Monday, February 4, 2013

February 5 by the 5th

Are you taking part in the 5 by 5th virtual run series that is being hosted by Laura from Mommy Run Fast

Today we got out and ran our 5km... my quads have been very stiff for the past several days and I knew it was going to be tough, but we headed out about 10:15, into a light breeze but a very pleasant 8C.... overcast but bright just the same.

I was right. It was a slow slog today but I used 11/1 walk breaks and got it done so I am happy for that.

And I made sure to get in a few extra minutes of stretching out my quads after I went through the rest of my stretching routine. I learned how important stretching is and am always sorry if I don't take enough time with it... besides.. it just feels so good!

And The Captain is has learned the benefits of it too, but doesn't really enjoy it all that much.
He is always more interested in the protein smoothie that awaits him when he is finished!
W3 R37:15 W3
stretch 15 minutes
Are you doing the 5 by the 5th virtual series?
Do you take to stretch out well after you run?
What is your favorite or most worthwhile stretch?


  1. Great job, Elle! I got my 5k in today, too... forgot to stretch, however. It's tough when I'm back on mama duty the minute I step in the door! :)

  2. I am doing that too! I need to get it done tomorrow! Its been a crazy week! I've been stretching more lately and that has made me feel good! Great job!

  3. Great job Elle! I did my 5k on Friday and it felt so good to run outside again. The weather was finally nice enough for me to run in:) My favorite stretch is the calf stretch on the end of a stair. Ahhhh, it feels so good!

  4. I didn't do the 5 by the 5th - I should have!
    I stretch my calves (achilles actually) before and after (sometimes during) every run. Otherwise, I'm terrible about stretching.

  5. Not doing that one but I run 4 days a week anyway & always more than a 5k. :) I do dynamic stretches before ^ during & lots of stretching after & when I am warm - these old muscles need warmth for the non dynamic stretches... I do so many different stretches & all important to me! :)

  6. Great job on the run! I did the 5 by the 5th and it was a great day for it! I don't stretch enough though! I need to work on that!


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