1st through March 28th.

I find the Vanilla shakes to be particularly versatile as they can be blended with fruit or veggies to make great-tasting, healthy smoothies.

But honestly, these Vanilla shakes are very tasty right out of the package!  I like to chill them in the fridge and then give them a good shaking before opening and drinking... yum.  If I do have a bit of time I will blend in some fruit... here is my version of that Blueberry Smoothie...

I poured it into 2 glasses and shared it with The Captain while we stretched after our Sunday morning run. Delicious!  And I know that it was doing something good for our bodies, too.

Would you like to try them for yourself?

Premier Protein is offering to give away an 18-pack of Vanilla 30g shakes to 5 different Canadian winners!  The prize packs will be shipped to the winners by the folks at Premier Protein.  The only requirement is that you have a Canadian address.  I will keep the contest open till 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday February 13th.  One entry per person will be allowed.

In order to enter, please leave me a comment and tell me something fun about the part of Canada where you live.  Do make sure I have your email address to contact you after the contest is over.

For example.... I live in Victoria and we have just been named the most Romantic City 4 years in a row!

Good Luck!

Premier Protein did provide me with product to review through my association with FitFluential.

Monday, February 1, 2016

SLS3 Dual-Pocket Running Belt Review

The offer to test and review one of the SLS3 Dual-Pocket Running Belts could not have come at a better time for me.

Normally I run with The Captain.  He carries his keys and we don't always bother with a cell phone, or if we do, I pack it.  But since we have been busy with our move and organizing our new space, I have run alone a couple of times... I have taken my keys and reluctantly gone without my cell phone because I had no convenient place to carry it.

When the SLS3 Dual-Pocket Running Belt arrived this week, I could hardly wait to try it out!

It has 2 zippered pockets, side by side on the stretchy one-size-fits-all belt.  One pocket for my keys and maybe a gel and some money, and the other for my cell phone... all by itself... I am a stickler for the screen being unscratched and clean!

The belt itself is a nice width so it doesn't fold over and can be worn over or under your clothing. The clip fastens securely but is not difficult to press and pull open. Makes me feel very confident that it will stay fastened and stay wrapped safely around me.

There is ample room for any number of things you may want to take along when you head out.  The pocket openings are quite wide so you can easily get your items in and out without any fuss.

In this next picture, I have keys in one pocket and The Captain's Blackberry in the other.

Even after putting keys, money, and a garage remote, there is still lots of room for more.

Maybe when I start to run longer again, I will have to think of more essentials to pack along!

If you are interested in one of these SLS3 Dual Pocket Running Belts for yourself, I can offer a discount code...

I am not an affiliate, and there is no benefit to me in your using this code to get a 40% discount off your first order with SLS3.  

They are also hosting a giveaway, if you are interested in trying to win one.... enter through the following Rafflecopter form... please note this giveaway is being operated by SLS3 and not me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What kinds of things would you put in your SLS3 Dual-Pocket Running Belt?  What do you never leave home without?

And in case I wasn't clear, I was given a belt to test and review.  The opinions are my own.

February Focus... Love and Care in the Air!

Finally... February 1st.  I have really been looking forward to this month for so many reasons.  I have a shopping trip to a nearby city planned this week and we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary later this week as well.

Our move is finally over!  We have, for the most part, organized our new apartment and have begun some new routines here.  Still lots to do but I am finally in the position to be able to relax a bit and turn my attentioins to looking after ME.

So, my February Focus is going to be about self care and self love.  I have a few fun things lined up and I will share them as the month progresses.

Today, I am cooking a lovely breakfast for The Captain and me and then we are off to our local IMAX theater to catch a film before lunch. I love IMAX... get totally lost in the surround-sound and enormous, beautiful images.  I will do a bit of grocery shopping after lunch and then enjoy a nice long walk... still exploring the new neighborhood on foot and having fun with that.

Speaking of love... here are some things that I am loving lately:

A SLS3 Dual Running Belt that I have been testing to review

Blueberry Smoothies made with premixed  Premier Protein Vanilla Shakes

My Mizuno running shoes and my Tommie Copper gear.  Big love!

What is on your calendar for February?


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Getting My Groove Back

Well, this move is finally over... and we are getting settled in at the new place.  Most of the clutter has been dealt with and we can finally get on with some kind of routine.  You would think we had moved thousands of miles, but it has actually only really been a couple of kilometers!

Yes, there are still pictures to be hung and I have a 'need to buy' list, but the kitchen is organized and that means I am interested in cooking again.  Tomorrow, a trip to Costco, and I am a happy gal!

And today... a run, finally.  YAY!  The last time I ran was on Christmas Day. Yes, I have been walking a lot over the past few weeks, but haven't gone out for a single run so today is the day. Sunday RUN DAY.  The Captain is going to the old place to clear out the storage locker and I have mapped out a shortish 3.5 km route in the new neighborhood and can barely wait to get out there!

I have my trusty Mizunos ready to go and have picked out a few Tommie Copper garments for the occasion.  It is a warmish, dry day and I am as giddy as a kid waiting for Santa Claus.

Slow and steady is my mantra.

Any big changes happening in your life right now?  Do you get excited to run when you haven't been able to for a while?