Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's Mid December Already!

This past week has flown by.

I am so happy that I joined Tamara Grand’s 21 Day Re-Boot Bootcamp, and have had that schedule to keep me on track with my workouts… without it I may have skipped them altogether. If you are not familiar with Tamara, she may be better known to you as Fitknitchick – a motivating, down to Earth, fitness professional who is also a busy Mom, author, and scholar (to name just a few roles) who knows very well how our own needs can take a back seat at this time of year.  The daily emails from Tamara and the other members of the private FB group have been a real inspiration to me, too.

I have just completed week 2 and it went like this:
  • Monday – rest
    • And we did. It was good to have the rest after having run the day before.

  • Tuesday – strength training
    • The same group of exercises as last week but performed in supersets instead of circuits. I found this more difficult certainly.  We followed it up with a good stretch and then a nice long walk in the afternoon.  Gotta take advantage of the sunshine when we find it.

  • Wednesday – cardio
    • It was raining monsoons so I did the 21 Day Fix Cardio program.  I have had these DVDs for months, but have only ever used the Yoga and the Pilates programs.  This Cardio routine is tough and I pretty much hated every sweaty minute of it, which means it is very good!  I tagged The Captain to join me in 2 rounds of Tamara’s stretching video afterwards, and was thrilled to be able to pull off a stretch position that has eluded me forever.  YAY!

  • Thursday – stretch
    • We did 2 rounds of that same stretch video of Tamara’s and I got The Captain to snap a pic of me in that final stretch position during the second round.  I have always had tight quads and have had trouble sitting on my feet at all… being able to get into this position is a really big deal for me.

  • Friday – strength training
    • Same routine as Tuesday but managed to get it done in 2 minutes less time.

  • Saturday – rest
    • I worked a morning meeting and was glad to have the day off working out. I talked myself out of going for an afternoon walk because it was gloomy and windy outside.

  • Sunday – cardio
    • It is cooler but the sun was shining so we got out for a short run after breakfast settled.  I am feeling almost like a newbie runner these days with the shorter distances and frequent (5/1) run/walk breaks, but just glad to be out there at all.  A good stretch afterward.

All in all a good week… Here are a few pics from the week:

Dec 11 stretch 001

Yes, it is that stretch position.  I was afraid I might not be able to sit up from it, but I got some momentum behind me and I managed!

Dec 14 stuff 001

You likely know by now that I am a DRIP DROP Ambassador and rave about this stuff all the time.  But honestly, it is just the best… a medical grade hydration powder that actually tastes GOOD and is not salty at all.  We use it before every run and I also use it on days where I am working 2 meetings and will be on my feet all day without a lot of opportunity for drinking enough water.  It comes in 2 great flavors, Berry and Lemon.  Look for it at Walgreens,CSV Pharmacies, and HEB, in the baby aisle.

We don’t have those stores in Canada, but for my friends who cross border shop, I know you will easily find them.  

Here is a coupon that you can print and use. This is a great offer, so I hope you will take advantage of it.


Dec 14 stuff 002

This is something that I picked up in Las Vegas at the Rock N Roll Marathon Health and Fitness Expo… oh my goodness, that was an awesome display… I had never been to one this huge before and was so impressed by all the goodies being given away there.  Loved every minute of it.  Anyway, I shared a package of this powder mixed with water, with The Captain after our Sunday run.  Wow, it is so sweet tasting so if you like that, it might be for you.. It was a good chocolate flavor but I was afraid it was going to trigger a sugar feeding frenzy for me… it didn’t, thankfully, but I think I will let The Captain use the rest of the packets I brought home. He said it reminded him of maraschino cherry chocolates.

I was really happy to read that Laura is going to do the 5 by the 5th Challenge again this year.  If you are a runner, and want to find out about it, check this blog post for the details.  

I am looking forward to the next week of 21 Day Re-Boot Bootcamp.    What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of week 3!
    So happy that the group is helping you and the Captain stay on track this month.

  2. I plan to do a 21 reset in January too. I've been a little too lax on the eating these days! I've not tried drip drop will have to check it out.

  3. That stretch looks so nice! I'm glad you are enjoying the program and that it is fitting your lifestyle so well. Keep it up!

  4. I'm intrigued by the Drip Drop! I'll have to look for it next time I'm in a CVS!

  5. Oh very cool! I look forward to following your challenge. :)

  6. i love that stretch! so glad that your program is working for you - i'm doing a small holiday challenge and am enjoying it as well!

  7. I am so glad this weekend is behind me. I had a big event and it was pulling on my time big time but now it is past - I get back to a nice comfort zone with my blog. I look forward to some good outdoor runs too. Today I ate some pavement but I plan to change the batteries in my knucklelights to better light my path.

  8. Looks like you are taking advantage of all the great information you are receiving. Good for you! I had never heard of Drip Drop.

  9. Definitely a good week. What do you think of the 21 Day Fix program. Curious :)

  10. Great week Elle! This week I'm looking forward to taking my kids to watch my husband play hockey. It's rare that he has a game early enough for the kids to go watch, but I feel it's important for them to see mommy and daddy being active, enjoying time with social connections and playing sports just for fun.


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