Sunday, January 24, 2016

Getting My Groove Back

Well, this move is finally over... and we are getting settled in at the new place.  Most of the clutter has been dealt with and we can finally get on with some kind of routine.  You would think we had moved thousands of miles, but it has actually only really been a couple of kilometers!

Yes, there are still pictures to be hung and I have a 'need to buy' list, but the kitchen is organized and that means I am interested in cooking again.  Tomorrow, a trip to Costco, and I am a happy gal!

And today... a run, finally.  YAY!  The last time I ran was on Christmas Day. Yes, I have been walking a lot over the past few weeks, but haven't gone out for a single run so today is the day. Sunday RUN DAY.  The Captain is going to the old place to clear out the storage locker and I have mapped out a shortish 3.5 km route in the new neighborhood and can barely wait to get out there!

I have my trusty Mizunos ready to go and have picked out a few Tommie Copper garments for the occasion.  It is a warmish, dry day and I am as giddy as a kid waiting for Santa Claus.

Slow and steady is my mantra.

Any big changes happening in your life right now?  Do you get excited to run when you haven't been able to for a while?


  1. seeing this makes me SMILE.
    I lose my groove each time we moved the past few years and NOTHING felt better than reclaiming it.

  2. Glad you are settled in! So you are in a house now? Different city? I have been so out of it! :)

  3. Hooray for getting settled in! Whether you're going across the street or across the pond, you still have to drag EVERYTHING, so yeah, lots of stress. Glad you got out for a run. The weather there sounds nice, compared to the rest of us. Although I can't complain. We're above zero.

  4. Yeah for getting back to running! And moving in!


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