Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Fun - The Liebster Award

In this latest version, The Liebstar award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. 

Liebster is a German word that means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

Rules for receiving this award:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Then answer the questions the tagger sent for them, plus create 11 questions for the people they’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Notify the people you have tagged.
5. No tag backs.

Thanks to Jen at Running With The Girls for tagging me this time around. I love to read other people's posts when they are tagged for awards but I have a bit more trouble when it comes to revealing things about myself... I am always wondering what is really interesting or unique about me?  I am sure that Jen chose me because I am cute!

And I need a little diversion from the TV today... I think I am getting 'Olymiced-out'.

11 Things About Me (that you may or may not already know)

1.  I am a dabbler.  I like to try many different things and I don't often get really 'into' any of them.  Crafts, cooking, sports, athletics.  When I was a kid my Father would get kind of annoyed as I signed up for music lessons and Brownies and swimming lessons... but would quickly get bored,  and move on.

2.  I love to travel and rarely go back to the same place twice.  Greece and Ireland are still on my must do list.

3.  My favorite color is aqua/sea blue.  Lots of my clothing is this color and I have recently chosen it as the accent color in our apartment decorating scheme.  It makes me happy.

4.  I am dog-crazy.  We have had 2 English Springer Spaniels named Penny and Scout over the course of our marriage and I couldn't have loved them more if they had been my human children. If you are a dog person you will get that, otherwise you will think that is nuts.

5.  I am going through some health issues right now trying to determine why my body is not absorbing protein properly.  Having blood tests this next week to see if I have celiac disease.

6.  Are you about ready for the Olympics to be done?

7.  I admit to not understanding Crossfit - what is the difference between Crossfit and strength training?  Please enlighten me... I want to learn.

8.  I love chocolate... the darker and more bitter, the better.

9.  I am not comfortable writing all these sentences that start with the word 'I'... it makes me feel very self centred and self serving and those things go against my modest nature.  I have a very difficult time with self promotion.  It 's not that I don't like me, I just have a hard time telling you about it!

10. I am a Gemini and that means Communicator.  I talk too much.  I know it.  It has gotten me into scrapes all my life.

11.  I love my blogger friends

Now, to answer the 11 questions that Jen threw out there for the people she tagged:

1. What is your favorite Olympic event?

This is a hard one for me as I normally like Winter Games better than Summer but so far I have enjoyed the bicycle road races, some swimming and diving, the start of the women's marathon, the finish of the women's triathlon, and  I am stoked to watch the men's 100 meter final later today.

2. Have you lost a toenail? Do you just leave it or paint over it? 

Yes, I have. Several times. I don't paint over it!  yikes.

3. Running skirt or shorts? 

Both or perhaps I should say 'either' - I like skirts but only have a couple.

4. What is your favorite pizza combination? (Yes, I'm still on the pizza kick)

Just had a fabulous WHITE pizza on  Friday night... ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses and loads and loads of garlic, on a thin crust.  Glorious!

5. Do you write a menu for the week? What meals do you have on the menu this week? (I'm losing steam and need ideas.)

I have gotten out of the habit of doing this ... but I did, religiously when we lived on the boat as my icebox space was precious and I didn't want any waste.  This week I will be making lots of take-along lunches as we spend time every day on the boat.

6. What are you training for right now? 

I am learning to swim again this summer... running just for fun.

7. Running shoes - what do you look for in a running shoe? Do you have a favorite brand?

I like a shoe that has room to wiggle my toes and feels snug across the instep. I have had lots of different brands over the years that I liked.
8. Dream race?

Big  Sur  Marathon, but only in my dreams.
9. Do you like to run the same race year after year or do you like to try new races?

I like to run the Terry Fox charity event every year in September when I can.   

10. Do you listen to music on your runs? What are some of your favorite tunes? 

I have never listened to music when I run. I think the earbuds would drive me nuts.  I sing in my head!

11. If you had your own garden, what would you grow in it?

When I lived in a house we had an enormous yard and I had a big veggie garden and lots of flowers.  Now in the apartment, I have a large balcony so we have a container garden... strawberries, lots of herbs, tomatoes, and flowers.  I love it.

My 11 questions for those people I tag:

1.  What is your favorite season?  Why?
2.  What is the most exotic place you have visited?
3.  Do you have pets?  What kind?
4.  What is your favorite way to unwind?
5.  Do you have any food issues?  Special dietary needs?
6.  Favorite snack?
7.  Favorite flowers?
8.  Have you ever met any other bloggers?
9.  Do your real life friends and family members read your blog?  Do they know about it?
10.  How do you celebrate your birthday?
11.   What motivates you to exercise and eat well?  Vanity?  Health?  Performance?

Here are the 11 people I am tagging today to receive the Liebster Award... knowing that some of their blogs may have over 200 followers but I love them anyway:

1.  Ali Mc  - Running With Spatulas
2. Kyria - Travel Spot
3. Lisa - Rainstorm: A World of Adventures
4. Nikki - Slow is the New Fast
5. Marissa - Let's Move it Mommas
6. Suz and Allan - Cows and Lasers and Everything in Between
7. Rachel -  Livin the Fit Life
8. Wym - Crossfit Super Mom
9. Laurie - I Can Walk as Fast as You Can Run
10. Jill - One Tough Cookie and a Beer
11. Taryn - Taryn in Crazyland

There!  Now I am off to email these lovely ladies and let them know they have been tagged for the Liebster award, too.

Thanks, Jen.  It was fun playing along!


  1. Thanks Elle:) I will definitely participate!

  2. Wow....elle I think I surprisingly knew most of that stuff ;) who knew I could pay attention...i didnt know about the toenail though, and Jen! What is with that question? Lol

    I think modesty is a great trait to have but don't be afraid to tell others you're awesome, because you are :)

    Thanks for the award.....fine I'll do it ;)

  3. greece is on our must go list too!

  4. Thanks for tagging us! I always love these kinds of posts. Sea blue is one of my favorite colors as well. I think it's one of those colors that looks great with most any hair color or skin tone.

  5. Sorry to hear about the health issues! I hope your tests come back with encouraging news!

  6. Yeah I'm sorry too to hear your health issues. Keep us posted and YES you are cute!!
    Thank you for tagging me for this award. I will do my best:) Aqua and royal blue are my favorites too....anything bluish green/greenish blue (LOL). Maybe that comes from my Aquarius sign.

  7. Thanks Elle! I will get on this soon! I really hope that you figure out your gluten thing this week! But at least you get to eat all the grains you want right now! Take advantage! I also love blue; it's probably my most worn color!

  8. I love blue too - almost all of my workout gear is blue and black! :)

  9. That aqua colour looks great on you, Elle! I'm with you on the dog-craziness but will have to disagree with you on the chocolate! The sweeter and milkier, the better!!

  10. Ah! I always love finding out more about you and you write it so well. :) I hope your blood tests are going well and that they can find out what is wrong. You are in my thoughts too, and I gain much inspiration from your food and eating posts. Once my body settles down, I know I have to change the way I eat for sure!

    I love you too, my blogging friend! And, I would also like to see Ireland someday. Or anywhere, really!! :)


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