Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

We have had such an unually warm and dry Summer season that I almost hate to see Fall coming.  Not since the first year we lived on the sailboat... in the Summer of 2002, has the weather been as good as this.... only a fraction of the rain that we normally get, and hot, hot days.  Lovely.

But for the past couple of day it has been raining off and on... the temps are cooler and now that the days are noticeably shorter, too, it does feel like Fall cannot be too far away.  It is September 1st after all!

I know I have to make some changes.. in my eats and in my food prep, and also in my workouts and most important of all, in my mindset and attitude.   I am one of the few people I know (other than The Captain who is like a heat-seeking missile) that has not complained about the hot and dry weather one time this Summer.  Yes, I know we needed the rain.  I am not complaining about that either, but...

I know I cannot forestall the changing of the seasons... I cannot control the weather, so I really must get ready and embrace what I do love about Fall in order to continue to have fun with my workouts and my eats and not be miserable.

I will miss the horse-drawn carriages that bring the tourists past my home... I will miss the turtles basking in the sunshine on the log in the lake across the street... and I will miss the beautiful Summer flowers... but there are so many things about Fall that I really do love.

Here are some of my favorite things about this time of year:

  • Pumpkin everything!  I love pumpkins and squashes and so making soups, and stews, and exprerimenting with waffles, and pancakes and protein cakes is going to be amazing!

Love TJ's pumpkin butter and hope to pick up more soon.

  • I have new rain jackets and rain shoes so I can get outside and walk and hike even when it is wet for days on end, and not be soggy!

I couldn't make up my mind between these Eddie Bauer jackets so I got them both!

  • I like running in the cooler weather and would actually rather run in longer capris and long sleeved shirts than shorts and tanks.  

And on a gloomy day, bright colors make it all more fun.

  • I love candlelight and now it is getting dark enough to light dinner candles again.  YAY!
Funny how our special at-home dinners often include sushi!

What about you?  What is your favorite thing about the changing of the seasons?

Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to with the coming of Fall?


  1. Pumpkin :D However, I honestly eat winter squash year-round... And in LA, fall doesn't really start til MID-October sadly :( So I will just have to close my blinds and light candles that smell like fall and pretend ;)

  2. I'm so excited for Fall!!! It's not here yet. In fact, it's in the 90s today, but I'm so ready for cooler temps, pumpkin and apple picking!

  3. Everything Trader Joes has in the fall is amazing! Pumpkin waffles WITH pumkin butter? AMAZE!

  4. I am having trouble letting go of this summer, so I really need to find the best of fall.
    1.) Cooler nights make it easier to really cover up in the blankets at night - more cozy, better sleep for me.
    2.) I'm not much of a fashion monger, but my nicer shirts are long sleeved, and layering them with a blazer or something without needing an outdoor jacket layer is nice for looking sharp.
    3.) I like fall colours...

  5. Yay for candlelight dinners! They certainly don't have the same effect when its still light outside well past 8pm.

  6. I look forward to running in the cooler temps. But I will miss summer. I like the longer days and the heat.

  7. I love cooler weather during the Fall. Yay for pumpkin flavors in food! I shop at Trader Joe's regularly, so I'll have to try the Pumpkin Butter. Somehow I missed that last year!

  8. How awesome that you have horse drawn carriages that go by your house! I would want summer to stick around if I had those here too :) I am ready for fall though, especially the cooler temps!

  9. I am VERY MUCH SO looking forward to fall! :) We didn't get a 'fall' back in California... adn am excited to experience one here in the midwest. :)

  10. Well, not too much change here BUT I am looking forward to less heat here! I will be a couple months though...

    I do love the fall flavors though even though we don't have traditional fall.

  11. I love Fall! I love the smell of pumpkins, cinnamon and nutmeg! I really miss seeing the beautiful colors of the leaves changing. I am originally from Ohio and I love seeing the leaves in the fall. Now living in So Cal we don't get that - fall for us doesn't come till November, but I enjoy the cooking and Thanksgiving!!! :)

    and was shopping for rain jackets yesterday. They say it will pour here all winter and right now I cant wait :-)

  13. LOVE fall! Love the cooler morning and days, I love the smells of fall and pumpkin everything. I do miss it being light super early in the morning but I love it getting dark earlier! I go to bed early and I like it dark. I get excited to get back into clothes I haven't worn in months and boots!

  14. I am ready for ALLLLLLLLS the fall. But am in Florida until next month, so it will have to wait a bit!

  15. I am now in Florida so I won't really get a fall the way others will, I think. I am looking forward to it staying hot and I personally love running in as little as possible. I am looking forward to pumpkin everything though.

  16. watching the leaves change colors....I hate when they fall...but I love watching them change colors.

  17. Ahh! How have I never seen TJ's pumpkin butter?! I'm going to get some now!!!

  18. Pumpkin and cute rain gear? Im all about it!! That Trader Joes Pumpkin butter is to die for.


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