Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday Run Day and April 5 by the 5th

First let me wish all my friends a very Happy Easter!  We had fun decorating eggs yesterday afternoon. Usually I do them for The Captain but this year I decided he might like to get involved…. fun and messy!

April 5 stuff 006

I was so very happy that today dawned sunny and blue, even if a bit breezy and cool. I hadn’t been for a run for 2 weeks and really wanted to get out this morning to do my 5k run for the April installment of the 5 by the 5th series that I am taking part in.  If you are a runner, you are likely participating too. 

So, a nice hearty, high protein breakfast to get the morning started.  I chose to use Shakeology vanilla whey powder in these waffles today. They are delicous and so easy.  I was hungry so didn’t mess around much tying to take a decent shot! The strawberries and coconut shreds were the perfect topping.

April 5 high protein waffles with Shakeology

Then I drank some Drip Drip and about an hour later, I was lacing up my blue Mizuno shoes and heading out to run 5km with The Captain.

April 5 stuff 001

I knew it wasn’t going to be be particularly speedy, even by by my S-L-O-W starndards, but it was great to be out. I was surprised by the number of people already out strolling along the seaside path above the cliffs that border the Strait, and so many dogs romping in the sunshine.  The people here are generally a later morning crowd.

It was only 8°C when we headed out, which is about 46°F and that is quite cool compared to the lovely 60°F to 70°F days we have been enjoying for weeks now.  So, of course I overdressed. I wore a Tommie Copper tank and a Tommie Copper long sleeved tee and then a Tommie Copper jacket and some Tommie Copper leggings.  I felt cool when we first went out but by the time we got to the waterfront, after about 10 minutes of running, I was very relieved by the breeze coming over the cliffs and ended up having to take my jacket off and tie it around my waist after another 5 or 6 minutes.  I never learn, but gosh I hate to be cold when I first go out!

After we finished (35:30 today) I stripped off my very sweaty top shirt and drank some water while I stretched my legs outside in the sunshine on our balcony. 

Then I faced my Rumble Roller. I have had this beast for some time now.  I won it from Suzanne Digre of Workout Nirvana several months ago. I have had only a few short sessions with it but have now given it a permanent prominent place in my home where I see it EVERY day.

I should add that I have used a kitchen rolling pin in the past to roll my calves and thighs in the past. So I am somewhat familiar with rolling in general, but this BEAST!

I know I need to use it more often. And I want to. But it hurts!  I meant it really HURTS!  But I did get out a couple of yoga mats after stretching my legs, and rolled my quads a bit, and then my hamstrings a bit more, and finally made an attempt to roll the sides of my thighs.  That was a lot more difficult… even getting into correct position is is difficult. But I am determined to persevere.

April 5 stuff 004

April 5 stuff 005

I am just painfully uncoordinated.

So, a good run, a good stretch and a so-so roll… It can only get better, right?

Now I am doing chores.  I have hand washed my workout gear and am also doing some food prep for the week. I have baked a few potatoes, made some ground beef meatloaf muffins, and am about to make some egg and veggie breakfast muffins too. Then I am going to bake a couple of pork tenderloins. I have a busy week planned so want to make sure we have easy meals read to go.

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday at your house.

Are you a foam roller fan?  Please tell me it does start to hurt less eventually.

Any food prep going on in your kitchen today?


  1. I love my foam roller! I have a Trigger Point foam roller, which I think is pretty similar to the Rumble roller. I am still really sore from my speedwork and CrossFit double workout on Thursday. Yesterday's run was tough. Today was better. I rolled last night. Today I did some yoga stretching!

  2. OH the foam roller. Hurts so good. Its good for you so keep it up!

  3. I LOVE MY FOAM ROLLER and it definitely gets easier and less painful with time.
    I think I need a rumble roller though.
    first jody and now you!! :-)

  4. I swear by my foam roller. But I swear AT my Rumble Roller. There are still areas I can't tolerate it. Ouch! I love that the Captain helped you color eggs!

  5. I need to use the foam roller, but I just never do! Also, I skipped my meal prep since it was Easter Sunday dinner day this week- we shall see how the week goes ;)

  6. Yup, the foam roller hurts less the more you use it, but it's hard to use it more because it hurts so much at the beginning!

  7. I have a deep love/hate relationship with my foam roller. My IT band is really hurting me lately so I am trying to work on that.

  8. I am also painfully uncoordinated and the foam roller is my arch nemesis, haha!

  9. Happy (belated) Easter Elle!! So glad you guys had quality weather like we did -- absolutely gorgeous, although, it was chilly here as well!! AND -- I've seriously ALWAYS struggled with the darn foam roller!! If you tell me the pain goes away then maybe I'll get back into it! ;)

  10. oh the foam roller! We have a love/hate relationship. It's complicated. :)

  11. I totally get the foam rolling pain. I too, feel the pain when I foam roll but it's been so key in my injury recovery!
    Happy Easter to you!

  12. I feel your pain with the foam roller! It's been key to my recovery with my hamstring. (sorry, not sure if my comment posted twice or not - when it didn't show up, I could remember what I wrote, word for work ;) )

  13. I started out with a plan foam roller and now I have a grid roller which is slightly more aggressive, but not quite as aggressive as the Rumble Roller.
    I woner if it's just too aggressive for you right now and maybe you should start with an easier roller?

    I know some people who roll with PVC pipe and that just sounds terrible!

  14. I have been using the Rumbleroller for years! I love it!!! I have their beasties too! All used every workout day! :)

    Sounds like a great day!

  15. Foam rolling always hurts so good! Its hard to keep rolling, but you want to at the same time because you know the pain will be worth it in the long run.

  16. I have a plain foam roller and that's bad enough! I missed 5 by the 5th this month. Just didn't fit in my schedule!

  17. big foam roller fan! hurts so good so I wish I could say it gets better ;) though I'm sure you'll adjust as you use it more.

  18. I'm glad I'm not the only one that is so uncoordinated on the foam rollers! I just can't seem to get the right angle. You were brave to use the one with all the spikes!! EEK

  19. I love the foam roller but that one looks painfully fun!

  20. I love how the roller feels but it takes too much time. Is that a rumble roller?

  21. That is a neat looking foam roller. Do the nobs help add more release than the traditional flat roller?

  22. I've never tried foam rolling before but when I start running more in the spring/summer I may give it a go!


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