Monday, August 20, 2012

Does Favorite Clothing Enhance Your Workout?

When I woke up at 5:45 this morning, The Captain was already gone!  I tiptoed out into the living room and found him on the couch, waiting for the conclusion of the final round of a PGA golf tournament to begin.  Good grief.  I went back to bed.

But before long I was up again as I really had slept long enough... I turned on the computer, checked my email, Facebook and Twitter acccounts while enjoying a leisurely cup of hot dark coffee.

About an hour later I realized I was hungry!  I put together this bowl of goodness for my breakfast and let The Captain make himself some toast.  He is not a fan of my breakfast bowls although he did really enjoy a few slices of the fresh mango that I gave him to go with his pb&j.

Fresh mango, ground flax, chia seeds, hemp seeds, dried coconut, raw sunflower seeds, freeze dried strawberries and a bit of almond milk on the top.    It was awesome!

I have never had freeze dried fruit before and these strawberries came in a Healthy Surprise box that I won a few months back.... love them!  They soaked up a bit of the milk and tasted just like fresh strawberries.  But you could also snack on them, dry, out of the package, too.

A while later I suggested we head out for a run... we have a busy afternoonn planned as I am having a bit laser surgery on both eyes today... and I am sure I won't feel like doing much afterward.

We geared up and headed out for our usual 5 km loop around the neighborhood. It is a bit cloudy this morning and therefore a bit cooler... and I really enjoyed it. 

W2 R26 @10/1 W3
stretch 10 minutes

When we got back, we did our stretching outside on the balcony... and I asked The Captain to snap a picture of me.  I love the outfit I am wearing today and had to show it off.

This skirt is one I picked up on sale at Wal-Mart last summer and had never worn. I remembered it today and decided to try it out... such a great fit and I love the longer length of the skirt and the undershorts.  Light and soft.

I am squinting, but ignore that and focus on the clothes.... and the huge tomato plants!

Top to Bottom, I am wearing:

Handful bra (of course you already knew that)
Running Diva shirt in my favorite color
George skort
George underwear  !!
Wright socks
Mizuno shoes

So off I go to get ready for my doctor's appointment but... I just want to know....

Do you have a better workout or run when you are wearing clothing you really like?


  1. haha! that is such a good question. there are some days i get SO excited for my favorite outfits to be clean and ready for me to wear and i just head off with a smile so it must be true:) love that run outfit on you! looks perfect! good luck with your dr appt:)

  2. Hope the doc appt. goes well:) I always feel better if I like what I'm wearing and that includes when I workout:) Your outfit is so cute!

  3. I think it can sometimes enhance the workout, for sure. Something about being comfortable, feeling good in your clothes that has some positive effect!

    Are you getting Lasik? I had it in May. Loved it!

  4. Best of luck at the dr appointment. & yes - when I think I look good - I run far better! :) Love your outfit!

  5. Your tomato plants are massive!!! :)

    Yes, wearing clothes I like definitely helps motivate me to get out the door, although it probably has little impact on the quality of my workout.

    Hope your doc appointment goes well. x

  6. I absolutely feel better (and maybe even a little stronger and faster!) when I wear an outfit I feel great in. I hope your eye surgery goes well with no complications!

  7. I like to think I do better when I am wearing clothes I love. Even if I am not doing so good at least I feel and look good :) Love your cute outfit!

    Hope your surgery goes great!

  8. Hope everything goes well this afternoon with your laser eye procedure!

  9. You look so cute in your outfit that the captain had better interrupt the golf to give you a compliment! Cuter than the tomato plants for sure! Tell us how your surgery goes, ok? KymberlyFunFit I work out the same regardless of my outfit, but I teach more energetically and confidently when I am in an outfit I like or a new outfit.

  10. Did you just get my comment? Nothing is showing. Aaaaaaaaccckkk

  11. I have outfits that I like more than others. My fave shorts EVER are the ones I wore for my marathon, but they are too big now - I have to get a new pair. I love my Lulu running long sleeved top and my Around the Bay race shirt as well. I run better when I'm comfortable. I am okay with short shorts on shorter runs (under 10k), but need longer stuff on longer runs.

  12. Well, probably not, but it feels good to look good when you're exercising!
    Best wishes with the surgery!

  13. I love comfort and bright colours :)

    Handful bra. I need me one!

  14. You and your breakfast look amazing! I think I enjoy my workout more in clothes I really love. Whether I actually perform better? The jury's out on that one. :)

  15. Good luck with your surgery!!! I love your running outfit. I definitely feel better if I am in good comfortable clothes and shoes!

  16. Clothes help my workout get started and help me feel comfortable through it. But, I've had plenty of good workouts in my junky clothes. I think good workout clothes are an addiction - once you get a few nice outfits (look and comfort), it's hard to stop buying more.

    You do look great! Love the tomato plant. And, the captain has PB&J for breakfast?

  17. I LOVE that running skirt!! I refuse to wear skirts because they are just to short!! BUT I love the one you have!!


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