Sunday, May 24, 2015

CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars Now in Canada

One thing I don’t like about coming home from a vacation is unpacking my bags and putting things away.  I tend to do it over a few days to make it less painful.  Confession…actually I completely ignored my suitcase for 2 full days after this trip.

But one task I do really look forward to is going through the mail that has accumulated while I’m away.  We had the post office hold our mail this time around so it was not delivered until Tuesday at noon. 

In the bundle was a lovely little package from CLIF Bar & Company with an assortment of the new CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars that were introduced in Canada on May 1st at select retailers.

CLIF trail mix bars

I was thrilled to see that they are gluten free, and under 200 calories each.  Just look at the lineup of flavors:
  • Coconut Almond Peanut
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Raspberry
Weighing in at 40g each, they are just the right size for a nutritious and satisfying snack.  The first one I tried was the Coconunt Almond Peanut, after playing a sweaty round of singles tennis with The Captain on Tuesday afternoon.  It was very dense and quite chewy so I enjoyed it a nibble at a time while drinking some water and stretching after the match.  I had a nice little burst of energy to help me power through the half hour walk home from the tennis court.   We both agreed it was delicious!

These Organic Trail Mix Bars are filled with nutritious and delicious ingredients.  I am a huge lover of almonds and the organic almonds CLIF Bar & Company  use are grown without synthetic pesticides or highly toxic fertilizers and contribute to protein, energy and flavour, and add a welcome crunch to their bars.  Mmmmm.

For more information on Clif Bar & Company, please visit, check out their Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter at:

Even if you are not a fan of bars in general, you may just really like these as they are really just trail mix ingredients formed into a handy bar – portable and easy to stow in a pocket, a gym bag, or in your desk.  Much less messy on the fingers and easier to chow down than regular trail mix, too.

I know that these bars are being sampled at various events throughout North America right now. 

Have you had a chance to try them yet?

Do you put off unpacking after a vacation, too?


  1. I really find Clif bars to be the best of the bunch when it comes to protein bars and snack bars. I need to look out for the new ones :)
    I have, on occasion, left my suitcase for over a week. Whoops.

  2. I am very selective about bars and Cliff bars contain some items that I do not eat. I am searching out and trying to create more recipes on my own!

  3. I love KIND bars, and I think Clif is trying to do something similar! They look yummy!

  4. i like the texture of cliff bars because they really fill you up. a great fuel bar and anything with coconut sounds amazing to me!

  5. i have not tried clif bars. i love larabars because they only have four or five ingredients!

  6. Ohlala! Can clif send me goodies?! I live off theor bars! Haha. I'm excited to try these!

  7. Dark chocolate almond sea salt is one of my faves. Didn't realize you didn't have them available until now. Enjoy!

  8. Clif bars are pretty good - my husband likes them the best of all the bars, and I will sometimes pick off his :)

  9. Those look yummy, especially the almond sea salt! Anything chocolate + sea salt = deliciousness.

  10. I haven't tried to Clif bars, but the variety of flavors does sound delicious!

  11. yes - it takes me FOREVER to unpack after a trip!! aah! and I'm not really a big bar fan but I'm also allergic to most nuts so I am cautious about how often I might try to eat one.

  12. I LAUGH the only thing I rock at is the unpacking and the laundering. THE BRAIN? remains on vacation for EONS after I return though....

  13. The flavors all sound so tasty! I would love to try the dark chocolate peanut butter!


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