Friday, September 18, 2015

And Into the Weekend

It's Friday. It has been a long and busy week.  I worked; I worked out; I ran; I walked; I shopped; I ran errands and did some favors for my co-workers. I got my hair cut; I cut The Captain's hair.  But the most important thing I did this week was print and organize all the material that I think I might need for my upcoming jaunt over the water to the mainland and then South of the border to do some shopping and visit familhy and a friend.

I have maps, shopping lists, hotel and ferry reservation confirmations, coupons, passports, money and credit cards... and lots and lots of great ideas as to how to fit it all in.

I am on a concerted hunt for goods I cannot purchase in Canada... some supplements, some food items, and some clothing items, too. I know that one of the highlights of the whole week will be a couple of hours at Trader Joe's... I admit to becoming like a child at Christmas when I walk into any one of their stores.

Part of my last haul at TJ's

Hopefully, I will have some fun stories to share when I get home again... till then.... workout hard and eat light!

And to all of my Canadian friends who are running on Sunday to honor Terry Fox... have a wonderful event. I will be with you in spirit!


  1. Have a wonderful trip and a great haul at TJ's! I see some of my favorite salsa there in the pic!

  2. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the TJs Hot & Sweet mustard & their BBQ rub if they have it there!!!


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